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You are hungry and meituan’s response is that the CEO of Budweiser will leave the company. Yili plans to invest 3 billion yuan to build a new project. Beyond meat will build a factory in China. Chuanxi tea and Naixue are looking for listing in Hong Kong next year

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Delivery time for riders? Hungry? Meituan’s response will be improved (Xinhua)


According to today, an article about “taking out platform shortens the delivery time of riders, causing them to work hard and violate traffic regulations”, which has aroused widespread public query on the rules of outbound sales platform recently. On the 9th, hungry Mo said that it would release a new function of “waiting 5 minutes or 10 minutes more” as soon as possible to encourage consumers to give riders more time. At the same time, reward mechanism and individual order overtime exemption will be provided for some excellent riders.


Meituan, on the other hand, said it would immediately optimize the dispatching system to allow eight minutes of flexible time for riders to slow down a little at the intersection. In bad weather, the system will extend the delivery time of riders and even stop receiving orders. In addition, meituan will upgrade the rider appeal function, which will not affect the rider assessment and income after verification for overtime and complaints under special circumstances.

Are you hungry? Make an announcement in the morning and wait 5 minutes for the new function to arouse hot discussion (surging News)

In response to the newly released function of waiting for five minutes more, most of the takeout workers said that they supported the new function. Some people said that they would sometimes have to deduct half of the money if they exceeded the time limit. “You can choose one from two: deducting money or running a red light. You have to run the red light.”. Some consumers think that giving customers an “understanding button” is not as good as reserving a period of time for riders on the platform; others believe that it is contradictory to ask for fast delivery of meals and complying with traffic rules, and they are willing to make concessions. It is emphasized that this new function is up to the customers to choose whether they are willing to wait or not. The main consideration is to give those users who are not in a hurry.

Are you hungry? Propose to “wait five more minutes”, Shanghai Municipal Commission of consumer protection: logic error (Reference)

This afternoon, in response to the article published in the morning of the WeChat official account, “the hungry”, Tang Jun Sheng, Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee, said: “the statement of hunger is actually logically problematic. It said that the relationship between takeaway riders and enterprises, and these rules related to takeaway riders are also determined by enterprises, that is, the platform. Consumers place orders on the platform, and business behavior is also generated for the platform. “Therefore, in this case, it is obviously against the basic logic for you to take away the fault of the rider, his violation of the rules, his bumping into people, and his wearing the red light, so that the consumers can bear it.”


Zhongfu, chairman of Nongfu Shanquan: listing is just a new start and will continue to work hard (RTHK)


According to RTHK’s website on the morning of August 8, at the virtual listing ceremony of Nongfu mountain spring, the founder and chairman of the board of directors, Zhong fan, expressed his gratitude to China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx) for their support and help in the listing process of the company. He also said that the listing was just a new beginning and would continue to work hard to give back to investors and consumers. About 1147 times of oversubscription was recorded in the public offering part of Nongfu spring, with a frozen capital of more than HK $677 billion; 200 shares were subscribed, and the winning ratio was 12%.


Yili Group dairy industry cluster base settled in Zhumadian (Zhumadian website)


On September 6, the 23rd China agricultural products processing industry investment and Trade Fair was held in Zhumadian, Henan Province. Liu Gang, vice president of Yili Group, attended the signing ceremony. The signing of the project marked that Yili Group planned to invest 3 billion yuan to build a world-class high-end dairy industry cluster base. The project was officially launched in Zhumadian. It is reported that Yili Group will set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Zhumadian, namely Zhumadian Yili Dairy Co., Ltd.


Budweiser reported to change helmsman Bo ruituo will leave (


According to yesterday, the Financial Times quoted a source as saying that Budweiser had started the process of replacing Carlos Brito, its chief executive. Brexito has been leading Budweiser for 16 years and is reported to be leaving. The board has appointed Spencer Stuart, a headhunting firm, to assist in the search for a successor. Budweiser declined to comment on the news.


Starbucks adds more plant products to Asian menu (Zhitong Finance)


Starbucks announced that it will increase the menu of plant-based foods and beverages in Asia from September, including imperceptible foods, oatly and beyond meat products, according to relevant media reports quoted by Zhitong Finance yesterday.


Beyond meat announces plant in China (company news)


Yesterday, beyond meat, a US plant meat company, announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, biexiang (Jiaxing) Food Co., Ltd. has reached an agreement with Jiaxing Economic and Technological Development Zone to design and develop production facilities, including a production facility with advanced technology, to adopt “beyond” in China “Meat” brand produces plant meat products such as plant beef, vegetable pork and plant chicken. It is reported that the project is currently in progress, and it is expected to start trial production in a few months and put into full production in early 2021.


Costa coffee: for Qingdao market, we will continue to pay attention to new store opening opportunities (Sina Finance and economics comprehensive)


According to sina finance and economics yesterday, Costa coffee said in an interview that while optimizing some stores, Costa did not slow down the pace of developing retail stores in China, including the Qingdao market. Costa will continue to pay attention to new store opening opportunities.


Lian coffee: all stores have been closed and there is no plan to open again for the time being (company news)


Yesterday, even coffee was issued in official WeChat official account. The store had been completely closed, and there was no intention of opening it again. Even coffee said that the future will be pre packaged products even coffee, WeChat official account and Tmall flagship store are the main shelves, and other business channels will also be landing. Previously, even coffee had announced plans to restart.


Chuanxi tea and Naixue’s tea seeking to be listed in Hong Kong stock market next year (Beijing News)


According to the Beijing News yesterday, it was reported that Chinese milk tea chain companies Xicha and Naixue’s tea are seeking to list on Hong Kong shares in 2021, raising HK $400 million to HK $500 million respectively. In this regard, the tea related person in charge of Naixue denied, “about the listing rumors, Naixue has no relevant plan at present.” It is understood that Xicha has obtained two rounds of financing, and as of the time of publication, the relevant person in charge of Xicha has not replied.

After the completion of a new round of financing, the valuation of Jiang Xiaobai may exceed 13 billion (36 krypton)


According to 36 krypton yesterday, many information sources confirmed that jiangxiaobai, a brand of new fast consumer wine and beverage, is about to complete the latest round of financing, led by Huaxing new economic fund, followed by zhengxingu capital, Baillie Gifford, CMB international and other institutions. After investment, the valuation may exceed 13 billion yuan. In response, Jiang Xiaobai official response: “no comment.”.


Inquiry on listing of LEGO food (Shenzhen Stock Exchange)


According to the official website of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the listing progress of LIGO Food Co., Ltd. was updated to the “inquired” stage on September 7. According to the draft of the prospectus, the company is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of baked food raw materials and frozen baked food. The main products include butter, fruit products, sauce, chocolate and other baking raw materials and frozen baking semi-finished products and finished products. In addition, it also produces some leisure food. In 2017-2019, the operating revenue was 956 million yuan, 1.313 billion yuan and 1.584 billion yuan respectively, and the net profit was 43.9873 million yuan, 52.3086 million yuan and 181 million yuan respectively.


China Securities Regulatory Commission approves IPO registration of Panda Dairy gem (China economic network)


Today, the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) announced that recently, according to legal procedures, the CSRC approved the following enterprises to register for initial public offering of shares on the gem: Hangzhou Shanke Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and Panda Dairy Group Co., Ltd. The above-mentioned enterprises and their Underwriters will negotiate with the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to determine the issuance schedule and publish the offering documents in succession.


Zhou Heiya will join in Macao to expand the market of Dawan district (Zhitong finance and Economics)

Zhang Yuchen, chief executive of Zhou Heiya, said that the opening of franchise will be accelerated after the health incident, with the goal of adding 1500 to 2000 franchise stores within three years, Zhitong finance and economics quoted media reports yesterday. Among them, three to four applications from Macao, China, are being evaluated and reviewed. It is hoped that in the future, they can enter Macao as franchise stores and expand the market in Dawan district.


New hope’s response to “pig price may fall to four or five pieces”: logic can’t stand scrutiny (Securities Times)


On September 7, new hope held an analyst meeting. In view of the news report that “the pig production capacity has reached 2 billion heads, and the pig price may even fall to four or five yuan”, the company said that the information source of market rumors was questionable, and the logic behind this could not stand scrutiny from the perspective of practitioners. Once the pig price falls below 20 yuan, or even slightly lower, and falls below most of the breeding cost line, most of the enterprises and farmers who expand production will choose to wait and see or clear, and it is impossible to continue to fall to the level of 4 yuan to 5 yuan.


Guangxi Dali Food Co., Ltd. officially opened (company news)


Yesterday, Guangxi Dali Food Co., Ltd. officially opened, Dali in the country’s food and beverage production base increased to 38. Dali food said that this not only represents the further deepening of its strategic layout in Southwest China, but also aims at the ASEAN economic circle and lays an industrial foundation for internationalization.


Baishi group and COFCO Fulinmen sign strategic cooperation agreement (company news)


On the afternoon of September 7, at the second International Forum on grain modern supply chain development and investment of China International Trade Fair in services 2020, Baishi group and COFCO Fulinmen formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and the two sides will cooperate in the fields of warehousing, transportation, distribution and information technology.


Join hands with Miss Fu on Sunday to launch two new Chengdu flavor vegetable meat products (company news)


Recently, Chinese vegetable meat brand and catering brand Miss Fu cooperated in Chengdu on Sunday to introduce two new Chengdu flavor vegetable meat products, namely, vegetable beef brisket string and vegetable fragrant crisp meat. It is understood that at present, these two kinds of new vegetable meat products have been officially launched. They are available in 12 stores of Miss Fu in Chengdu and Shanghai. Each store is limited to 30 pieces of single product and is limited to 7 days of supply.


Burger King and Taco Bell launch new restaurant design (China business daily)


On September 3, Burger King unveiled two new restaurant designs that offer a completely “contactless” dining experience, along with solar panels, conveyor belts for delivering customers’ orders and outdoor seating, the China Business Daily reported. Compared with the traditional Burger King restaurant, the newly designed Burger King Restaurant occupies about 60% less space and is suitable for urban areas with many drivers. In addition, the latest launch of Yuk! Brands, the parent company of Taco Bell, includes a two lane and designated non-contact roadside parking.


Nestle announced new measures of packaging transformation (company news)


Nestle is stepping up efforts to make packaging 100% recyclable or reusable by 2025, while reducing the use of raw plastics by a third, Nestle said recently. To this end, Nestle announced a series of new initiatives, including an investment of $30 million to increase food grade recyclable plastics in the United States, and the addition of pet food refillable systems in Chile.

End of the third super brand day in 1897 (company news)


Recently, the third super brand day of 1897, a Dutch high-end milk powder brand under Aoyou, was closed. According to reports, the project tries to carry AR technology in small programs for the first time, and through wechat, it can open online and offline joint participation.


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General Administration of Customs: 56 cold chain food enterprises in 19 countries have been suspended (China finance and Economics)


According to the website of the General Administration of customs, the 2020 meat industry development conference was held in Qingdao on September 8. The head of novel coronavirus pneumonia department at the Customs General Office said that with the development of new crown pneumonia, the risk of cold chain links increased. The Customs General Administration insisted on moving forward, taking the measures of communication with exporting countries, and checking the video surveillance of food enterprises, and strengthening the dynamic management of epidemic enterprises. Chain food safety. As of September 7th, novel coronavirus pneumonia took 56 measures to suspend food imports for 56 cold chain food enterprises in 19 countries with new crown pneumonia.


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