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Yili wants to be the No.1 dairy industry in the world. Yum! China and Hong Kong are full of shares on the first day. Coca Cola appoints three key leaders and completes the financing of 100 million yuan in three and a half meals. Wal Mart responds to the rumor of selling a hypermarket

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Yum’s Hong Kong IPO is full and will be priced with reference to the NYSE trading price (21st century economic report)

According to the 21st century economic report, it was reported yesterday that Yum China launched a public offering on September 1, and obtained a total of HK $5.87 billion of guaranteed financial capital subscription amount (known as “margin trading” in the Hong Kong market), equivalent to 7.48 times of the amount raised in Hong Kong. The shares will be priced in Hong Kong based on the current trading price on the NYSE, where the shares of Yum China have risen by 20.5% this year. Yum! China’s public offering lasted three and a half days and ended at 12:00 p.m. on Friday (September 4) and is expected to be listed on September 10.

Yili’s next goal is to be the No.1 dairy industry in the world (company news)

According to the official account of Erie, today, after becoming the top five dairy industry in the world, Erie’s next goal is to become the world’s first dairy industry and to advance to the top five of the global health food industry. “Pan Gang is still confident about this challenging strategic goal.”

The board of directors of Ruixing coffee reinstated Shao Xiaoheng (company announcement)

Tonight, the board of directors of lucky coffee announced that Shao Xiaoheng was appointed as an independent director of the company,


Coca Cola announces three key business wire appointments

According to foreign media reports, yesterday, Coca Cola announced the appointment of three key leadership, which is part of the company’s ongoing work to establish a highly networked, less hierarchical and future oriented organization. Under the latest arrangements, Henrique Braun will be president of Latin American operations; Nikos koumetti will be president of European operations; and Nancy Quan will lead the integrated innovation and technology function after the retirement of chief Innovation Officer Robert long. The new appointment, based on a previously announced restructuring plan, focuses on three pillars: operations, beverage category and global services.


Mengniu held high quality development exchange meeting for strategic partners of dairy industry chain in Hohhot (company news)

On August 30, Mengniu Group held a high-quality development exchange meeting for strategic partners of dairy industry chain of “revitalization of dairy industry and ecological win-win” in Hohhot. Participants include government leaders, industry experts, financial elites, as well as animal husbandry people and industry chain partners from all over the country. The exchange meeting enhanced the cooperation and friendship of dairy industry chain partners and strengthened mutual exchanges. In order to let the dairy industry chain partners enjoy more cost-effective products, Mengniu United animal husbandry Co., Ltd. has established the “dairy industry chain unified procurement alliance”, through the aiyang cattle platform for unified procurement and purchase, to open up the industrial chain, establish a sound procurement management system, and achieve the goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.


Signing contract for milk source base in core area of China Dairy Industry Park

On August 28, the people’s Government of Helinger county and Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy (Group) Co., Ltd. held the signing ceremony of cooperation framework agreement on the construction of milk source base in the core area of China dairy industry park. According to Zhang Yongwen, Secretary of the Helin county Party committee, the China Dairy Industrial Park project is an important part of Hohhot’s in-depth implementation of the dairy industry revitalization strategy, accelerating the development of the whole dairy industry chain, and building an upgraded version of “China’s milk city”.

Three and a half dins of boutique coffee brands completed more than 100 million yuan round of financing (billion Europe net)

According to today’s news from, three and a half dins of boutique coffee brand have completed more than 100 million yuan round B financing this year. This round of financing is led by Sequoia Capital and followed by Fengrui capital, an old shareholder. This round of funds will be mainly used for supply chain upgrading and transformation, brand construction, new product R & D investment, and innovative consumption scenarios. Founded in 2015, with its self-developed super extraction technology and iconic tank design, the company has maintained strong growth since landing on tmall in 2018, and its outstanding performance has also caused continuous capital injection.

CICC’s prospectus updated to respond to the impact of Ruixing incident (Unicorn has known for a long time)

According to unicorn’s early knowledge, yesterday, the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) released the IPO prospectus of China International Finance Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “CICC”). CICC disclosed the impact of lucky coffee event in its prospectus. As a member of the underwriting group, CICC’s subsidiary participated in the listing project of lucky coffee on Nasdaq Stock Exchange in May 2019 and the issuance of additional shares and convertible bonds in January 2020, and served as the joint bookkeeper. At the same time, another subsidiary also participated in the syndicated loan to Haode investment Inc., a shareholder of lucky coffee. CICC said it would continue to pay close attention to the progress of Ruixing coffee incident and evaluate and actively respond to the possible impact of the incident.


Zhuhai beer is expected to maintain the second quarter trend in the second half of the year (company announcement)


Yesterday, Zhujiang Beer held a telephone survey of investor relations activities. Activity records show that the company’s performance outside the province in the first half of the year is good. This year, the revenue of Hebei and Hunan markets increased by 5.49% year-on-year, and the overall revenue of the company decreased by 4.80%, but the market outside the province can basically achieve profits. In the second half of the year, it is expected that there will be upward pressure, but the company has locked in most of the raw material purchase prices in advance, and the cost fluctuation is not large; the sales volume is expected to maintain the trend of the second quarter. The company said that now all channels have been fully back to work, but the recovery of night consumption will be slower.


Wal Mart responds to rumors of “selling Chinese Hypermarkets”

According to 21 finance and economics report, recently, there is a market rumor that Wal Mart has contacted some enterprises about the sale of some shares in China’s hypermarkets. Today, Wal Mart issued a statement through its official channel: we have noticed the rumor of “selling the business of Chinese Hypermarkets”. In response, Wal Mart solemnly stated that Wal Mart has never commented on market rumors and has no plans to sell its Chinese business.


Costco South China headquarters settled in Shenzhen (Interface)

According to the interface report, on August 30, the Shenzhen municipal government and kaishike International Co., Ltd. officially signed a cooperation agreement on headquarters economic development at the citizen center. The two sides cooperated on the establishment of South China headquarters and the opening of warehouse type member stores. At the same time, Xinghe group has officially signed the cooperation framework agreement on the cooperative development of Longhua project in Shenzhen with market makers. It is estimated that the total investment will be about 9 billion yuan (including 200 million US dollars of foreign capital). Three international headquarters enterprises, including Costco South China regional headquarters and star River Industrial headquarters, will be introduced to set up Costco’s first flagship store in South China.


Large asset impairment of wattle health, an Australian infant formula company (Aohua Finance Online)

Wattle health, an Australian infant formula company, suffered a number of large asset impairments, recording a huge loss of a $58.94 million in the fiscal year 2019-2020, the largest of which came from the investment in a milk powder factory in Victoria, Australia. Wattle is trying to expand the Chinese market. Earlier, wattle has been working with nouriz fine food Co in China to sell organic milk powder under the brand of “Wellcome”.  


Opening near the limit, Juewei food performance hit the top (Beijing business daily)

According to the Beijing business daily, the stock market opened on the morning of September 1. Jue Wei food was close to the limit when it rose sharply the previous day. By the end of the day, Juewei food shares fell 7.91%. This decline, and Juewei food shareholders significantly reduced holdings, single store income decline is not unrelated. In three years, we have invested in 24 enterprises and set up several fund companies When the development meets the “ceiling”, Juewei food hopes to seek a new growth point by building a “food ecosystem”. However, judging from the current situation, the return on investment of Juewei food has yet to show. With the continuous catching up of black duck in competition week, there is probably not much time left for Juewei food.


Nestle appoints Mauricio Alarcon as Nestle’s central and western Africa Chief Executive (Foodbev)

According to foreign media reports yesterday, Nestle has appointed Mauricio Alarcon as Nestle’s chief executive officer in central and West Africa with immediate effect. Alarcon joined Nestle Mexico in 1999 and has held several positions in its global business. Before becoming managing director of Nestle Nigeria in 2016, Alarcon served as managing director of Nestle Ivory Coast and was also responsible for Nestle’s operations in places such as Senegal.


New board member appointed by Hershey (PRNewswire)

According to foreign media reports, Hershey yesterday announced the appointment of Robert M. (Bob) dutkowsky to its board of directors with effect from August 29, 2020. Dutkowsky is the former executive chairman and CEO of Tech data, a multinational distribution company specializing in IT products and services. He will serve on Hershey’s finance, risk management and Governance Committee.

“A little bit” failed to reach a settlement with consumers over milk tea drinking hair incident (Xinmin Evening News)

A woman in Yuyao, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, said on a social networking platform on August 26 that she found her hair in a “little bit” milk tea she bought, Xinmin Evening News reported. She later said that she was questioned by the store manager and employees, who refused to claim compensation and publicly apologized and called the police. At present, a little bit Shanghai head office decided to sue the woman. Simen sub Bureau carried out mediation for both parties twice according to the provisions. Due to the big difference, the respondent clearly indicated that it was impossible to reach a settlement, so the sub Bureau terminated the mediation in accordance with the relevant provisions.


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This year, Inner Mongolia will allocate 400 million yuan of special funds to support the development of dairy industry (Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region People’s Government)

A press conference on the revitalization of dairy industry was held at the press conference hall of the people’s Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region yesterday, Xinhua reported. This year, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, as a major dairy region in China, has allocated 400 million yuan of special funds to support the development of dairy industry, further amplify the effect of fund support, and comprehensively promote the revitalization of dairy industry; actively promote leading dairy enterprises such as yiyimengniu to lay out their own milk sources and processing bases in five advantageous regions, and build a national leading dairy industry centralized development advantage area. At present, there are more than 1.2 million dairy cows in Inner Mongolia, with an annual output of more than 5.7 million tons. The milk output, processing industry scale and dairy product market share all rank first in China.  


Low temperature fresh milk prices have been cut, fierce competition (China News Network)

According to China news network, fresh milk from e-commerce platforms, offline supermarkets and convenience stores have been on sale recently. In the past, the price of a liter of milk was generally around 20 yuan, but now there are many varieties that can be bought for about 10 yuan. Yili fresh milk (950 ml) price is 12.9 yuan, Mengniu modern pasture (960 ml) is only 10.9 yuan. The price of high-quality milk from Guangming fresh pasture, which costs 19.9 yuan, was 7.5 yuan. Yonghui supermarket staff said, “the price has been reduced for a month, Guangming and Mengniu are on sale, but it is temporary.” On the causes of the fresh milk price war, food industry analyst Zhu danpeng said: “low temperature fresh milk is a development trend in China, and consumers’ consumption habits have not been fully developed. Which brand can enter the hearts of consumers, the repurchase rate will rise in the future. Therefore, brands choose to reduce their gross profit and popularize consumption. “


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