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“Cattle” is a match? Today’s cooperation with Thailand’s tiannai Red Cattle

In the already hot “Red Bull” market competition, now added a player – six walnut parent company Yangyuan drink. It also means that the Hebei beverage company

This evening, in reply to the market rumors of “Yangyuan beverage taking over the operation of Red Bull anaiji”, Thailand Tencel said that its current partners Guangzhou Yao energy beverage Co., Ltd. and Pusheng Food Sales Co., Ltd. were one of the key factors for the success of Red Bull Annaiji beverage and Red Bull Vitamin flavor beverage.

“They have helped us build the Red Bull brand and provide a solid foundation for better development in China in the future. Our partners have demonstrated incredible motivation and enthusiasm for the brand in terms of helping us rebuild our brand, promote and sell our products. ” The company said.

Tencel said to Xiaoshi that through its own continuous development and direct cooperation with important partners Guangzhou Yao energy beverage Co., Ltd. and posheng Food Sales Co., Ltd., it is establishing a complete ecosystem covering the production, sales and distribution of the whole China, so as to ensure that Chinese consumers can buy our products and rapidly expand the market share.

Earlier today, the snack generation noticed that Hebei Yangyuan Zhihui Beverage Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yangyuan Zhihui) also issued the latest announcement, which made a detailed explanation of the above rumors that it began to take over the operation of Red Bull anaiji of Thailand’s tence in September.

According to the announcement, the products distributed by Yangyuan Zhihui in this cooperation are red bull Annaiji beverage series products, which are authorized by Tiansi medical and health care Co., Ltd. to be responsible for domestic operation. Guangzhou Yao energy beverage Co., Ltd. authorizes yaozun beverage (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to sell its legally produced red bull anaiji beverage, and yaozun beverage (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is responsible for the domestic operation of the product The company authorized Yangyuan’s grandparent company Yingtan Zhijian Beverage Co., Ltd. to be the distributor qualification of Red Bull Annaiji beverage series products, and exclusively distributed red bull Annaiji beverage in the area north of the Yangtze River.

Tonight, the snack agent searched the industrial and commercial data and found that Yingtan intelligent health beverage Co., Ltd. is wholly owned by Jiangxi Yingtan Yangyuan Zhihui Beverage Co., Ltd., and the latter is wholly owned by Yangyuan Zhihui.

Previously, the official wechat of red bull of China revealed that the revenue of Red Bull (Red Bull Vitamin functional beverage) controlled by Huabin group reached 22.3 billion yuan in 2019. As for Tencel, there are only two kinds of Red Bull products authorized in the Chinese market, i.e. red bull annagi beverage and Red Bull Vitamin flavor beverage.

Today, Yangyuan pointed out in the announcement that in the Chinese market, Red Bull Vitamin functional drinks account for about 85% of the market share, Red Bull Vitamin flavor drinks account for about 10% of the market share, and red bull annagi beverage accounts for about 5% of the market share.

However, some people in the beverage industry expressed doubts about the market share data when they were asked by snack agents tonight: “Yangyuan company should disclose the market research companies it uses and the scope of data collection.”

Novel coronavirus epidemic was reduced by 48.40% in the first half of 2020, compared with the same period last year, mainly due to the decline in market demand for the company’s pre season and new coronavirus outbreaks. In addition, during the reporting period, the company’s sales expenses decreased by 46.68% compared with the same period of last year.

Yangyuan was established in 1997, mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of plant protein beverage with walnut kernel as raw material. The specific varieties mainly include six walnut and walnut milk of Yangyuan high-quality type, six walnut and walnut milk of Yangyuan Zhihui health preservation, etc., but it has not sold energy drinks like red bull before.

Yangyuan did not explain how it will sell red bull well today, but said,

Today, the limit of Yangyuan drink (603156) was raised to 26.07 yuan.

A kind of

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