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The market value of Haitian has evaporated by more than 50 billion yuan. Last year, Wahaha’s revenue was nearly 46.5 billion yuan. It is said that Nongfu Shanquan has frozen capital of more than 600 billion yuan, Mengniu has built a new factory in Wuhan, and it is said that Yum China has terminated its subscription in advance

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Wahaha Group’s revenue last year was 46.441 billion yuan (Zhejiang Daily)

According to Zhejiang Daily today, Zhejiang provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau and Federation of industry and Commerce announced the list of “top 100 private enterprises in Zhejiang Province in 2020”. According to the list, Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd. ranks 22nd with 46.441 billion yuan of business income, and Nongfu Shanquan Co., Ltd. ranks 56th with 24.394 billion yuan. The list takes the operating income of the enterprise in 2019 as the basic standard, and refers to its net assets, tax amount, net profit and other indicators of that year, and the relevant data of the annual report of the enterprise credit information publicity system.

Nongfu Shanquan responded to the over purchase of more than 1100 times and frozen capital of more than 600 billion (Sina Hong Kong stock)

According to Sina Hong Kong stock market report today, Nongfu spring closed its subscription on the 28th. According to market reports, Nongfu spring was oversold by more than 1100 times, with a frozen capital of 642.411 billion, becoming the king of frozen capital in history. The signing rate of one hand was 4.5%, and group B was only divided into four hands (the threshold of group B of Nongfu mountain spring was raised to HK $6.5 million). The person in charge of Nongfu mountain spring replied that he would not comment.

Information disclosure of 6 batches of infant formula milk powder product formula registration approval document (decision letter) (State Drug Administration) today, the official website of the State Drug Administration announced the pending information of 6 batches of infant formula milk powder product formula registration approval document (decision letter), the applicant is Hebei Sanyuan Food Co., Ltd. Details are as follows:

Reshuffle of Ruixing’s board of directors

According to today, Dazheng capital, the largest shareholder of Ruixing, has launched a shareholders’ meeting to re elect Shao Xiaoheng, who was dismissed two months ago, as the sole director. The independent director representing the interests of investors on the board of directors and the management following Lu Zhengyao’s orders form a 4:3 pattern. A shareholder representative disclosed that on whether Shao Xiaoheng will return to the board of directors, the general meeting of shareholders nearly passed the resolution on the spot. The entities originally controlled by Lu Zhengyao (Haode, Primus, summer fame, etc.) have now been taken over by KPMG, the liquidation party, and voted for it.

After the failure of the deal with Mengniu, Qilin group re contacted Asahi and other once negotiated companies (Ming Pao)

According to the Ming Pao news today, after Mengniu Dairy’s earlier purchase of the Australian dairy brand lion dairy & drinks (LDD) failed, Japan’s Kirin Group, which holds LDD, reconnects with the companies it once negotiated, and potential buyers can choose to buy some businesses. Potential buyers include Asahi, Bega cheese Ltd. and Pacific Equity partners, an Australian private equity fund, according to the report. Due to the fact that Kirin is still under consideration, it will not reach a deal with the potential buyer.

It is said that Yum China has terminated its subscription ahead of schedule (Sina Finance and xiaoshidai)

According to sina finance today, it is said that Yum China, which was originally scheduled to close its subscription at noon on September 4, will close its subscription at 5pm in all regions on Thursday. In response to this, yum China today responded to snack food, saying it would not comment.

Total investment of 2 billion yuan Mengniu high end dairy factory project settled in Wuhan (company news)

Yesterday, Mengniu and Wuhan airport economic and Technological Development Zone signed the agreement of Mengniu high-end dairy factory (cheese) fresh milk project, marking the full start of construction of Mengniu Wuhan compound modern dairy factory. The total investment of the factory project is 2 billion yuan, covering three categories: low-temperature yogurt, fresh milk and high-end cheese. The design capacity of low-temperature yogurt factory and cheese factory is the first in Asia. It is estimated that the first phase of the project will be completed and put into operation in the spring of 2021, forming a 10 billion level dairy industry cluster. Besides meeting the market demand of the whole central China region, the factory products will also supply other markets within 1000 km around Wuhan.

Food and beverage stocks dived in the afternoon, and Qianhe flavor industry fell nearly 8% (Financial Association, snack agency)


Food and beverage stocks dived in the afternoon, while Qianhe flavor industry, Zhongju high tech and Haitian flavor industry dived in succession, according to the Financial Association today. By the end of the day, Qianhe flavor industry was down 8.36%, Zhongju hi tech industry was down 8.22%, and Haitian flavor industry was down 6.79%.

Haitian flavor industry’s stock price plummeted in the afternoon and its market value evaporated by more than 50 billion (Sina Finance and Economics)

According to sina finance and economics, in the morning trading today, the share price of Haitian flavor industry broke through 200 yuan, the highest reached 203 yuan, the corresponding market value reached 657.81 billion yuan, the stock price exceeded 200 yuan for the first time, the market value exceeded 650 billion yuan for the first time, and the P / E ratio was more than 100 times. In the afternoon, the selling funds of some consumer stocks increased significantly, and the consumer stocks which had been continuously at a record high in the early stage fell sharply. The soy sauce leader Haitian flavor industry fell by more than 8%. As of the closing, the latest market value was 599.48 billion yuan, more than 50 billion yuan evaporated from the intraday peak.

Bubs raised $28m to expand AFR in China

According to Australian media reports, the country’s milk powder company bubs announced that it had successfully raised a $28 million through the rights issue, and described investors’ enthusiastic reaction and overbooking. The company said some of the proceeds would be used to acquire a stake in Bain Meier’s Beihai plant, while the rest would be used to apply for milk formula registration.

Arla foods had revenue of about 43.6 billion in the first half of the year, driven by household cooking demand (Reuters)

Arla foods, one of the world’s largest dairy companies, said on Thursday that revenue rose 3% in the first half of the year as rising demand for home cooking offset a drop in sales at restaurants and catering service companies, foreign media reported. The company said monthly revenue in the first half of this year was 5.4 billion euros (now 43.68 billion yuan), compared with 5.2 billion euros (now about 42.62 billion yuan) in the same period last year.

Even coffee announced its return to China, all channel retail of coffee entered the Bureau (Beijing News)

Even coffee announced its return today and will officially launch the new product release plan. Even coffee said it would provide products including, but not limited to, capsules, concentrate, freeze dried powder, cold extract, bottled coffee and other products. Secondly, besides WeChat official account and small program, coffee will also appear in Tmall, convenience store and more channels, and the scope of service will extend from north to Guangzhou. After the new business goes online, liancoffee will change from the original wechat single channel + narrow coverage of first tier cities to Omni channel + multi-dimensional product coverage, and upgrade to a coffee retail company in an all-round way.


Shede liquor industry receives supervision letter from Shanghai Stock Exchange (first finance and Economics)

According to the first finance and economics news today, shede liquor received the “regulatory working letter on matters related to the occupation of non operating funds by the company’s controlling shareholders and related parties” by the Shanghai Stock Exchange, requiring the company to verify and disclose the specific situation of the actual controller Zhou Zheng’s participation in the daily operation and management decisions of listed companies, Tuopai group and Tianyang holdings.

Yangyuan beverage takes over red bull anaiji north market, trading limit the next day (snack)


Today, the trading limit of Yangyuan beverage was 28.68 yuan per share, with a total market value of 36.3 billion yuan. Yesterday, Yangyuan beverage announcement said that in the area north of the Yangtze River, the exclusive distribution of Red Bull Annaiji beverage.

White elephant food strategic investment snack brand “single grain” (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton today, the snack brand “single grain” completed tens of millions of yuan in round B financing at the end of August. This round of financing is the exclusive strategic investment of Baixiang food group. Single grain has developed a series of leisure snacks, fast food, drinks and other products. This year, it also launched the instant noodle brand “Tiao mian”. After this round of financing, single grain and Baixiang food group will set up a joint venture to jointly develop new products for instant food. Baixiang will also open its supply chain and channels to single grain.

Condiment brand yaomazi to be listed (IPO known)

According to the IPO news, yaomazi Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “yaomazi”) has signed a listing guidance agreement with CICC a few days ago, and has registered with Sichuan Securities Regulatory Bureau, and plans to list on the gem of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. According to the official website of yaomazi, it has established long-term cooperative relations with KFC, Haidilao, Huangshanghuang and Juewei food, and has provided flavor upgrading services for nearly 120000 food industries and catering chains.

Unilever acquires liquid i.v. (Yahoo Finance)

Unilever announced yesterday that it had reached an agreement to buy liquid i.v., an American electrolyte beverage maker, but did not disclose the amount of the deal. According to reports, liquid i.v. sells products for sleep, energy and water, and claims that its proprietary cell delivery technology can increase water replenishment capacity by two to three times. According to Fabian Garcia, President of Unilever North America, liquid i.v. is an impressive and innovative brand in the fast-growing areas of health, healthcare and personal nutrition.

Good karma, a plant based food company, has been invested by Starbucks Investment Fund (Foodbev)

According to foreign media reports yesterday, good karma, a vegetable based food company, has bought back its majority stake from Dean foods, one of the largest dairy producers in the United States, and has obtained a new investment from valor siren ventures, a fund in which Starbucks participates. In 2018, Dean foods became a major shareholder of good karma through multiple investments, but Dean foods filed for bankruptcy protection last year.

Budweiser’s high end premix brand Mike’s max officially enters China (company news)

Today, Budweiser announced that Mike’s max, the group’s high-end premix brand, had officially entered the Chinese market, and announced two new products, hi Lin cocktail and naked bubble. Mike’s Max is an American premix brand, and its products sell well in the United States and Canada.


Angel functional yeast extract enhances beverage flavor (company news)

According to Angel yeast extract news yesterday, angel functional yeast extract (Ye) has made important technological breakthroughs in recent years. Through the research of beverage application technology, it has obvious effects on improving the flavor of beverage and reducing blood sugar. reduce


Heineken Dutch beer brewed with green energy (Foodbev)

According to foreign media reports yesterday, Heineken announced that all Heineken beer sold in the Dutch market since last month will be brewed with 100% green energy, which marks another step forward for Heineken Holland to realize the goal of full cycle by 2030, and the Brewery will fully realize the moderate and moderate climate.

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In 2019, the growth rate of packaged food will drop to 1.9%, and the growth rate of beverage will increase to 2.9% (Kaidu and Bain)

According to Kaidu’s news today, the 2020 Chinese shopper report jointly released by Kaidu consumer index and Bain company shows that beverage categories will grow by 2.9% in 2019, up from 1.6% in 2018. The acceleration of growth is attributed to the sales growth of large packaging products and product innovation. In addition, the growth rate of packaged food dropped to 1.9% from 4.5% in the previous year, mainly due to the decline in the average price growth rate. The fastest growing categories are still instant noodles and infant formula milk powder. Among them, the 6% increase in instant noodles category is partly due to the prevalence of large packaging, which can meet the ultimate pursuit of convenience of consumers; infant formula milk powder remains strong, but the decline of birth rate will inevitably lead to the decline of categories.

From January to July, China’s catering income was 1.8 trillion yuan, down 29.6% (Xinhuanet)

On September 2, China Hotel Association and Xinhuanet jointly released the 2020 annual report of China’s catering industry in Beijing, Xinhua reported. According to the report, China’s catering revenue will reach 4.7 trillion yuan in 2019, a year-on-year increase of 9.4%. In 2020 1-7, novel coronavirus pneumonia affected the country’s Restaurant income by 1 trillion and 800 billion, down 29.6%. Although the catering industry will be hit by the epidemic situation in 2020, the trend of stable development of China’s catering industry will remain unchanged.

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