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Watson’s beverage is 500 million yuan in Foshan. Yum China is expected to go on the market on September 10, with the net profit of half a year increased by 30%. Guo Jingyi retired as the supervisor of Ruixing, and bubs was in short supply. JUNLEBAO distributed 380000 mu of grassland

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Watson’s beverage production and sales project with the largest investment scale and production capacity in mainland China settled in Sanshui, Foshan (Foshan daily)


According to Foshan daily, on August 28, Baini town of Sanshui District held a centralized signing ceremony for a number of key projects, and 22 projects including Foshan Watson’s beverage manufacturing project were signed and settled in Baini. According to reports, the Watsons beverage manufacturing project in Foshan is a Watson brand investment project under Hutchison Whampoa group, one of the world’s top 500 companies. With a total investment of 500 million yuan, it is Watson’s production and sales project with the largest investment scale and production capacity in the mainland.

Yum! China is expected to go public on September 10 (Hong Kong Economic Daily)

According to the Hong Kong Economic Daily today, the new stock market is booming again. After Nongfu Shanquan (new listing number: 09633. HK), yum! China (new listing number: 09987. HK), which raised nearly HK $20 billion, has been listed on Tuesday. It is expected that Yum China will be listed on September 10. Zhang Zhiwei, a co director of CITIC Securities, said that investors had put their money into nongnongfu mountain spring earlier, and the funds would not return until September 7.

Nissin food’s revenue in the first half of the year was HK $1.735 billion, up 15.9% year on year (company announcement)

On August 31, Riqing food released its mid-term performance in 2020. During the reporting period, the company realized an income of HK $1.735 billion, an increase of 15.9% over the same period of last year, and a profit of HK $195 million, a year-on-year increase of 33.9%. According to the report, the increase in revenue was mainly due to panic buying, which led to increased demand for most types of instant noodles and frozen foods in Hong Kong, as well as increased sales of cup noodles and instant noodles in bags made in Hong Kong, reflecting the additional demand driven by the “housing economy”.

Qingdao Beer’s revenue in the first half of the year was 15.679 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 5.27% (company announcement)


Recently, Qingdao Brewery announced its mid-term performance in 2020. During the reporting period, the company’s operating revenue reached 15.679 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 5.27%; the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the parent company was about 1.855 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 13.77%. The report said that the main reason for the decline in revenue in the first half of the year was the decline in sales of the company’s main products due to the impact of the Xinguan epidemic.

Guo Jingyi retires as supervisor of Ruixing coffee Beijing company, and Li Zhipeng takes over (tianyancha)


According to tianyancha app, on August 29, the main personnel of Ruixing coffee (Beijing) Co., Ltd. changed. Guo Jinyi, CEO and chairman of Ruixing coffee, resigned as the supervisor of the company, and Li Zhipeng took over.

Conclusion of Budweiser trademark dispute (China Intellectual Property News)


Recently, Zhejiang Higher People’s Court (hereinafter referred to as Zhejiang high court) has concluded a dispute over trademark infringement between Budweiser investment (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Budweiser) and Xiamen Gulong import and Export Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Gulong company). The court of first instance held that gulon’s use of the “karona” logo in the declaration, inspection and quarantine materials of imported beer constituted an infringement on Budweiser, and it was ordered to immediately stop using the “karona” logo in the declaration, inspection and quarantine materials of imported beer, and compensate Budweiser with 100000 yuan. Both parties refused to accept the judgment and appealed to Zhejiang high court. Zhejiang high court ruled to reject the appeal and maintain the original judgment.


The loss of bubs shrank and the sales of China market increased significantly (Aohua Finance Online)


According to the Australian high-end brand of infant and goat milk powder and complementary food, the Australian high-end brand of infant and goat milk powder and complementary food, announced a loss of a $8 million after tax in fiscal year 2020, down from a loss of $36 million in the same period last year. Revenue increased to a $55 million from a $44 million last year. According to the announcement, revenue from infant formula increased by 58% to a $30 million. Revenue in China’s direct sales market increased by 32% to a $13 million, accounting for 23% of the company’s total revenue, which eased the negative pressure on the purchasing agent market. Dennis Lin, the company’s executive chairman, said the company’s revenue is expected to reach a $400 million by 2025, with a gross margin of 40%.


Shanghai Hairong Food Technology Co., Ltd. has been listed


According to the official website of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the listing progress of Shanghai Hairong Food Technology Co., Ltd. was updated to the “inquired” stage on the 28th.


JUNLEBAO arranges 380000 Mu grassland (company news)

Recently, the 380000 Mu grassland project of junle Bao was announced for the first time. According to the company, the grassland construction is an important part of deepening the “zero distance” integration of the whole industry chain construction. “JUNLEBAO has become the only major dairy enterprise in China to truly realize the” zero distance “of its own, self-control and fresh from grass planting and dairy farming to production and processing. According to reports, the grassland project is distributed in Guyuan County, Zhangbei County, Kangbao County, Chabei management area, Saibei management area and other places in Zhangjiakou City, all of which belong to Bashang grassland area. The pasture will grow in the completely original ecological water and soil environment.


Feslan participated in the designated poverty alleviation project of the General Administration of Customs to help poverty alleviation through skills (AP)

On the afternoon of the 27th, the General Administration of Customs held a donation ceremony in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. Bai Lu, deputy director of the Food Bureau of the General Administration of customs, Zhao Jiyang, deputy director of the Political Work Office of the General Administration of customs, Zhang Jiying, deputy director of Zhengzhou customs, Yang Guochao, senior vice president of fislan China, and representatives of caring enterprises attended the launching ceremony. Royal Netherlands fisland announced that it would donate 500000 yuan in cash, milk powder and other materials, and help the General Administration of Customs to help poverty relief counties through the “love month sister” and “dairy farmers help” projects.


Dove announces Zhou Dongyu as brand new spokesperson (company news)


Yesterday, Mars China announced that Dongyu Zhou was the new spokesperson for Dove brand through its official account of WeChat, and together with four new Dove products.

Kraft Heinz selects two companies to support global media planning and buying (Wall Street Journal)


According to a recent report in the Wall Street Journal, kraft Heinz said on Friday that it had selected two agencies to support global media planning and purchasing. Previously, the company conducted an eight month competitive assessment involving four agencies. It has chosen carat of aegis

Nestle’s equity increase in Nigeria subsidiary (Foodbev)


Nestle has acquired more shares in Nestle’s Nigerian subsidiary, which is worth about 747.4 million naira (US $1.94 million), foreign media reported on the 28th. The Swiss multinational recently worked with the IDH sustainable trade initiative to promote local sourcing in central and western Africa.


Dispatch coffee, a Canadian coffee ordering company by month, has won the seed round financing of C $1.26 million (Hua Lizhi)


Dispatch coffee, a Canadian coffee monthly ordering company, recently announced that it has raised C $1.26 million (US $985000) in seed round financing to develop its coffee bean ordering and distribution service across Canada, according to Hua Lizhi. In 2019, the company launched e-commerce and a flexible and personalized monthly ordering service for coffee beans (customers can choose the quantity and variety of coffee beans ordered each month), providing customers with coffee beans, tools and instructions for making “master” coffee at home.


Jiale’s cross border games promote new breakfast products (Foodbev)


According to foreign media reports on the 28th, Kellogg cooperated with mojang studios, the developer of the popular video game my world, to create a new breakfast product: creeper Crunch Cereal. This limited edition cereal features Cinnamon Oatmeal and green square “Crawler” marshmallows.

Small pot tea launches the Mid Autumn Festival Limited small pot blue poem month gift box (company news)

On August 31, small pot tea and the color Research Institute of art and science research center of Tsinghua University jointly released the Research Report on traditional festival colors. The results show that there is a corresponding relationship between traditional festivals and colors – Spring Festival Red, Dragon Boat Festival green, mid autumn blue. Based on the research results of this study, the Mid Autumn Festival blue has launched the “Shiyue tea fragrance · specially customized gift box”. The small pot of tea represents the “mid autumn blue” and is printed with poems with the meaning of reunion.


Israel agricultural technology company aims at artificial meat market (Aohua Finance Online)


According to Aohua finance online, the agricultural technology company roots28 announced that it has established a meat department within the company, and it is expected that the market value of artificial meat will increase to 27.9 billion US dollars by 2025. According to reports, the company is from Israel, is developing subversive, modular and cutting-edge technology and commercialization. According to the research, the agricultural technology rzto can increase the protein content of plant model by 77%, and increase the yield.

Bolthause farms launched a new plant based product (Foodbev)

Bolthouse farms, an American organic beverage and condiment manufacturer, recently launched two plant-based product lines: protein ketone drinks and frozen seasonings. The protein ketone beverage, which is made of coconut milk and pea protein, is a non genetically modified food. It does not contain artificial flavor, preservative, pigment or sweetener, and does not contain gluten and soybean. Both new product lines are available in the United States.

Xiwang food’s revenue and net profit decreased in the first half of the year (company announcement)


On August 30, Xiwang food released its 2020 financial report, which showed that the first half of the year’s revenue decreased by 4.58% to 2.647 billion yuan, and the attributable net profit decreased by 19.75% to 180 million yuan.


Coca Cola and Tea Expo hold the public welfare activity of “Tanabata Tea Festival” (China Tea Museum)

Recently, the Chinese Tea Museum and Hangzhou Coca Cola Co., Ltd. jointly organized the public welfare activity of “Qixi Tea Festival” in Longjing Museum area of China Tea Expo, with the theme of tea culture of Song Dynasty as the theme.


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Ministry of Commerce launches countervailing investigation on imported wine from Australia (Ministry of Commerce)

According to information from the Ministry of Commerce today, it is decided to conduct a countervailing investigation on wine imported from Australia and packed into containers of 2 liters or less. The investigation should normally be completed before August 31, 2021, or extended to February 28, 2022 under special circumstances.


Myanmar ready to develop Chinese snack market

Myanmar’s “seven days” reported on August 21 that the Myanmar Embassy in China announced that it was in contact with Chinese businessmen to prepare to repackage Myanmar snacks and other foods and then push them into the Chinese market with a new face. A free import and export meeting was held in China, Kunming, Tianjin, and other places. China is Myanmar’s main trading partner. At present, agricultural products, fruits, aquatic products and natural resources are exported to China.


Import suspension of poultry meat and poultry products in gannawarra County, Victoria, Australia (Hong Kong Food Safety Centre)

The Hong Kong Centre for food safety (CFS) announced on August 28 that, in response to the World Animal Health Organization (OIE) notification of an outbreak of low pathogenic H7N6 avian influenza in ganawarra County, Victoria, Australia, the centre immediately instructed the industry to suspend the import of poultry meat and poultry products (including eggs) from the county in order to protect the health of the public in Hong Kong. A spokesman for the centre said the centre had contacted the Australian authorities on the incident and would continue to keep a close eye on the outbreak of avian influenza issued by the world organization for animal health (OIE) and take appropriate action in response to the outbreak.


Guangzhou full coverage inspection 85 degree C, Manji sweets store found no illegal behavior (Guangzhou market supervision)

In response to the recent reports that Shanghai’s 85 degree C and Manji desserts marked false production dates and used expired raw materials to process and produce food, the market supervision department of Guangzhou carried out a special inspection on the food safety of 85 degree C and Manji desserts. A total of 160 people were sent out to inspect 84 desserts, including 8 85 degree C and 6 Manji desserts in Shanghai, No illegal activities such as marking false production date and using expired raw materials to process and produce food have not been found.

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