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The price of Nongfu mountain spring rose more than 100%. Yibao said that it would continue to make efforts in new product research and development. Yum! China raised a maximum of HK $19.9 billion in Hong Kong. Yili plans to promote a long-term service plan, and Coca Cola’s first gathering music department in China

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Nongfu spring will be listed tomorrow with a 12% signature rate (Hong Kong Economic Daily)


Nongfu Shanquan (new listing No.: 09633. HK) will land in Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. The result of allotment will be announced today. A total of 707500 people have subscribed, with a frozen capital of 677.7 billion yuan (the same below). The oversubscription is 1147.3 times, becoming the largest frozen capital king in history. The offering price of Nongfu mountain spring is 21.5 yuan, which is based on the upper limit of the bidding price. Nongfu spring sold more than 388 million shares and raised up to 8.3 billion yuan. Nongfu mountain spring has 200 shares, and the admission fee is about 4343 yuan. Nongfu Shanquan had a 12% signing rate in one hand, and only 150 hands could get one hand; 215500 people only subscribed for one hand, among which only about 25900 people got distribution; 298 people commonly known as head hammer subscription.


Nongfu Shanquan Hong Kong shares soared more than 100% (Zhitong finance and Economics)


According to Zhitong finance and economics news today, Nongfu Shanquan Hong Kong shares soared by more than 100% to HK $45, and the bid price was HK $21.5.


Yum! China’s second listing in Hong Kong raised nearly HK $19.9 billion (company announcement)


According to a recent announcement by Yum China, the final price per share of the company’s international offering and listing in Hong Kong is HK $412, which is expected to be listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on September 10. Yum China said it would raise up to HK $19.857 billion (now about 17.5 billion yuan) if the over allotment option was fully exercised.


Citigroup: grant China flying crane a target price of HK $22.1 to maintain “buy” rating (Zhitong finance and Economics)


According to Zhitong finance and economics news today, Citigroup published a research report that China flying crane plans to purchase the original ecological animal husbandry at HK $0.63 per share, which will enable flying crane to obtain high-quality domestic fresh milk resources in advance and minimize the potential risk of shortage of fresh milk supply. Therefore, it will maintain its “buy” rating with a target price of HK $22.1.


The original ecological animal husbandry business resumed trading, closing down 1.61% (snacks)


After yesterday’s announcement that it intends to spend HK $3 billion on the acquisition of the original ecological animal husbandry, the latter resumed trading at 9 am this morning. As of today’s closing, the original ecological animal husbandry shares fell 1.61% to HK $0.61.

China Resources Yibao will continue to focus on new product research and development (company news)

Today, China Resources Yibao dealers conference was held in Huizhou. The company said that the new crown epidemic has brought varying degrees of impact on the industry, but all employees of China Resources Yibao as well as the dealers’ partners went against the trend. Looking forward to the future, China Resources Yibao will continue to focus on sales management, marketing, new product research and development, and operation support.


Hubei Taigu Coca Cola will invest 100 million yuan to expand the automation production line next year (Changjiang Daily)


Hu Qianming, the general manager of Hubei Taigu Coca Cola Beverage Co., Ltd., said in talking about automatic production that he would increase investment in production lines next year, with an estimated 100 million yuan to purchase advanced equipment, according to Changjiang Daily.


Guangzhou Nansha Danone cross border e-commerce milk powder import project worth about 1.82 billion yuan in the first seven months (Nanfang Daily)


According to the General Administration of Customs recently quoted Nanfang Daily, in the first seven months of this year, Nansha cross-border e-commerce bonded imports of 10.97 billion yuan, a sharp increase of 49.8% year-on-year. Among them, the value of Danone Group’s cross-border e-commerce milk powder import project from January to July was about 1.82 billion yuan.


Is Zong Qinghou the platform of MLM company? Wahaha responded that it had no connection with the company (Science and technology daily)


According to the recent news of science and technology daily, some media reports said that Zong Qinghou, chairman of Wahaha Group, was suspected to be the platform of Henan Weida sharing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Weida company”) suspected of pyramid selling, and cooperated with him to promote a drink named “Jinhua secret treasure”. In addition, Weida also announced that it would be acquired and listed and sold its original shares to its members. The company is not affiliated with weiha group. At present, Wahaha has terminated Saizhi’s trademark authorization in accordance with the contract and investigated the relevant legal liabilities.


Haidilao plans to acquire “Hanshe Chinese food” and “Hao nodles” catering business (company announcement)


Recently, Haidilao announced that on September 4, 2020, its wholly-owned subsidiary Sichuan Xinpai had agreed to purchase 80% of Shanghai Shuhai’s equity at a cost of 120 million yuan. Shanghai Shuhai is a new holding company that will undertake all catering business and operating assets of Hanshe Chinese food brand after the reorganization of Hanshe. On the date of the announcement, Hanshe Chinese food brand has nine Chinese restaurants in Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou. Accordingly, Chen long and Zhu Rong agreed to sell 80% of the issued and outstanding common shares of HN & T holdings to Haidilao Singapore for a total consideration of US $3.04 million.


China land dairy and Yili sign fresh milk purchase and sale framework agreement (financial sector)


According to the recent announcement of China earth dairy industry, the company and Yili shares have entered into a framework agreement on the purchase and sale of fresh milk to Yili, from the date of deliberation and approval by independent shareholders at the special meeting of shareholders to December 31, 2022. The annual cap of 2020, 2021 and 2022 is RMB 573 million, RMB 2.140 billion and RMB 2.440 billion.


Yili plans to promote long term service plan (company announcement)


Recently, Yili released the long-term service plan (Draft). According to the announcement, in order to strengthen the long-term binding of the interests of the company and employees, Yili long-term service plan holders apply for ownership when they meet the statutory retirement standards or the company’s internal conditions for resignation. After the approval of the management committee and the payment of relevant taxes and fees, Yili long service plan holders can finally obtain the ownership of the plan interests, including the distribution of shares and the distribution of cash. Yili announced that the participants of the program cover middle and senior managers, business and technical backbones, as well as other core talents who play an important role in Yili’s overall performance and long-term development.


Bain Mae’s termination of repurchase of company’s shares (Securities Times)


Beingmei announced on the evening of September 4 that in view of the company’s planning of non-public issuance of shares, in order to smoothly carry out the non-public offering of shares, the company terminated the implementation of the share repurchase scheme. According to the repurchase plan, the company plans to buy back shares of RMB 250 million to RMB 500 million. Up to now, the company has repurchased 8.2863 million shares in the form of centralized bidding, accounting for 0.81% of the total share capital of the company, and the total payment amount is 46.06200 yuan.


First meeting of Shanghai Hairong Food Technology Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen Stock Exchange)

According to the official website of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Shanghai Hairong Food Technology Co., Ltd. held its first meeting on September 4. According to the company’s previous pre disclosure documents, Shanghai Hairong mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of bakery raw materials such as vegetable butter, chocolate and jam, among which the main products are vegetable butter series products.


Sichuan Tianzhao pig industry plans to list in Hong Kong with a revenue of 351.9 million in the first April of this year (HKEx)


On September 2, Sichuan Tianzhao pig Co., Ltd. announced the pre disclosure documents of listing on the official website of the Hong Kong stock exchange. According to the data from the insightful consulting report quoted in the document, in 2019, 2018 and 2017, the company ranked first, fourth and second among all pig breeding companies in China in terms of sales revenue of breeding pigs. In fiscal year 2017, fiscal year 2018, fiscal year 2019 and the first four months of 2020, the Group recorded revenue of RMB 474.5 million (RMB, the same below), RMB 448.9 million, RMB 784.1 million and RMB 351.9 million respectively.


Coca Cola’s first gathering department in Zhengzhou (Henan Daily)


Yesterday, Coca Cola’s first gathering department in China settled in Zhengzhou Silver Animal Kingdom, with functions such as flash shops, museums and restaurants, aiming to “create a unique immersive scene and provide consumers with interactive experience”.

Starbucks China’s second sign language store in Beijing (Tencent News)


On September 4, Starbucks opened its second sign language store in China and the first sign language store in Beijing. According to reports, at present, there are seven hearing-impaired partners in Starbucks Beijing West Tieying sign language store, most of whom are post-90s generation. At present, Starbucks has more than 120 hearing-impaired partners in China. In addition to two sign language stores, they also serve customers in more stores every day.

Boqi pet achieves strategic cooperation with China Animal Husbandry Group (Financial graffiti)


The largest pet ecological platform in China, “Boqi pet”, announced on September 5 that it had reached a strategic cooperation with China animal husbandry group. The two sides will jointly explore and train the market in the pet industry. The two sides will focus on deepening the cooperation theme of pet services and establish cooperation in pet food, medical care, e-commerce, channel construction, capital operation, etc.

China’s top 100 agricultural products processing enterprises list released in 2019, COFCO ranked first (Information Office of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas)


Recently, the China Agricultural Industrialization Leading Enterprise Association, together with farmers’ daily and southern rural newspaper, released the list of top 100 agricultural products processing enterprises in China in 2019. According to the list, the top five enterprises are COFCO Group Co., Ltd., Heilongjiang Beidahuang agricultural reclamation Group Corporation, Beijing shounong Food Group Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd. and Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy (Group) Co., Ltd.

Mengniu and Haoshi, a pastry and leisure food business, reach strategic cooperation


Recently, Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy (Group) Co., Ltd. and Haoshi (Fujian) Food Co., Ltd. formally reached a strategic cooperation. The signing ceremony was held at the headquarters of Mengniu in Hohhot. The signing of the contract marks the stage of deep integration of upstream and downstream industrial chains of short-term protection baking industry. It is understood that Haus food is a pastry and leisure food manufacturer, producing many classic products such as Lactobacillus pouch, small bread and Breakfast toast.


Departure of executive vice president of Danone EDP International (company news)


Francesco Camacho, the international executive vice president of its basic dairy and plant based products (EDP) business and a member of the company’s Executive Committee, left Danone on September 3 to “open up new horizons,” according to Danone. EDP international leadership team will report to Mr. Fan Yimou, chairman and CEO of Danone. At the same time, the company will review organizational options in an epidemic situation.


JDE Peet’s appoints new CEO (company news)


Recently, JDE Peet’s, a global coffee and tea giant, announced the appointment of Fabien Simon as CEO with effect from September 7, 2020. Previously, he served as chief financial officer of JDE (Jacobs Douwe egberts), leading the company in the implementation of M & a strategy and multiple large-scale integration.


Yizi strengthens regulations on palm oil suppliers (Wall Street Journal)


According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, Yizi International said it had strengthened its purchasing requirements for palm oil. The company said suppliers had to prove that raw materials could be traced back to farms and set up satellite monitoring at large farms that produce palm oil. Yizi expects 80% of its palm oil purchases to meet the new requirements by the first quarter of next year. Palm oil is an ingredient used in a variety of foods and has been associated with tropical deforestation for many years.


Kingsoft’s fourth quarter net sales beat expectations (Reuters)


Net sales of Campbell soup in the fourth quarter ended Aug. 2 were more than expected at $2.11 billion, compared with $1.78 billion in the same period last year, Reuters reported recently. The report said that since the beginning of the epidemic, the packaging food industry has seen an unprecedented demand wave. Campbell soup, for example, has been struggling with growth for years, but its U.S. soup sales rose 52% in the fourth quarter.


Costa streamlines UK stores


Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been cut down in the UK’s stores structure, with no more than 1650 people laid off, according to the recent Wall Street journal daily report, which was quoted by China Daily on. COSTA said last week that the Chinese company will streamline its store structure in the UK. It is reported that Costa has more than 2700 coffee shops in the UK and Ireland. The company currently has 16000 employees in its wholly-owned stores in the UK and 10500 employees in 1100 franchised stores.


McDonald’s accuses Burger King of Australia


McDonald’s filed a trademark infringement notice in Australia after Burger King’s local department created a similar product called big jack, local newspapers reported on Thursday. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, McDonald’s filed a complaint in federal court on August 28 that Hungry Jack’s released a double-layer hamburger similar in structure and appearance to a “Big Mac” in July.


Care / of (hualizhi), a start-up company of customized personal nutrition products held by Bayer in Germany


Bayer AG (Bayer), a German Pharmaceutical Group, said it would acquire care / of, a US start-up of personal nutrition products customization, to expand its business in the field of nutrition products. The specific terms of the deal have not yet been announced, according to a recent report by luxury. Bayer Group will acquire 70% of care / of, which is valued at $225 million, according to people familiar with the matter. In addition, under the agreement, Bayer Group can choose whether to further acquire the remaining shares in 2022.

Danone newdihia and China Women’s development foundation jointly donate 50 families with poor PKU patients (company news)


Recently, the cloud classroom of “Rainbow care program” of Danone newdihia officially opened, becoming the first online education project of professional psychological counseling and diet management for PKU patients aged 0-3, 3-12, puberty and pregnancy. In addition, the New Zealand women’s foundation will join hands with the PKU foundation for the development of poor families in China. According to reports, children with phenylketonuria (PKU) are born with a lack of certain enzymes and cannot eat foods containing natural proteins.

Quick reading of food industry information



Director of state grain and material reserve bureau: 1.4 billion Chinese have their jobs firmly in their hands (China News Agency)


“The rice bowl of 1.4 billion Chinese people is firmly held in their own hands.” Zhang Wufeng, director of China’s state grain and material reserve bureau, said at the 2020 China International Trade in services trade fair that China’s food security has withstood the great test and test of the epidemic situation. He said that in recent years, China’s grain production, reserve and circulation capacity have been improved in an all-round way. The total grain output of China has been stable at more than 1.3 trillion Jin for five consecutive years. The per capita grain share is far higher than the international food security standard line, and the inventory consumption ratio is far higher than the warning line proposed by the food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Rice and wheat stocks can meet the consumption needs of Chinese residents for more than one year.


“Consumer stocks” short report leads to heated discussion, securities dealers say short mechanism is expected to gradually mature (Sina Finance and Economics)


According to Sina Finance yesterday’s comprehensive news, recently, a short report about “consumer stocks” has attracted heated discussion in the market. Last week, the market performance of the consumer sector, especially the leading Baima group, has attracted much attention. In the view of securities dealers, with the gradual increase of short reports, the short mechanism of capital market is expected to gradually mature, and the overall investment research system of the industry will gradually become independent and complete. Investment research analysts will issue research reports based on value judgment rather than bound by the company’s Commission sub warehouse interest mechanism.


Ministry of Commerce expects consumption growth to hit a new high in September (Xinbao)


Wang Bin, deputy director of the Consumption Promotion Department of the Ministry of Commerce of China, said that China’s consumption potential will continue to release, consumption upgrading will continue to advance, and the overall consumption market will continue to rise steadily. It is expected that a new upsurge in consumption growth will be set off in September. It also pointed out that the recovery of catering and accommodation industries in July was slower than expected, some durable consumer goods decreased by a large margin, and some areas were affected by the epidemic situation, and the consumption potential needs to be further released. China is scheduled to hold the 2020 national consumption promotion month from September 9 to October 8.

The market scale of instant noodles has reached 99 billion yuan (Beijing business daily)


On September 3, the press conference of the 20th China convenient food conference was held in Beijing. According to Nielsen data, in the first half of the year, the overall sales volume of instant noodle industry increased by 5.6% year-on-year, and the sales volume increased by 11.5% year-on-year. The overall rise of the instant noodle industry has ushered in a larger and broader market development for the market. According to the data, up to now, China’s instant noodle market has reached 99 billion yuan.


Live cattle export suspended in New Zealand


New Zealand has suspended the export of live cattle after a cargo ship carrying nearly 6000 cattle from New Zealand sank off the coast of Japan on Wednesday, reported. More than 40 crew members of Gulf livestock 1 are in fear of being killed and only one survivor has been reported so far.

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