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Vitasoy is the first to launch a new product of double plant protein and bet on a new outlet of market segmentation

When the trend of plant-based diet is accepted by more and more people in China, where is the next wave of opportunities for vegetable milk? In this regard, Vita milk gives the answer is the diversity of taste and nutrition.

Today, Vitasoy announced the new and upgraded Vitasoy healthy addition plant milk series. Zhong Tingyi, CEO of Vitasoy milk Co., Ltd., also announced the official launch of two new dual plant protein drinks – “almond + xiaweiyi fruit” and “oats + quinoa”.

Zhong Tingyi, CEO of Vitasoy milk Co., Ltd

This also means that Vitasoy milk products have been expanded from soy milk to more diversified vegetable protein drinks. As a high-end product series of Vitasoy, healthy addition has become the focus of its development in recent years.

Targeting market segments

Huang Lisheng, chief marketing officer of Vitasoy group in China, introduced at the meeting today that the new upgrade of healthy additive series and the launch of two new double plant protein drinks are based on the company’s three insights into the innovation trend of vegetable protein drinks.

First of all, in addition to the most familiar and accepted soybean protein, Chinese and even global consumers have begun to pursue more kinds of plant protein in recent years, which also promotes the extension of plant protein types. Secondly, in addition to the nutrients provided by plant protein drinks, more consumers hope to meet the demand for more other nutrients, and the trend of functionality is becoming more obvious.

Huang Lisheng, chief marketing officer of Vitasoy group in China

In addition, under the trend of consumption upgrading, vegetable protein drinks also show a trend of high-end. “High end products have accounted for about 40% Huang also said Vitasoy hopes to promote the upgrading of the plant beverage industry by taking the lead in launching compound plant protein beverage products.

It is understood that the above two kinds of healthy additive double plant protein drinks have been overspread in e-commerce and some offline stores since July. The company said that the current market performance was quite ideal.

Zhong Tingyi also said in his previous communication with snack food agents that although Vitasoy milk also has oat milk products in markets such as Australia and the United States, it has not directly introduced oat milk into the mainland market of China, but has launched a compound plant protein beverage. This is also combined with the company’s research and investigation of local consumers, hoping to be more advanced in the taste and concept of the products.

Plant based beverage explosion

At the event site today, Jiang Lianzhou, academician of the International Academy of Food Sciences (IAFoST), professor and doctoral supervisor of Northeast Agricultural University, pointed out that in 2019, China’s plant protein beverage output has increased from 8.276 billion liters in 2018 to about 8.784 billion liters in 2019, and the compound annual growth rate of plant protein beverage production in the past five years has exceeded 9%.

However, some data show that in 2018, Americans spent 12.52 times as much as China on plant protein drinks, so the per capita consumption of plant protein drinks in China still has a large room for improvement. At the same time, the domestic plant protein beverage is still in the early stage of development, the category and taste are relatively single, and there is no large-scale high-end product of plant protein in the market.

Jiang Lianzhou also believes that the diversity of plant raw materials and compound products will become one of the future development trends of plant-based drinks.

In fact, in order to catch the full outbreak of plant-based consumption upsurge this year, Vitasoy has also increased the efforts to promote and popularize the knowledge of plant protein in an all-round way. Xiaoshidai learned that the company is assisting domestic authoritative professional institutions to write white paper on soybean milk and nutrition and health, which is also the first scientific and authoritative white paper on soybean milk nutrition in China.

During the national nutrition Week held in May this year, Vitasoy, together with domestic nutrition authorities and well-known experts in the field of nutrition, organized seven live classes around the major theme of “plant protein and immunity”, to help enhance the national awareness of soybean and plant protein nutrition.

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