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Have you got any tips for visiting customers after the dry food exhibition?

From September 5 to 7, the three-day 2020 China candy and snack exhibition, China ice cream cold food exhibition and global high-end food exhibition (whole food exhibition) successfully concluded in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center. The whole food exhibition was supported by China non-staple food circulation association, Taiwan Food Development Association and Hong Kong International Food Association, hosted by Beijing longpin tin exhibition and hosted by Ningbo longpin tin exhibition. The total exhibition area is nearly 79000 square meters, with more than 890 exhibitors and tens of thousands of exhibits. According to statistics, the intended turnover of the whole food exhibition is 10.936 billion yuan, breaking through the 10 billion mark for the first time. Total food 2020 attracted 89976 visitors from all over the country. Through on-site ticketing and pre registration measures, the proportion of professional visitors further increased to 97.09%.
You see, the scene is so hot!

At the end of the busy exhibition, how to get in touch with the professional visitors / buyers before they forget about it has become a problem for many exhibitors.

At this time, how to develop customers to achieve the best results? In order to answer this question, the editor searched the answers to the relevant questions from the professional portal website and combined with his own experience in operating the exhibition for many years. Here, I would like to share and interact with the exhibitors / fans. I hope it can help you

The first thing to do is: classify the business cards received at the exhibition.
customers placing orders on site

Although there are fewer and fewer customers placing orders at the exhibition site, if they do, it must be the top priority after the exhibition. At this time, we should pay attention to keep in touch with customers during the exhibition, send the contract to customers for confirmation and remind them to remit money in time, so as to avoid “long night dream”.
However, these customers who sign contracts with you on site may not eventually place orders for you. Now this phenomenon is very common, some customers have signed a contract with you, but in the next few days, he found a more suitable supplier at the exhibition site, and often placed the order to them. Or customers will cancel the order if they find that the market has changed.
For customers, sometimes the contract is not binding at all, only equivalent to P / I (so-called P / I, which is the professional term for foreign trade, that is, pro forma invoice), but only a form. Therefore, for such customers, we must communicate carefully and try to retain them by inviting them to visit the factory / company / store.

impressive high potential

In front of the booth, the customer had a detailed exchange and understanding with you, clearly indicated which products he was interested in, and inquired about the characteristics of specific products, price terms, etc. The purchase intention of such customers is very obvious, and can be listed in the list of high potential customers, and key records should also be made in the customer visit form.
After the end of the exhibition, these customers also need to give priority to them as soon as possible. They should carefully reply to all the materials and problems they ask at the exhibition site. At the same time, they should also timely implement the proofing problems with the factory / company (generally, such customers have proofing requirements), and inform them of the progress of samples and when they can be sent out. We must implement what we promised our customers at the exhibition site. Let customers feel your efficiency and integrity in dealing with problems.
For these customers, they will often encounter the situation that the samples will not be sent as follows. The most common reason is that they do not choose your products after receiving all the samples (including samples from other suppliers), or customers find that the market has changed. Don’t give up. Keep the buyer’s information and keep in touch. You can send cards during holidays and recommend new products in time. There may still be opportunities for cooperation in the future.
There are also some customers who did not place an order or talked with your company in detail at the exhibition, but also left their own contact information and showed simple interest in your products. For such customers, you need to follow up after the exhibition.
customers who exchange business cards and chat briefly
As far as possible, the detailed product information should be sent to the customer, and the idea of cooperation is indicated.

casual customers

In front of the exhibition booth, customers just look around and ask. For such customers, you should take the initiative to ask for business cards, because these customers may come to inquire about the market, so you need to contact them according to their business cards. If there is a website address on the customer’s business card, you can browse the other party’s website to know what kind of products the other party operates, and then send the corresponding cards according to different situations Product information, maybe the products you didn’t bring to the exhibition this time are their main products.
Tips for improving post exhibition development effect

After the classification of customers is completed, the potential customers should be excavated immediately.

From the perspective of customers: after customers come back from the exhibition, they actually have a lot of things at hand. In general, Ta gives priority to deal with some work delayed due to business trip of the exhibition, as well as some solutions or experiences that need to be discussed with the original supply through observing products. At the same time, TA will receive a large number of phone calls / information from suppliers they meet at the exhibition, but at this time, Ta actually does not have much time to read them carefully. What ta will remember is the companies that took the enterprise directory and product list and marked them at the exhibition.
So if you make a return call after the exhibition, it’s very normal. Don’t let this first follow-up visit take on too many functions. If you work hard to introduce a lot of them, the effect will not be good. Think about it. Customers have accumulated a lot of things when they are busy on business trips or come back from business trips. You are still saying, “our company was founded in XXX and covers an area of XXX mu. Our products…” can customers have patience to listen?
The first return visit after the exhibition shall be within one week after the end of the exhibition. First of all, you can use some small steps to wake up the customer’s memory of you, such as thank you for your visit. It is called “warm leads” by foreign salesmen. It can be some small details of your conversation in the exhibition, or even a digression that both sides are impressed by. It’s like, “remember me? We talked at the Ningbo total food exhibition on September 5. I am a professional… ” Much better.
Then you can talk about the impressive details to arouse the customers’ memory, and even add some personal elements. For example, if the customers mentioned that they went to travel after the exhibition, they could ask about their holiday. All of these are to rebuild the trust and connection between each other in face-to-face communication at the exhibition site.
Then do not talk nonsense, directly insert the most prominent problems you discussed at the exhibition site, and show your advantages while giving solutions.
At this time, it should be noted that even after the exhibition, most of the follow-up visits can’t be hit by one hit. If the first time the customer doesn’t reply, don’t lose heart. For example, if the customer doesn’t reply to the first call, call again every three or five days, and then call the third time every week.
If the buyer still doesn’t reply by phone several times in a row, it will be listed in the customer database with weak intention for the time being, and the invitation letter will be sent in the next exhibition half a year later.

There is a saying in “persuading people to study hard and give up; rotten wood will not break; persevere; gold and stone can be engraved.” To invite customers is to continue to adhere to this matter, constantly reflect, continue to follow up, scientifically do a good job in customer management, and then send out the invitation again. In fact, Xiaobian’s invitation letter also came:

2021 spring whole food exhibition is positioned as an international food comprehensive exhibition. It will be opened in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao’an District) for the first time from March 4 to 6 next year. The exhibition area is planned to be 40000 square meters, with more than 520 enterprises and 52000 professional visitors.
2021 autumn whole food exhibition, still positioned as a leisure food exhibition, will be held in Ningbo for the eighth time from August 28 to 30 next year, with an estimated scale of 79000 square meters, 920 exhibitors and 92000 professional visitors.
The reservation of all foods exhibition in spring 2021 and autumn in 2021 has been opened. We sincerely invite food manufacturers and enterprises in related fields to participate in the grand event and share unlimited business opportunities.

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