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Yili and the Palace Museum hold hands!

At present, Yili and the National Palace Museum are becoming more and more popular.

Snack generation noticed that yesterday morning, “Danchen YONGGU: 600 years of the Forbidden City” opened. The highly concerned exhibition will be held from September 10 to November 15, 2020 in the meridian Hall of the Palace Museum. More than 400 pieces (sets) of cultural relics that have not been exhibited will be restricted to display.

It is understood that Yili will take this cooperation as the starting point to further enrich the ways and fields of cooperation with the Palace Museum. In the future, Yili will not only provide nutrition and health product support for consumers, but also inherit healthy and excellent traditional culture, nourish consumers’ physical and mental health with milk and culture, help build a healthy China, let more people share health achievements and let more people share healthy life.




Let’s take a look.


Open a new chapter of health


On the one hand, as an industry leader, Yili has been committed to transmitting health culture for many years. It not only nourishes people’s physical health with high-quality products, but also transmits and exports healthy life concepts suitable for Chinese people. Yili has become a representative of Chinese products in the eyes of Chinese consumers. The Palace Museum, known as “China’s largest ancient culture and Art Museum”, contains thousands of years of history and culture, and is the guardian and inheritor of Chinese cultural heritage.


On the other hand, as one of the “brands most selected by consumers in Chinese market” for five consecutive years (according to the “Asia Brand Footprint Report 2020” released by Kaidu consumer index), Yili cooperated with the Palace Museum to organically integrate Chinese traditional culture into the daily life of many modern consumers. This is also in line with the original intention of the Palace Museum to make the cultural relics collected in the Palace Museum alive.


The cooperation between Yili and the Palace Museum is a cross-border linkage between the representatives of Chinese traditional culture and the inheritors of health culture. The cooperation between the two sides will be committed to bringing spiritual nourishment to more consumers and writing a new chapter in the transmission of Chinese health culture.



With the help of traditional culture to enhance the strength of China’s brand, the largest dairy company in China has set an ambitious goal: to be the first in the global dairy industry.


As introduced by the snack agent, Yili wrote on the official wechat official account last week that after becoming one of the top five dairy companies in the world, the company’s next goal is “No.1 in the global dairy industry and top five in healthy food”. Pan Gang, chairman of Yili Group, “is still confident” about this challenging strategic goal.


Earlier on August 31, Rabobank released the “2020 top 20 global dairy industry” list, which showed that Yili Group ranked fifth, up 3 places compared with its ranking in 2019. This is the first time that a Chinese dairy enterprise has entered the top five of the global dairy industry in the authoritative list, and it is also the highest ranking of Asian dairy industry on the list so far.


The local dairy giant with a revenue of 100 billion yuan has also begun to look forward to the “post-100 billion era”. According to the interim performance report released by Yili, in the first half of 2020, the actual total operating revenue was 47.528 billion yuan, an increase of 5.45% over the same period of last year; after deducting the non net profit of 3.766 billion yuan, it increased by 7.02% year on year.


In order to achieve the goal of “the first in the global dairy industry”, Pan Gang pointed out in the above-mentioned article that we should first make a judgment on the future. He believes that the prediction of the future should be based on the pursuit of certainty, especially in the complex and changeable “UCA era”. “Well, for us, we need to keep this unchanged and always focus on consumers.” He said.


“Standing at the new starting point of the world’s top five dairy companies, Yili will continue to focus on consumers in the future, continue to innovate, provide consumers with high-quality products and services, and nourish vitality.” The company said.

Joint cooperation


On the day of the ceremony, Yili and the Palace Museum jointly launched the “Jindian x Palace Museum joint special edition of milk”. The milk packaging was inspired by the classic architectural elements of the Forbidden City, such as Taihe hall, Wanchun Pavilion, Kunning palace, duanhongqiao, shufangzhai and turret.


The joint brand of Jindian milk, the palace museum culture into the daily reach of the milk FMCG. “The packaging design direction of joint brand special edition is a consensus reached by both parties. Based on the architectural theme of the 600 year exhibition of the Forbidden City, the Palace Museum has selected six representative buildings, including palaces and pavilions Yili said to xiaoshidai.


In addition to the co branded special edition milk, Yili and the palace museum also specially customized the “present, the past, and the future” peripheral gift boxes, which correspond to chiropractors watches, key earrings, and construction accounts respectively. “We hope to skillfully combine the core design elements of the palace museum with the organic concept of Jindian to highlight the beauty of organic accomplishment.” “Peripheral gift boxes will be given to consumers through special events as restricted gifts. You can look forward to it,” Yili said


It has been revealed that after Jindian, yilixinhuo formula and the Palace Museum’s co branded custom-made products are also in “intensive preparation”. It is expected to be listed at the end of this year, which can be said to be very looking forward to!

A kind of

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