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Live review | how food consumer brands play with byte system traffic?


How can food brands play with online traffic, successfully attract users’ attention and finally achieve satisfactory sales transformation? How can food brands gradually occupy e-commerce highland in daily operation? How to occupy the winning heights in e-commerce nodes? What is the tiktok operation method of high growth and new star brands such as Yuan forest and Wang full? And other topics were shared.


In the Q & a session, byte students gave practical data reference and methodology guide, and foodplus organized QA special content, hoping to give practical value to the partners in the food consumer goods industry.



Tiktok: Q: what is the performance of food and drink category in ROI?

A: I think there are two steps. The first is the drainage mentioned. The drainage defined by us for the platform is equivalent to flow plus guidance, and then a specific landing is made. For example, drainage to Taobao or drainage to Jingdong, or finally, the flow of traffic to the jitter shop (currently the bytes are developing tiktok closed loop), these three different platforms actually have their own performance.


First of all, let me talk about drainage to the other end. For example, 90% of the whole byte platform is drained to Taobao and 10% to Jingdong. Why? Because the monitoring outside Taobao station is clearer. For food, let me give you an example. For example, some instant food, such as Ramen, can achieve 1. Maybe you may ask whether the cost of achieving 1 will be lost? One theory is called the long line. After introducing the traffic to Taobao, there is a lot of feedback in the station. This is the first, and the second is to buy again. How about the drainage to Jingdong? The ROI of Jingdong is worse. Because of food, especially new food, its base or precipitation in Taobao will be slightly better than Jingdong. Jingdong is about 0.8 to 0.9. And Jingdong, because our data monitoring is not perfect, there may be a little bit of a small problem in attribution. For those of us who need to go to Taobao and Jingdong, I suggest that tmall Taobao is the first choice.


The second part drained to the shop. Because the tiktok closed loop is a very mature system, which can accurately determine the user’s preferences, so the corresponding ROI will be even higher. Our advertising system is called Luban system, which is a system for preparing to drain to the vibrato shop. ROI needs to do 1.5 and 1.8 tiktok in this direction.


Let’s talk about the drain to the store. Now it’s not just some new brands trying, such as steak. We have some traditional customers, such as JUNLEBAO. They also go to do small shops because our data is more perfect. To tell you the truth, do Taobao drainage, there is no way to return transaction data. What we do may be to analyze which brand is more suitable according to its tonality. For example, it is suitable for young women. We find young women to do exposure and drain people to tmall shops. So far we can do. Compared with the drainage shop, because the transaction data are in their own station, it can be very clear analysis to find out whether there is a transaction in this part, and then do an iterative optimization.


Tiktok: Q: how do you make the jitter information flow?  

Tiktok: A: the biggest location of the shaking is the information flow. The information flow we have been doing in the recommended location is the way it is. Put it in two parts. The first part is materials. What is the so-called material? If you have a star, you can use a star. If you don’t have a star, you can find an agent or a simple person to shoot. This is the part of the material. Because the jitter is a very tiktok place, if there is no good material to undertake, it may not be effective. The second part is to undertake. As mentioned just now, users can go to Jingdong to buy, Taobao to buy, or to shop to buy. All three methods are supported. Think about these two things clearly, the two elements of information flow are already necessary.


How do you work with us next? The process of cooperation is very simple. We will introduce the identity of a third party called an agent, which has an official list database. If you want to cooperate with us in information flow delivery, the premise of first talking is to tell me what your materials and landing are, and then we will talk about recharge and account opening. After chatting about recharge and account opening, the next step is optimization, because the background of massive engine is a very complex system, involving three basic elements: conversion target, bidding and orientation. Don’t worry about these three basic elements. We will have an official agent database. We can find more professional agents to help you operate.


So as a brand side, as an advertiser, what is the thing to do? It’s the effect. For example, if you want more people to know my brand, the evaluation standard of ROI is 0.8. In this case, you only need to tell your agent to implement the material requirements and where they are implemented, and monitor its effect every day. In fact, the process is very clear and mature.


There is also a big premise. What is the demand target of the enterprise? For example, in general, the target of people who want to do information flow delivery may be to sell goods as the guide, promote the UV of Taobao, and promote the transaction of small shops. But some enterprises are a new brand, now we all don’t know, hope to print out the exposure in the shortest time. In this case, we would not recommend the information flow, but choose to do the best location or tiktok.


The so-called business logic is very simple. When there is a greater demand for exposure, we would like to suggest the cooperation of exposure. When there is a partial effect type of demand, or the brand has achieved a certain degree of visibility, the following is a daily stream of pull up UV and purchase, this time to do is to refine the effect.


Tiktok: what is the budget or the magnitude of their monthly Q or monthly surge in the vibrato? I believe many people would like to know what their budget rate of return is?

A: This is very sensitive data of our customers, which is really inconvenient to disclose. It can be said that they are currently in the top of the food industry. Well, it’s also true that you spend one or two million dollars a day. The ROI situation can refer to the average value of the industry, basically reaching 0.8 to 1. In the food industry, we need to assess a situation. What kind of products are suitable for information flow? Profit margin must be considered in combination with examination. Don’t say that profit is only 10%. From tiktok to the drainage shop, ROI requires 7 to achieve 8. We judge it is not suitable.


In fact, the brand needs to be able to evaluate a reasonable ROI value. If the requirement exceeds the ROI of 2.5 or we promise that the ROI can reach 2.5, there is really no way to do it. Although we want to do the best, we can do the best we can, but after all, the tiktok is brand + brand image + brand concept, short video content carrying the platform, so ROI’s request, if we cooperate with us, needs reasonable assessment. Tiktok: I mentioned just now that some customers often say they can’t do ROI4 or ROI5, which often corresponds to a low profit margin single product. Such products are not recommended to be used in the way of advertising.


Q: Let’s move on to the next topic. Speaking of live broadcast, this year is also the tiktok. How to tiktok live broadcast, how to drain the business live broadcast?

A: First of all, the live traffic can be split first. How sticky are my fans? How many people can you attract without any marketing? First of all, we have a clear idea of this. Tiktok has the biggest characteristic, and there is no direct proportional relationship between the number of fans and the number of fans. For example, Chen he has tens of millions of fans. For example, Zhu guaguagua’s fans are not in proportion to Chen he. However, the number of fans in their live broadcasting room may sometimes be a little different.


So first of all, how about the viscosity of their own people, including their fans? Related to this is the daily broadcast of the studio, the degree of discount, and the driving force of the anchor, which will affect the original popularity of the studio without any marketing means.


Second, how to let more people watch the live broadcast and share it. First of all, preheating is very important. For example, send a short video to tell the fans that there is an activity in the live room tonight, and all the products are half price. Pay attention to me. This is a way. The second way is to shoot some small videos to the tiktok during the live broadcast. What is the meaning of it? So that more fans can see, in addition, it can attract some new fans to come in. This is called preheating.


Third, marketing. This is very simple and straightforward. We have many ways to make your live room appear in the recommended information stream, so that more people can see it. This extends to our new product called “live studio diversion”. Let’s synchronize the cost of diversion in the live broadcasting room, and pull the head of a viewer to about 50 cents. But for example, if someone asks zero fans to start broadcasting, we don’t recommend that zero fans start broadcasting directly. It is suggested that when there are about 100 people in the live room every night to see it, and then they want to develop into 200 people, they can put in some advertisements for the drainage of the live room, and spend a few cents to attract people. The conclusion is these three aspects. Positioning, preheating, direct pouring of people and water into the live broadcasting room.


Tiktok: Q: live broadcast with loud voice, and there are brand feedback, some big V live data is unstable. Live data is quite large with the usual tremble data, and even the data of tiktok live are also falling. In this case, how to choose a brand?

A: We have the introduction of live broadcast on the star map, which will disclose the cost performance data of some anchors. This is a reference direction. Second, flying melons and cicada mothers. Some of the anchor’s data will be put on it. This is the data reference. But there is no doubt that, for example, Chen he can bring good lipstick, but his Eyeliner may not be good. The relationship between product and anchor is very important. One of the live games is the experience of data reference, which I mentioned just now.

Second, it’s a bit like gambling on variety shows (whether it will be popular or not). The elements of gambling are indeed a little bit.

Third, when you choose live celebrities, you can chat about some short videos + live broadcast when talking about rights and interests. Now some people say that the star live broadcast frequently overturns, but one thing that can be shared with you is that all brands do not expect to say how many goods the stars bring to them, and they don’t expect to sell them to you like Zhu guaguagua. What we need is the authorization of slicing in the live studio of stars. As we often say, these materials can be applied to the delivery of information stream. That is to say, the material part I mentioned just now is equivalent to that I entered your live broadcast, and you brought me a pit. At the same time, I took a very small short generation equivalent to a star. This is very cheap, and it is more convenient than inviting a star alone Should be a lot, and can be copied to other bidding to use.


Q: Mention the relationship with KOL. Can we choose tiktok’s KOL strategy and selection criteria to speak more specifically? Including launch scheduling, launch data detection, analysis, etc?

A: Let me first talk about the choice and criteria. It is suggested that if you do KOL, you must register a star map account. The star map is still very perfect now. You can choose the budget space and how much each talent video costs, and screen the list of talent from the basic needs.


What are our suggestions? For the waist and tail, your talent is 2-3-4, which refers to the proportion. It is a normal scheme with high cost performance. If we need a large brand exposure and brand endorsement, the ratio is 4-4-2.


What are the criteria for the division of waist and tail? We think that more than 5 million fans are the head, 2-5 million fans are the waist, and less than 2 million fans are the waist tail. As for the release schedule, first, the waist and tail should go first. Put the big talent in the most popular brand communication node, this is scheduling and phased delivery.


The so-called launch strategy, to recommend a content happy push, this product is to ensure exposure. For example, for a food brand, I asked teacher Lang (Lang Weixian) to arrange a piece of material. His data was very good, and many people came to buy goods after the distribution. But its original transmission rate is limited. What if you want more exposure at this time? Of course, someone might know about Dou +, but it doesn’t guarantee exposure. Then we can use our strategy of content service, content promotion. You can choose a good video cast in KOL to do a directional exposure. For example, to make a turkey noodle, I know what kind of audience I have outside the station, small white-collar workers, women, 18-40. For these orientations, we can make crowd packages to give targeted packaging, which is a phased delivery strategy.


Finally, the detection and analysis of the release data. There are two kinds of detection of release data. If the purchase link is linked, it is a kind of data. The second data is exposure, like, etc., which are two parts. First of all, to buy a link, if you want to hang a tmall link to enter the Taobao alliance; if you want to hang a small store link, you can hang a small store selection alliance. All these data will be clearly displayed in the background, such as transaction, commission, etc. In addition, the data of the exposure are all available on the star map platform. Here we emphasize that the jitter is very strict against Taobao tiktok now. All the people with more than 10000 fans go through the order. Otherwise, the video will have very serious current restriction, because we don’t accept this kind of commercial behavior. This is part of KOL.


We hope to help advertisers build a famous brand of food and drink tiktok. This year we are very confident, after all, there are hot money in, we are looking forward to the next winner.



Students who are interested in sharing PPT in the live broadcast can contact foodplus chief executive Xiaoqi (foodplus007) for free.

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