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New formula milk powder “Royal Mercure organic” Jingdong super brand day launched

As one of the largest dairy cooperatives in the world, Royal Netherlands feslan has nearly 150 years of professional dairy production experience. It has been committed to the three core values of “providing better nutrition for global consumers”, “providing better life for dairy farmers” and “realizing sustainable development”, and actively practices the mission of “natural nourishment”. In view of the strong demand for organic products, the company launched a new ultra high-end organic formula milk powder in Hongkong, China, which is China’s “first choice”.

Xue Jie, general manager of China digital marketing and new business development of freesland, said: “we are committed to bringing the highest quality global new products to Chinese mothers who pay attention to overseas top-notch goods through cross-border e-commerce. It is hoped that the newly introduced Hong Kong Royal Mercure organic series products will provide more, better and better choices and nutrition for Chinese mothers and babies. This is also of great strategic significance for Royal Mercure’s future subdivision and layout of ultra-high-end product lines. “

Leading the organic dairy industry standard in the Netherlands

Since 40 years ago, fischerland dairy farmers have taken the lead in raising dairy cows organically in the Netherlands. Feslan dairy farmers have more than 11400 farms, of which 150 are specialized in organic farming, supplying organic milk rich in natural nutrients for the production of Royal Mercure organic.

At the organic farm in fesland, each cow can enjoy a minimum of 6 square meters of living space, and can freely move around at any time of the year (weather conditions permit). Dairy farmers will also provide 100% organic feed for their cows, without any prophylactic antibiotics, hormones, mineral nitrogen fertilizers or growth promoters.

Dr. marchel gorselink, director of professional research and development of Royal Netherlands fisland, said: “the organic farm in fesland has created a rich and diverse healthy ecosystem, becoming a natural habitat for about 50 species of organisms.” The new royal Mercure organic is derived from the organic farm of freesland. The flourishing animals and plants constitute a rich and diverse ecosystem, providing a variety of natural nutrients and helping dairy cows to produce nutritious organic milk. For example, dandelion is a common plant on Holland grass rich in protein, and provides important calcium for dairy cattle to help produce milk.

The royal family has a valuable organic first layer milk source, which is close to the source milk, and perfectly keeps organic and rare nutrients, including natural OPO, fatty acids and lecithin from machine milk. The molecular structure is natural, which helps intestinal health and supports the all-round development of babies.


Cooperation with WWF and Rabobank

Establishment of “biodiversity monitoring system”

Promoting the development of sustainable dairy industry

Mr. Berndt kodden, President of professional nutrition, Royal Netherlands, said: “in the Netherlands, more than 75% of the dairy farmers in the country are members of the dairy farmers in the Netherlands. They can have a significant potential impact on the biodiversity of the farm and its adjacent natural environment. To promote the sustainable development of the whole dairy industry, we have joined hands with the World Wide Fund for nature’s Netherlands and Rabobank to establish a biodiversity monitoring system Monitor), comprehensively analyze the impact of farms on biodiversity, help improve agricultural biodiversity by providing quantifiable results, and reward dairy farmers with good performance through supply chain partners and other stakeholders. “


Jingdong International China starts

Jingdong super brand day

On September 2, fisland will join hands with Jingdong super brand day to launch Royal Mercure organic new products in the mainland through cross-border e-commerce channels. It is reported that the launch will join hands with Himalayan app Caisheng to launch organic cloud ranch and ASMR sensory blockbuster to bring this ecological organic from Holland to babies in mainland China.


Xue Jie, general manager of digital marketing and new business development in China, said: “the epidemic has accelerated the change of Chinese consumers’ purchasing habits and preferences, and more mothers are choosing to buy milk powder online. Jingdong international is one of the important partners of Meisu Jiaer’s cross-border products. This joint launch of new products of Jingdong super brand day is expected to let many consumers know and choose Royal Mercure organic in a short time. “

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