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80 billion! “Great transformation” of taste lactobacillus beverage

In the post epidemic period, when the demand for healthy drinks increased, Weiquan upgraded its lactobacillus beverage category.

Xiaoshidai noticed that on August 26, in the “live show” by Xie zongpeng, President of Weiquan mainland business, the company’s two newly upgraded lactic acid bacteria products that were launched on the market after upgrading were “c-position”.

Xie zongpeng (second from right), President of Weiquan mainland

“Our new products have been officially launched since August this year. It is expected that in September this year, our new products will gradually replace our existing products through our nationwide terminal sales channels, including convenience stores and supermarkets.” In terms of taste, it tells today’s snack generation.

This is the latest move of Weiquan to bet on the growth opportunities of probiotics. According to Nielsen survey, consumers’ consumption of probiotic products such as probiotic yoghurt and probiotic beverage increased significantly during the epidemic period. In the view of the refrigerated beverage giant, this is a good time to expand the lactobacillus beverage business.

New upgrade

Xiaoshidai noticed that the two “secret weapons” of Weiquan on the market were mainly strengthened in function.

According to reports, one is the upgraded taste active lactobacillus beverage, which has changed from the original single strain to “double viable bacteria”, and the total number of viable bacteria has changed from 60 billion / 100ml to 80 billion / 100ml. The other is a variety of active lactic acid bacteria drinks, this time mainly from the taste and composition of the upgrade, the new addition of aloe fruit, dietary fiber and vitamin C.

They are all active probiotic drinks. Data show that most probiotics are lactic acid bacteria, and only some strains of lactic acid bacteria can be called probiotics. Probiotics refer to living microorganisms that have been proved to be beneficial to health. “A large number of scientific studies have shown that probiotics have the functions of regulating intestinal flora and regulating immunity.” He Guoqing, vice president of probiotics branch of China Food Science and Technology Association, said in the live broadcast.

“This new upgrade of Weiquan 80 billion lactobacillus beverage has greatly improved the quantity and quality of probiotics.” According to Xie zongpeng in the live broadcast, the new product added two kinds of probiotics, respectively lpc100 Lactobacillus paracasei and hn001 Lactobacillus rhamnosus, the latter can also be used for infant food. “It highlights the safety of this strain.” He added.

Yang Jingmei, head of R & D of Lactobacillus monosodium glutamate, added that since the number of probiotics is an important factor affecting its function, the upgraded taste active lactobacillus beverage can provide consumers with a “smoother body feeling”.

In addition, she said that good drinking is also a point of great concern to consumers, “we have been committed to meeting these two needs of consumers from the product concept to the mass production process with stable quality.”

Referring to the new variety of active lactic acid bacteria drinks on the market, Xie zongpeng said that this product was mainly sold at room temperature when it was launched in Taiwan, but it was transformed into a refrigerated live bacteria product that can promote intestinal health when it was introduced into the mainland market. “In order to enrich the taste, we added some pulp to it this time.” He said.

It is understood that there are three main directions for the product upgrading of multi-faceted active lactobacillus. “The first is the addition of organic aloe seeds. The second is to add dietary fiber, which is equivalent to 1.5 apples in one bottle. The third is the addition of vitamin C. each bottle contains 30% of the daily vitamin C requirement. ” Yang Jingmei said.

New opportunities

However, probiotics is one of the few industries that “grow against the trend”.

Snack food agents noted that a meeting notice recently issued by the chairman of probiotics branch of Chinese society of food science and technology showed that under the impact of the epidemic situation on the overall economy, the sales volume of probiotics industry increased by more than 20% on average, and individual enterprises increased by 200%.

“During the epidemic period in 2020, the sales growth rate of probiotics industry in China will reach more than 20% in the first quarter. This industry’s rise against the trend in the special period shows its market value associated with health.” At the 15th International Symposium on probiotics and health held from August 19 to 21, Zhou Guanghong, vice president of China Society of food science and technology, mentioned.

In fact, China’s probiotics industry has maintained rapid growth in the past few years.

According to the relevant statistics quoted by Zhou Guanghong, by 2019, the scale of the global probiotic supplement industry reached 6.1 billion US dollars (about RMB 42 billion yuan), while the scale of China’s probiotic supplement industry reached 4.24 billion yuan, an increase of 18% year-on-year.

Data from Zion market research show that the growth rate of probiotics industry in China has been more than 20% for three consecutive years. It is estimated that the output value of global probiotics industry will exceed 77 billion US dollars (about 530.3 billion yuan) in 2025, and the proportion of Chinese market will exceed 25%.

In the post epidemic period, the consumption demand of probiotics including Lactobacillus drinks is expected to accelerate further.

In the speech delivered by the enterprise representatives of the above seminar, Teng Yiyong, head of the management department of Weiquan, said that due to the impact of the epidemic, consumers’ demand for healthy diet is stronger, which will promote the development of probiotics industry to usher in a “new turning point”.

He said that as consumers want to improve their nutritional status and enhance their resistance with scientific and reasonable diet, they will pay more attention to quality and balanced diet, such as whether the intake of protein and nutrients is sufficient, how many active probiotics are added every day, and the ingredients and efficacy of dairy products are studied.

“Next, Weiquan will continue to pay attention to consumers’ composite consumption demand for ‘health + delicious’, and continue to expand its refrigerated beverage and dairy products category.” Teng Yiyong said.

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