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This is a package of “responsible” happy potato chips!

On September 8, PepsiCo’s Greater China region (hereinafter referred to as “PepsiCo”) joined hands with Wumart group and multi-point platform to officially launch the public welfare activity of “Wumart supporting agriculture and more fun” in Wumei Caoqiao double innovation center, the first poverty alleviation supermarket in Beijing. China foundation for poverty alleviation will carry out fund management and implementation of the project. This public welfare activity is also a part of the “2020 National Consumption Promotion Month” of the Ministry of Commerce.

Zheng Wenkai, chairman of China Poverty Alleviation foundation, Zhang Wenzhong, founder and chairman of Wumart group, Xie Changan, senior vice president and general manager of food business in Greater China region of PepsiCo company, and relevant leaders and leaders of Fengtai District government opened the launching ceremony.

“Wumart helping agriculture, more fun” is the first public welfare activity jointly launched by PepsiCo, Wumart group, multipoint platform and China Poverty Alleviation foundation to help the government fight against poverty and poverty. It is also a part of Wumart · multipoint Consumption Promotion Month “.

“Consumption Promotion Month” is a national activity held by the Ministry of Commerce in order to thoroughly implement the CPC Central Committee’s strategy of expanding domestic demand, do a good job in “six stability” work, implement the “six guarantees” task, and take advantage of the traditional consumption opportunity of “gold, silver and ten”. In the “Consumption Promotion Month”, the “poverty alleviation and consumption of agricultural products” is one of the key contents.


From September 8 to 30, PepsiCo will donate 0.1 yuan to the public welfare fund, with a total donation of no less than 1 million yuan, if consumers purchase a bag of PepsiCo’s Lexi brand potato chips in more than 500 Wumart stores and multi-point online platforms across the country.

The fund will be managed and implemented through the China Poverty Alleviation foundation. It will be used to support about 1000 poor farmers in Dongxiang Autonomous County of Linxia Prefecture, Gansu Province, to purchase virus-free seed potatoes, plastic film, zinc fertilizer and other production materials to help them grow “zinc rich potatoes” with local characteristics.

In the harvest season, Wumart will purchase potatoes planted by poor farmers according to market prices, enrich Beijing citizens’ dining tables, realize industrial poverty alleviation, and create a “from farmland to dining table” mode of supporting agriculture.


Located in the arid and semi-arid areas of central Gansu Province, Dongxiang Autonomous County of Linxia Prefecture is the only ethnic minority autonomous county with Dongxiang Nationality as the main body in China, and also one of the national poverty-stricken counties that has not been removed by the end of 2019. The county is famous for its poor geographical and climatic environment and lack of natural resources. Potatoes are the staple food and one of the main sources of income for local farmers.

The public welfare project “Wumei helps farmers, and more Leshi” will help Linxia Dongxiang Autonomous County to overcome poverty. With the brand advantage of Pepsi’s potato chips and the resource advantages of Wumart’s stores, storage and logistics network, it will form a comprehensive and three-dimensional support mode of “Leshi funding and Wumart procurement”, which will contribute to China’s overall success in poverty alleviation.


Zheng Wenkai, chairman of the China Poverty Alleviation foundation, said: “this cooperation mode not only gives full play to the brand advantages of PepsiCo, but also relies on the digital platform of Wumart group. It is an innovation of enterprises’ participation in poverty alleviation mode and has a demonstration and leading role. China foundation for poverty alleviation will give full play to its own advantages and project implementation experience, and cooperate sincerely with relevant parties to implement the project well. We are looking forward to joining hands with more caring enterprises and people to continuously inject new impetus into the cause of poverty alleviation with Chinese characteristics. “


Zhang Wenzhong, founder of Wumart group and chairman of multipoint dmall, said: “Wumart and multipoint have been actively cooperating with suppliers and brand merchants in poor areas to deliver agricultural products to the table of Beijing people in the form of direct delivery from production areas, so as to help people in poor areas live a better life in the early days. The two sides have created a new mode of comprehensive digitalization, online and offline integration for poverty alleviation, promoting sales volume, stabilizing prices, expanding markets and establishing brands. Wumart group and shounong group cooperated in the first mass entrepreneurship and innovation poverty alleviation supermarket in China, which adopted a large number of digital technologies, including multi-point digital operating system and multi-point self-service shopping, to accurately analyze and meet the needs of consumers through big data. “


Xie Chang’an, senior vice president and general manager of PepsiCo’s food business in Greater China, said: “we are very pleased to work with Wumart group, multi-point platform and China Poverty Alleviation foundation to create poverty alleviation projects with such characteristics to promote the circulation of domestic demand and stimulate the extensive participation of consumers and society. We sincerely hope that “targeted poverty alleviation, starting with a pack of happy potato chips”, will fulfill our long-term commitment of “rooting in China, serving China, and joining hands with China” through practical actions


As one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies, PepsiCo purchases more than 1 billion tons of agricultural products, including potatoes, oats and oranges, and provides more than 100000 jobs in the global agricultural supply chain. In the past 10 years, more than 10000 Chinese farmers have benefited from Pepsi’s agricultural projects.

PepsiCo has many brands which are well known and loved by Chinese consumers, such as Lotte, Pepsi Cola, 7hi and Quaker. As a leading brand of potato chips, Leshi has been focusing on the diet preference and taste demand of local consumers in China, and is committed to launching more localized and innovative taste products loved by consumers. Therefore, Le Shi brand has been rated as one of “Chinese consumers’ favorite leisure food” for many years.


As the first multinational enterprise to enter China, PepsiCo has been operating in China for nearly 40 years. Over the years, PepsiCo Greater China has actively carried out and supported a series of social public welfare projects, including “mother’s cellar”, “Pepsi nutrition action”, “mother’s parcel”, “mother made” and public education. So far, PepsiCo foundation, PepsiCo Greater China region and its employees have contributed more than 176 million yuan to China’s public welfare undertakings.

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