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Bellamy, the new commander of China’s post-80s generation, talks about strategy! We should learn from our predecessors and do a good job in our work

“Since its launch in mid August, the current sales situation and market feedback of (Bellamy Chinese milk powder) are very good.” Recently, Zhang Yi, the new commander of Bellamy China, revealed in his reply to xiaoshidai.


The above-mentioned Chinese version of Bellamy Jingyue infant formula milk powder was listed in the official publicity of this year’s Qixi Festival. At the press conference on the same day, Lu Minfang, President of Mengniu, described it as “the love crystallization between Mengniu and Bellamy”, and said that it took only eight months from Mengniu’s acquisition of Bellamy to the launch of new products, and the promotion speed was very fast.


As the first milk powder series approved for registration under Bellamy, Jingyue not only completed the omni channel layout of milk powder line and offline on behalf of Bellamy, but also means that Mengniu’s goal of 10 billion milk powder has more “powerful weapons”.


How about the current expansion progress of Bellamy’s new products? What are the key tasks after listing? Now, let’s take a look at the answers given by Zhang Yi in the above reply.


Bellamy’s “top line”


“Bellamy organic is the most high-end product line in Bellamy’s full range of products.” Zhang Yi told xiaoshidai. According to the page of Bellamy Jingdong’s self operated flagship store, the price of the 800g Jingyue 2-section can is 458 yuan.

Zhang Yi, CEO of Bellamy China


Although the company also focuses on “organic”, the formula of bellamijingyue is different from that of cross-border products. According to an Ying, senior R & D director of Mengniu Group, Jingyue is the first milk powder series added with nucleotide nucleotides under Bellamy, which can help build infants’ own resistance, which is also “the most outstanding innovation and breakthrough of Jingyue”.


“The organic gos / FOS dual prebiotic combination has also been added to Jingyue, which can help babies establish intestinal micro ecological barrier.” “At the same time, the six major nutrients – DHA, ARA, choline, taurine, inositol and L-carnitine – are fully matched to form DHA nucho neuron combination to help baby’s brain dynamic health,” she said


After Jingyue, who registered through formula registration in April this year, got “tickets” for offline channels such as mother and baby shop, Zhang Yi told the snack agent that the most important thing for Bellamy at present was offline promotion, including consumer promotion.

The new coach, who has worked for Coca Cola and Budweiser for many years, believes that FMCG and infant food industries are interlinked in many aspects, and the latter’s special feature is that “it attaches great importance to the cultivation and recruitment of consumers”.

In order to promote research and accelerate innovation in the organic category industry, Bellamy organic Research Institute was established


According to its disclosure, the primary work of Jingyue after its listing is the establishment of channels and the rapid distribution of products, and large-scale innovation activities at the consumer level are also very important.

At present, Jing Yue has been listed in the mother infant chain baby friendly room, and has launched a series of consumer promotion activities to tiktok with the first love baby room. Next, we will make layout in some key regions and channels in China, including maternal and infant channels and high-end supermarket channels.


He also said that Jingyue will gradually expand to other markets from the East China market, “thanks to the all-round support given by Mengniu, this expansion speed may be very fast, depending on the progress of offline channel development”. Xiaoshidai learned from Bellamy that Mengniu will provide resources for collaborative operation in many aspects, including channel construction, brand promotion, finance, human resources and supply chain.


When it comes to the future development of the brand, Zhang Yi believes that with the acceleration of the high-end trend of China’s infant milk powder market, the development of high-end organic infant food will usher in an opportunity period. Therefore, Bellamy will continue to plough deep into the organic categories, and simultaneously develop online and offline channels.


“Throughout the Chinese market, the better developed brands basically have clear brand positioning, and they need more specific selling points in order to win.” He said Bellamy’s main selling point was “organic.”.

“FMCG has advantages in execution and team management. We also have rich experience in brand marketing, channel building and development. ” Zhang Yi, who moved from beverage industry to milk powder industry, said to the snack food agent: “I will always keep my passion, learn from the predecessors, grow together, and make China’s Organic Infant food market bigger and stronger. We will put our heart into it, regard organic as a career and do our best. “


At present, organic milk powder has become an important category to promote high-end milk powder. According to Nielsen data, in the maternal and infant market, the year-on-year sales of organic milk powder increased by 77% in 2019, and its average price was 49% higher than the average price of milk powder categories.


In fact, Bellamy is also using its own organic resources to layout high growth sub categories. As introduced by the snack agent, Bellamy launched its first organic A2 milk powder and its first organic sheep milk powder in cross-border e-commerce channels in the first half of the year.


Help Mengniu milk powder “10 billion target”


For Mengniu, the purchase of Bellamy not only represents another child of its internationalization strategy, but also hopes to impact the milk powder “10 billion in three years”.


According to Lu Minfang, Bellamy is the largest single investment project of Mengniu in Oceania, with an investment amount of about 7 billion yuan. “When I invested in Bellamy, I talked with the chairman of Bellamy’s board for about two years, and finally convinced them.”.


Is the price expensive? In response, Lu Minfang said the acquisition of Bellamy is out of two confidence. First, Mengniu has confidence in Bellamy’s brand power, milk source and team resources. Second, Mengniu has confidence in its dairy management ability for more than 20 years.

Mengniu President Lu Minfang


In Lu Minfang’s view, the acquisition and integration of Bellamy also reflects the current international focus of Mengniu.


He said Mengniu’s internationalization work includes three aspects: Global for China (bringing the best products in the world to Chinese consumers), China for global (bringing good products and brands from China to consumers in other countries) and global for global (becoming an international dairy and health food group with global resources, covering global markets and serving global consumers). In fact, there is no sequence of these three tasks. It is not that we finish one task and do the next. Instead, we interweave, promote and promote each other.


“It is undeniable that the top priority of Mengniu’s internationalization is global for China, providing better high-quality products and services for Chinese consumers with our best quality resources and most advanced technology.” “Now we don’t have to ask someone to buy milk powder in Australia. We can buy high-quality Bellamy milk powder by moving our fingers at our mother and baby shop or e-commerce app,” he said


Interestingly, Lu Minfang, who once created the brilliance of Domex, also talked about his “obsession” of making Mengniu milk powder business bigger.


“I have made milk powder for more than ten years, so I also have a personal goal, that is, a president who does not make baby milk powder bigger is definitely not a good president.” Lu Min said with a smile, “I want you to believe that for the sake of my reputation, I also want to do this business well.”

Lu Minfang


As introduced by the snack agent, shortly after Bellamy’s Chinese version of milk powder was announced on the market, Lu Minfang put forward at the mid-term performance meeting of Mengniu in 2020: “at present, with Yashili and Bellamy, we set a three-year target of 10 billion yuan.” He also said that Bellamy is expected to launch a number of new products in the first half of the year to help the business develop more strongly in the second half.


At present, Bellamy has also handed over a good report card to Mengniu.


Xiaoshidai learned from the above meeting that Bellamy was in a profitable State in the first half of the year. Lu Minfang said: “in the first half of the year, Bellamy’s growth was in line with expectations, the profit margin was significantly improved, and China’s management team continued to strengthen, laying the foundation for the future domestic business.”


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