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CBME 2020: 1330 brands and 892 exhibitors from all over the world will be displayed on the same stage, with an increase of 42% in the area of natural products and 25% in the number of exhibitors

The 20th CBME pregnancy and baby exhibition is coming! This year CBME Shanghai is still in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), which will be held from October 10 to 12.

In the face of novel coronavirus pneumonia this year, to provide a safe and comfortable environment for the safety of participants, CBME will take joint precautions and safety measures by the relevant departments and industry parties in accordance with the recommendations of local health departments and WHO (WHO). Friends in the exhibition hall must also take relevant protective measures~

In this exhibition, CBME maternal and infant food exhibition of food sector covers an area of 79428 square meters. It is expected that 1330 brands and 892 exhibitors from the world will be displayed on the same stage. The exhibition will cover a wide range of food categories, such as pregnant and infant food, nutrition products, snacks, natural products and so on. The natural products exhibition area increased by 42% in area and 25% in number.

Beingmei, Yili, Mead Johnson, Meisu Jiaer, A2, Hesheng, Sanyuan, Anman, adali, Elsberg, babi, Bellamy, Swisse, Tomson and other brands will participate in the exhibition.

This year, CBME Shanghai has continued the plan of one exhibition and two pavilions. Click to see the arrangement of exhibition booths in the two pavilions

Distribution of exhibition area of the 20th CBME maternal and infant Exhibition

Short video of CBME pregnant and infant food exhibition

CBME 2020 will be held from October 10 to 12

Audience registration has been opened, advance pre registration can be fast admission


As the biggest pregnancy and baby children exhibition in 2020, CBME this year also brings many new highlights to you. Don’t miss it!


Highlight 1: digital innovation helps the industry’s upstream and downstream docking and return to the growth track

  • Exhibition week of CBME excellence week: following the CBME excellence week in July, CBME will carry out cloud matching and cloud ordering during the same period of the exhibition, linking 12 major venues and 4900 + brands, so as to help more pregnant and infant children develop resources and expand the market.
  • Business docking: CBME has opened the global business cloud matching app and launched offline business negotiation at the same time, which is open to all buyers in the industry, including dealers / agents, mother and baby stores, comprehensive / vertical / cross-border e-commerce, stores, department stores / shopping centers, boutique collection stores, live broadcast KOL of mother and baby, etc., so as to fully open up the docking channels between buyers and sellers and effectively match and accurately connect. A number of special theme docking meetings such as “International Exhibition Group”, “smart retail”, “natural products” and “fashion children’s wear” were specially set up at the exhibition site.



Highlight 2: build a pan maternal and infant ecosystem to make maternal and infant family life better

  • New trend Pavilion: No.1 hall will be set up as a new trend Pavilion, which will focus on “smart retail” and “Pan maternal and child service franchise” zone, “supply chain”, “natural products” and other special areas will also help to develop new demand for Pan maternal and infant products and services.
  • “Global mother and child day”: CBME’s “fashion parenting all media” will join hands with KOL talent group and many high-quality mother and baby brands to provide consumers with more authentic products and preferential benefits.

Highlight 3: gather all kinds of new products for pregnant and infant children to meet the differentiated needs of consumption

A full range of new products including maternal and infant products, pregnant and infant food, nutrition products and snacks, carts, seats and furniture will be displayed. There will also be more brands and products for children’s learning table, fine furniture and children’s oral products.

  • “International exhibition area”: Despite the impact of the epidemic on global exchanges, many international brands have already decided to participate in CBME. This year, exhibitions from different countries (or regions) from Ireland, Australia, Russia, France, South Korea, the United States, Japan, Spain, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and other countries (or regions) will present their new products.
  • It is the first time to set up a “national fashion highlights exhibition area”: to display the mother and child family products with Chinese elements, and promote the new trend of national fashion.


CBME national fashion highlights exhibition area

  • “Paper · world” exhibition area was set up for the first time: independent display of pregnant and infant paper products, including diapers, household paper, female care and other categories
  • “Cool kids fashion Shanghai Children’s fashion exhibition”: it is in line with the current trend and meets the new demands of fashionable parents for children’s wear products in the new era.

Highlight 4: help the industry to improve the ability to create new products

  • The newly upgraded “CBME awards” exhibition area: on-site display of shortlisted and awarded “beauty star”, “creative design”, “black technology” products, as well as “global first-line new products”, to encourage independent innovation, and to let industry insiders grasp the latest product trend at the first time.  
  • “Supply chain” zone: covering product design, product packaging, OEM / ODM, raw material supply at home and abroad, noodles, accessories and accessories, providing comprehensive supporting and services for Pan maternal and infant ecosystem.


In addition, CBME is carrying out CBME regional retail summit and CBME regional tour exhibition, CBME “fashion parenting” salesman skills competition, CBME China pregnancy and baby industry summit and other large-scale industry activities, you can look forward to it~

CBME 2020 will be held from October 10 to 12

Audience registration has been opened, advance pre registration can be fast admission

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