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Mengniu put on more low-temperature yoghurt layout, and held a “world yogurt Award”

Mengniu, which has been taking low-temperature yogurt as one of the focuses, hopes to expand its market share by popularizing probiotic nutrition and promoting yogurt culture.

Recently, the first Mengniu yogurt carnival was held in Shanghai Century Park, and the company’s “low temperature live bacteria yogurt” products were also on the scene. It is understood that the event set up a “world yogurt appreciation” link, so that consumers can simultaneously taste five kinds of yogurt from China, France, Japan, Greece and Russia.

In order to promote and popularize Yoghurt Culture, Mengniu has also built a yogurt exploration hall and live yoghurt classroom in the form of “technology + content”. Through interactive projection wall technology and interesting “yoghurt Chronicle”, consumers can experience and understand the cultural origin and development of yogurt.

“Low temperature live bacteria yoghurt not only retains the rich protein and milk calcium in milk, but also contains rich live bacteria, maintains the balance of intestinal flora, takes care of intestinal health, and has outstanding nutritional value.” Mengniu said.

In fact, the company held its first yogurt culture festival in April this year. Behind the frequent launch of consumer oriented activities around low-temperature yogurt is Mengniu’s greater “ambition” for this category.

On the one hand, Mengniu’s low-temperature yogurt has been its dominant plate for many years.

According to the performance data disclosed by Mengniu last month, although the epidemic situation at the beginning of the year had a certain impact on the whole low-temperature and short-term protection products, Mengniu’s low-temperature yogurt still occupied the forefront of the industry, in which Youyi c-37 increased by 80%, and Guanyi milk’s “little blue hat” increased by more than 50%.

According to the data provided by Mengniu, up to now, the company’s low-temperature products cover 1200 cities above the county level, “selling about 8 billion cups of fresh yoghurt every year, bringing health and nutrition to 670 million people, and maintaining the first place in the low-temperature dairy industry for 16 consecutive years”.

On the other hand, Mengniu has also listed low-temperature yoghurt as one of the strategic categories of key development in terms of overall production capacity layout.

It is worth noting that Mengniu Group recently signed an agreement on Mengniu high-end dairy factory (cheese) fresh milk project with Wuhan airport economic and Technological Development Zone (Dongxihu District), and the two sides plan to jointly build a liquid milk compound factory. According to the agreement, the project with a total investment of 2 billion yuan will cover three categories of low-temperature yoghurt, fresh milk and high-end cheese, among which “the design capacity of low-temperature yogurt and cheese factory ranks first in Asia”.

In addition, according to local media reports in Wuhan, the Mengniu low-temperature yogurt cooperation project that has been started before is also smoothly promoted. “The steel structure of the plant has been basically completed, and it is expected to be put into trial production in September. After completion, it will become the most advanced intelligent production base of low-temperature yogurt in China.”.

According to the introduction of snack generation, in the previous mid-term performance teleconference, the top management of Mengniu said that Mengniu’s low-temperature yoghurt had recovered from a slight decline during the epidemic period, and had achieved a sustained growth trend in recent months, because the company seized the opportunity of rapid growth of low-temperature products in the home platform and fresh e-commerce channels during the epidemic period. It also stressed that the company is still very confident in the future development trend of low-temperature yogurt, and will continue to make efforts to strengthen and guide consumers to understand the functional value of low-temperature yogurt.

Mengniu also said that in the future, it will further respond to the national initiative of “intake of 300g milk and dairy products every day”, deepen the guidance of reasonable diet, and “create health products more suitable for intestinal nutrition of Chinese people”.

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