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70 years of slow stewing, xiangbalao creates the first brand of Chinese stewed products

Put the prepared raw materials into the prepared marinade, boil it at a high fire and soak it at a low fire, so that the taste of the marinade slowly permeates into the texture of the raw material, and then it becomes a delicious brine product. Take out the pot and take a bite. The sweetness of the marinade instantly fills the whole mouth, and the heart is sweet Is there a sense of picture already?
The origin of bittern products can be traced back to the Warring States period. The famous palace dish “Lu Ji” in the Warring States period is recorded in historical books, and the production method of “Lu Ji” is recorded in songs of Chu and Qimin Yaoshu. According to these records, Guo Moruo, an ancient philologist, interpreted it as “stewed chicken” in his modern translation of Qu Yuan Fu. Since then, the roasted chicken in red sauce and the chopped chicken in white brine are all developed according to the development of “dew chicken”.

Zhejiang xiangbalao Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “xiangbalao”) has inherited the long history of bittern products, and has become the gold lettered signboard of Zhejiang halogen products industry.
raw material, formula and process complement each other
Bittern products belong to the general cooked meat products, which highlight the original taste and color of raw materials. The marinated seasoning of xiangbalao mainly uses Chinese herbal medicines such as star anise and cinnamon to ensure the original color, aroma and taste of meat products. At the same time, the flavor of meat products is modulated by Chinese herbal medicine, which brings impact to consumers’ taste. Bittern products pay attention to “hot do cold eat”, taste delicious. The seasoned marinade can be used for a long time, and the more aging, the more fragrant.
Like the bittern products, the flavor of “the older the more fragrant” is reflected. With 70 years of history and 70 years of slow stewing, xiangbalao is committed to building the first brand of Chinese stewed products.
With the development of social economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, safe and healthy food has become the first choice of consumers. At the same time, consumers pay more attention to food hygiene and taste, and good corporate brand will help to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, and the quality of products determines the shaping of enterprise brand. General manager Xu Chaozheng said: “the core technology determines the product quality in the production of halogen products, and high-quality raw materials can ensure the perfect display of core technology.” Xiangbalao selects the chicken which has been raised for more than 400 days as the raw material of chicken chop, and uses the proportion of Chinese herbal medicine to prepare the excellent flavor stewed meat. When choosing raw materials for stewed eggs, Xiangba men are more strict. Xu Chaozheng said: “we must select large-scale farms, strictly screen whether the poultry feed meets the standards, and ensure the product quality from the first step.”
After four and a half hours of slow stewing, the flavor of Chinese herbal medicine is completely soaked in the raw materials, and the bittern products are more delicious.
After 70 years of ingenious stewing, xiangbalao has a stable supplier of raw materials. The influence of stewed chicken wings made in East China is increasing day by day, and the stewed eggs are also loved by consumers.
helps dealers continue to work online and offline
In this era of rapid change, the fragrance of wine is also afraid of the deep alley, so looking for dealers has become the only way for many manufacturers. In general, cooperation with big dealers is more conducive to product promotion. However, Xiangba man did the opposite. In this regard, Xu Chaozheng explained: “we don’t look for the biggest one, but find the most suitable distributor. In this way, we can ensure that the partners are focused on our products.” Xiangbalao has always adhered to the concept of “the company has development, customers have profits”. It has chosen like-minded dealers to improve the profits of the enterprise. At the same time, it also puts the development of distributors in an important position, so as to create halogen products suitable for dealers.
Thanks to the cooperation between xiangbalao and its distributors, xiangbalao’s bittern products are widely distributed in various large supermarkets, and offline channels have a strong influence. At the same time, with the rise of live delivery of goods, Xiangba man invited movie stars such as Bao bell and Li Jiaqi to talk about bittern products with consumers, celebrities and online celebrities, which improved consumers’ sense of personal participation and greatly promoted product sales.
strict requirements to create the best quality halogen products
China has a vast territory, sweet in the South and salty in the north, spicy in the East and sour in the West. The regional taste difference is big. For the bittern products, it is a great challenge to meet the different taste needs of consumers. The number of enterprises that can reach the production level above the scale is small. Using the best technology in China, shambalo has built a Songyang factory, determined to create the best quality brine products.
In recent years, the growth rate of halogen products market has led the way. In 2018, the industry scale was about 87 billion yuan, and the compound annual growth rate from 2016 to 2020 was 18.2%. In the heart of Xu Chaozheng, the market of bittern products has considerable development prospects. In the future, Xiangba man will, as always, never forget his original intention, professionally make bittern, and strive to build the first brand of Chinese halogen products!

Investment telephone:

eighteen billion nine hundred and fifty-eight million eight hundred and fifty-five thousand five hundred and seventy-five

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