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In addition to the 4 billion dairy base, JUNLEBAO not only raised cattle, but also began to grow grass

Since this year, the dairy industry has launched a “enclosure race” around the milk source of the upstream pasture. However, JUNLEBAO, which started to lay out the whole industrial chain a few years ago, is now starting to focus on the grass planting links in the upper reaches.

Recently, the newly cultivated 380000 Mu natural grassland of JUNLEBAO was officially unveiled. Wei Lihua, chairman and President of JUNLEBAO dairy group, personally led the team and invited Ye Tan, the founder of Yetan finance and economics, to visit the flag dairy factory base and grassland of the group.

Wei Lihua, chairman and President of JUNLEBAO Dairy Group

In his reply to the snack generation yesterday, Wei Lihua talked about more thoughts behind the upgrading of JUNLEBAO’s whole industrial chain to “planting, breeding and adding” mode, and also talked about new ideas for upstream layout.

“Take the banner dairy base of JUNLEBAO as an example, we have invested 4 billion to establish a whole industry chain system in Bashang, which integrates forage cultivation, dairy farming and production and processing.” Wei Lihua said.

Layout of grassland industry blank

According to reports, at this stage, oat grass is mainly planted in the above grassland, and in the later stage, alfalfa, silage corn, whole plant corn and other perennial, multi variety and high nutritional value forage grass will be gradually promoted. JUNLEBAO put forward the “four self model”, that is, own grassland, natural growth, self-control standards, self-sufficiency.

According to the company, natural growth means no human intervention. “In Bashang grassland area, the number of days of first-class air quality accounts for more than 95% of the whole year. It is completely the original ecological soil and water that nourishes the growth of herbage.” Jun Le Bao said.

So, JUNLEBAO, which has been committed to developing its own milk source a few years ago, why is it necessary to start planting its own pasture now? In response, Wei Lihua pointed out in the above reply that forage grass, as an important food for dairy cows, directly determines the production quality of fresh milk.

“Through comparative observation, eating high-quality forage can significantly improve the protein of raw milk, milk yield will also increase, and reduce the number of somatic cells in milk, so the antioxidant capacity is better.” He said.

It is understood that in the ranch of JUNLEBAO banner, the diet of dairy cows is made of eight kinds of “ingredients” in proportion, including alfalfa hay, oat grass, whole plant corn silage, cotton seed, beet pellet meal, steam flaked corn, concentrate feed and soybean meal.

In fact, behind JUNLEBAO’s layout of grass industry, there is a bigger “calculation”.

“In addition to meeting our own needs, we also have the ability to provide high-quality forage to other pastures, which is also a very important part of JUNLEBAO’s grassland development planning.” Wei Lihua pointed out.

planted in JUNLEBAO’s own pasture

According to relevant data, in the first half of 2020, China’s total import of grass products was 800000 tons, an increase of 30% year-on-year. Taking oat grass as an example, from January to June 2020, the import of oat grass was 175600 tons, an increase of 67% year on year. In JUNLEBAO’s view, the distribution of grass industry will help to fill the gap of domestic forage raw material market, reduce the cost of raw material supply and reduce the dependence of forage raw material on import trade.

On the other hand, many domestic dairy enterprises are stepping up the layout of large-scale pastures, while JUNLEBAO has started to layout the grass industry in the upper reaches of the pasture, which is undoubtedly hoping to seize the opportunity in this important resource.

Whole industry chain strategy

As early as 2014, JUNLEBAO proposed the direction and goal of building the whole industry chain. By the end of last year, JUNLEBAO had 13 self built large-scale modern pastures in Shijiazhuang, Baoding and other places.

Compared with the way of acquiring and controlling large-scale ranches, why does JUNLEBAO insist on building the whole industry chain as an asset model?

Wei Lihua told xiaoshidai that self built milk source is an important part of JUNLEBAO’s whole industrial chain, and the integrated development mode of the whole industrial chain is not only an important strategy for JUNLEBAO to focus on differentiation, but also one of the core advantages of the company. “We can firmly control the whole chain of dairy industry in our own hands, which gives us more confidence and courage to do more innovation and breakthrough.”

It is understood that JUNLEBAO milk powder has been ensuring 100% of its own milk source since it was launched in 2014. As a brand of infant formula milk powder under JUNLEBAO group, banner milk powder breaks through the integration mode of planting, breeding and zero distance. The fresh milk extruded from the pasture has zero transportation and zero transfer, and is directly transmitted to the processing link through low-temperature clean pipeline in real time. It only takes 2 hours from milking to processing, so as to maximize the retention of natural active substances in milk.

The latest data shows that in the first half of this year, the production and sales volume of Flag brand increased by 60% year on year.

“The banner’s grassland, pasture and factory are closely linked, and it is the only enterprise that can realize self-control and self-control from grass planting and cow breeding to production and processing.” In Wei Lihua’s opinion, the rapid development of banner brand cannot do without this unique production management mode.

“Good milk and good milk powder must start from the whole industrial chain, planting good grass, raising cattle, producing good milk and making good products. The flag mode is unique and original, and cannot be imitated.” Ye Tan gave such comments on JUNLEBAO flag dairy after his visit.

According to the data, JUNLEBAO milk powder was the first to obtain “European double certification”, namely BRC a + top-level certification and ifs priority certification.

“Subversion” instead of “disturbing”

Interestingly, xiaoshidai noticed that Wei Lihua had publicly stated that he did not agree with the title of “troublemaker” in JUNLEBAO. In this reply to the snack generation, he talked about the positioning of JUNLEBAO in his mind.

“We want to be the subversion of China’s dairy industry. The so-called “subversion” is a kind of innovative action that we gradually grope out to ensure the quality of products and is most suitable for infant milk powder. It starts from planting grass, and cattle raising, processing and sales are all done by ourselves. ” Wei Lihua said.

On the other hand, JUNLEBAO is also committed to “subversive” product innovation in recent years.

Information picture

Wei Lihua, for example, said that in addition to the flag brand, JUNLEBAO also launched the first organic milk powder using the whole industry chain’s own farm fresh milk, moderately hydrolyzed protein and double probiotics in March. Earlier at the end of last year, JUNLEBAO launched the world’s first full industry chain A2 milk powder with its own farms and factories.

In addition to infant milk powder, JUNLEBAO also introduced the inf0.09 second ultra instantaneous sterilization technology and aseptic filling technology, with a 19 day shelf life as the main “new generation of fresh milk”.

Wei Lihua finally said that in the future, JUNLEBAO will continue to play the role of subversion, and the ultimate goal of subversion is to “create the world’s top quality milk powder” and provide consumers with world-class dairy products.

A kind of

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