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Coca Cola has appointed the new commander of Greater China!

After Coca Cola, the world’s largest beverage company, announced its biggest strategic move in recent years, a new list of leadership teams has also been released! Snacks generation noticed that just last night, Coca Cola announced the list of its new operation division and global beverage category leadership team. The company announced the appointment of senior positions to lead the company’s new operations division and beverage category team. The appointments are part of the company’s first major restructuring plan announced on August 28. The newly established platform service organization will provide support for the company’s newly established 9 operation divisions and 5 global beverage category teams.

Let’s take a look.

Boss of 9 major operation departments

According to the announcement, from January 1, 2021, Coca Cola’s nine operating divisions will replace the existing group and business unit structure, but still have to negotiate according to the requirements of local laws. “These changes will help avoid waste of resources and enhance the company’s ability to expand new products more quickly.” Coca Cola said.

The new operations division and its regions and the appointment of its president are as follows:

  • North America: Alfredo Rivera, former president of Coca Cola Latin America group. The new appointment was announced on August 24, and he has taken up a new position.
  • Latin America: Henrique Braun, President of Coca Cola’s Brazil business unit. His appointment was announced on September 1.
  • Europe: Nikos koumetti, President of Coca Cola Europe, Middle East and Africa Group. His appointment was announced on September 1.
  • Africa: Bruno pietracci, President of Coca Cola’s Africa and Middle East business unit.
  • Eurasia and Middle East: evguenia stoichkova, President of Coca Cola’s Turkey, Caucasus and Central Asia business units.
  • Japan and Korea: Jorge Garduno, President of Coca Cola’s Japan business unit.
  • Greater China: vamsi Mohan thatI, President of Coca Cola’s South Pacific business unit.
  • ASEAN and South Pacific: Claudia Lorenzo, President of Coca Cola’s ASEAN business unit.
  • India and South West Asia: Sanket ray, chief operating officer of Coca Cola in mainland China.

In addition to its new regional operations unit, coke said that Jennifer Mann would continue to be president of Coca Cola global ventures and Marcelo Boffi would continue to be president of Coca Cola bottling investments. As introduced by the food agency, Coca Cola’s current operating structure consists of 17 business units in four geographical regions, global ventures and bottling investments. After simplification, the business operation part will be adjusted to 9 new operation divisions in 4 geographical regions, global venture capital group and bottling investment group. As previously announced, the management teams of the nine operations divisions mentioned above will report to Brian Smith, President and chief operating officer

The company also announced the appointment of heads of operations within the three largest operating divisions:

  • Latin America: Roberto mercade will be the president of north regional operations, and he is currently the president of the central business unit. Luisa Ortega will be the president of central operations and she is currently president of the Southern Division. The president of Southern operations will announce later.
  • Europe: Lana popovic will be the president of Western Europe operations, and she is currently president of the central and Eastern Europe Division. Alanna cotton will be the president of central and Eastern Europe operations, and she is currently the chief marketing officer for airless beverages.
  • North America: Zoran Vu uch ini Vic will become the chief operating officer, who currently serves as the chief operating officer of Coca Cola North America’s US bottled delivery brand. Kathleen ciaramello will be the chief account officer and is currently president of Coca Cola’s North American catering services.

“T. Krishnakumar, current president of India and South West Asia, will be chairman of Coca Cola India. He will be responsible for building and strengthening important local partnerships in India to support the new operations leadership team. ” Coca Cola added.

Who is the new leader in Greater China?

I believe that you will also notice that the person in charge of Coca Cola’s Greater China region has also changed. Vamsi Mohan thatI, now president of Coca Cola’s South Pacific business unit, will become president of Coca Cola’s Greater China Operations Division under the new restructuring. At present, the president of Coca Cola’s Greater China and South Korea region is curt Ferguson.

Vamsi Mohan thatI, President of Coca Cola’s Greater China Operations Division

According to Coca Cola’s global website, vamsi Mohan thatI holds a bachelor’s degree and an MBA degree in electronic and communication engineering from the Indian School of management in Calcutta, India, and has completed the advanced management course of Harvard Business School.

According to the data, vamsi Mohan thatI joined the Coca Cola system in India in 1998 and held various leadership positions in operation, market execution and general management. At present, he has been in the Coca Cola system for more than 20 years.

While working at Coca Cola, vamsi Mohan ThatI has managed a number of marketing businesses, including regional director of Coca Cola’s own bottling operations in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, regional director of its own bottling operations in Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar, CEO of Coca Cola’s Vietnam and Cambodia bottling business, and general manager of Coca Cola Malaysia.

“Vamsi has extensive experience in the Coca Cola system and has a strong track record in achieving performance and building capabilities in customer management, market execution, digital technology and personnel development. “Coca Cola said it played a role in driving sustainable growth in Vietnam.

Vamsi Mohan thatI’s style is rather low-key. Although he has worked for Coca Cola for more than 20 years and has been the leader of many markets such as Australia, there is no information about its business in public reports.

When searching the public information, the snack agent noticed that most of the topics shared by vamsi Mohan thatI are environmental protection topics, which is also a hot topic in the beverage industry in recent years. For example, last year, when two Coca Cola companies announced that they would use recyclable materials to make 70% of their plastic bottles by the end of 2019, vamsi Mohan thatI, then president of Coca Cola Australia, said: “as Australia’s largest beverage company, we have a responsibility to help solve the plastic waste crisis. That’s why we’re going to make 70% plastic bottles from recycled plastics by the end of 2019. ” He said Coke’s goal is to keep plastic packaging away from the ocean and landfills and reuse it.

Also last year, Coca Cola re launched the name bottle in Australia. At the time, vamsi Mohan thatI said: “Coca Cola has always been inclusive, and this summer we launched Coca Cola with hundreds of names, which reflect the wonderful diversity of Australia in 2019, which makes us very excited.” The last time vamsi Mohan thatI spoke in the media earlier this year was Coca Cola Australia’s launch of limited edition cans in honor of local firefighters. “We want to thank all the firefighters and volunteers who went to the front to solve this crisis. We are deeply touched by their courage and resilience as the tragedy of Australian bushfires continues to spread. ” Vamsi Mohan Thati。

Bosses of five global beverage category teams

Meanwhile, Coca Cola also announced the new boss list of five global beverage category teams. “Building a successful, focused and growing portfolio is a top priority for the company. It requires innovation, marketing efficiency and effectiveness. ” Coca Cola said it was consolidating and deepening its leadership in five global categories, with the latest appointment of a president for each category.

  • Coca Cola: Selman Careaga is the president of Coca Cola’s North American soda business unit.
  • Flavored bubble water: Jasmin vinculado, general manager of bubble water in Mexico division.
  • Bottled water, sports, coffee and tea: MATRONA filippou, President of the South and East Africa business unit.
  • Nutrition, juice, dairy and plant drinks: sedef salingan Sahin, vice president of operations, EMEA group.
  • Emerging category: Leadership appointments will be announced later.

“The leaders of these beverage categories will work with different departments throughout the organizational structure to build the company’s brand portfolio and win the market. The global head of beverage category will report to Chief Marketing Officer Manolo Arroyo. ” Coca Cola said.

Some products of Coca Cola in China

In addition, Coca Cola announced the appointment of senior vice president of marketing for its largest operating division:

  • Latin America: Javier Meza, chief marketing officer of soda.  
  • Europe: Walter Susini, director of marketing, Western Europe Division.
  • North America: Melanie BOULDEN is currently the president of Coca Cola’s North American beverage division.

Xiaoshidai introduced that the company had previously announced the creation of platform services. Coca Cola said it was committed to serving operations, beverage category teams and functions to improve efficiency and the ability to execute on a global scale. At present, the list of management teams of the new organization has not been released. “More information about the platform services leadership team will be announced later.” Coca Cola said.

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