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Jiaduobao will make an additional investment of 200 million in Hangzhou. China Resources will build a new Heineken distillery, feslan will greatly expand the production of lactoferrin, McDonald’s will sell delivery boxes for the first time, and fish snacks will be IPO for the first time

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Nestle launches acquisition of aimtune, a food allergy therapy company (company news)

Nestle announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary, soci é t é des produces Nestl é S.A., has started a cash offer to buy all of aimtune’s outstanding common shares for a net cash purchase price of $34.5 per share, excluding interest and withholding tax.

Mengniu Dairy (Ulanhot) company will make efforts to build milk source base, etc. (Xing’an League Committee)


According to the recent news of the Xing’an League Committee, the output value of Mengniu Dairy (Ulanhot) Co., Ltd. from January to August this year was 764 million yuan (including 307 million yuan of the total output value, accounting for 40.18% of the total output value), an increase of 77.76% over the same period, and a profit of 43.398 million yuan, an increase of 57.10% over the same period. In the future, the company will make great efforts in the construction of milk source base and new high-speed production line to ensure the annual output value of 1.1 billion yuan.

Yili and Jingdong supermarket Strategic Cooperation meeting held in Beijing

On September 10, the 2020 Strategic Cooperation meeting between Yili and Jingdong supermarket was held in Beijing. The leaders of the two sides had in-depth exchanges on past cooperation achievements and future market opportunities, and said that they would continue to strengthen the cooperation depth in the fields of logistics supply, member marketing, IP marketing, etc., based on the heavy upgrade of jinlingguan’s full series of products and the upcoming double 11, double 12 and other e-commerce nodes.

Jiaduobao will invest 200 million yuan in Hangzhou Qiantang New Area (company news)


According to today’s news, jiaduobao Hangzhou Guanya Beverage Co., Ltd. will invest 200 million yuan on the basis of existing bottled herbal tea in Qiantang new area, with a total investment of 600 million yuan in injection molding production line and canned production line.

China Resources Group to build 400000 kiloliter Heineken factory (Dongfang fortune)


Recently, Wang Xiangming, chairman of China Resources Group, said at the keynote meeting of the International Investment Forum of the 2020 Xiamen International Fair that during the “14th five year plan” period, China Resources Group will further expand its effective investment in Fujian, with a total planned investment of about 100 billion yuan. China Resources Group will relocate and expand the existing Quanzhou brewery, build a 400000 kiloliter Heineken beer production base, and introduce a series of international beer brands.

Feslan will expand lactoferrin production line on a large scale (company news)


Fezland food ingredients business group recently announced that Veghel plant in the Netherlands will increase the annual capacity of lactoferrin by 60 tons from 2022 to realize its strategic growth in early life nutrition and adult nutrition. By then, the total lactoferrin production capacity of freesland will reach 70 tons per year, making it the largest lactoferrin producer in the world.


McDonald’s opens the carnival of “MacLeod delivery day” in 2020, first sale of Macintosh delivery box (company news)


McDonald’s China today announced the opening of the Carnival “Mai Le send day” in 2020. Up to now, the service has covered more than 200 cities in mainland China, and more than 3100 McDonald’s restaurants provide delivery service. It is reported that during the event, McDonald’s will give more than one million 0 yuan classic product coupons. In addition, the official flagship store of McDonald’s tmall will also sell the delivery box for the first time, with the price of 1917 yuan.

“The first stock of artificial meat” beyond meat responds to plant construction in China (Daily Economic News)


According to the daily economic news report, beyond meat China factory in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, has completed the contract signing of the project. Chen Meiyu, general manager of the company’s China region, said that China’s huge demographic dividend has given plant meat projects greater market expansion space. With the upgrading of consumption, people are more willing to try vegetable meat, a product with low food safety risk and high technology content, which is also a core reason why beyond meat values the Chinese market. “We have an internal goal to reduce the price of at least one product to the same price as protein from similar animals by 2024.”

Impracticable foods launched vegetable pork burger in Hong Kong, China for the first time (surging News)


According to the surging news recently quoted Hong Kong media reports, following the introduction of the vegetable pork burger in the United States in July this year, the American Meat manufacturer impossible Foods announced the introduction of the vegetable pork burger in Hong Kong, China. The Hong Kong market has become the first “landing point” of the product outside the U.S. market. David Lee, the company’s chief operating officer and chief financial officer, said in an exclusive interview that the brand had launched the impenetrable burger in Hong Kong and developed rapidly. At present, there are more than 700 restaurant partners in Hong Kong and Macao, which has increased by 150% in the first nine months of this year.


Impossibile foods enter the Canadian market for the first time (plant based News)


According to foreign media yesterday, impossible foods has launched its veggie burger products in Canada and will launch more restaurants and grocery stores next month. Patrick O. brown, the company’s chief executive and founder, described it as a “watershed moment” for the company. According to the report, Canada is the first international market for impossible foods to enter except Asia.

One batch of special medical purpose formula food approval document (decision) to be received information announcement (State Drug Administration)


Recently, the State Drug Administration released the approval document (decision) of fubaoning electrolyte formula food for special medical use. The applicant is Guangzhou Weixin Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

The first Chinese food stock of fish and snacks went on the market, up 44.02% (China Securities Network, financial sector)

Today, Chinese food (003000) brought “jinzai” deep-sea fish to the small and medium-sized board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, becoming the first share of fish snacks, closing at 7.23 yuan, up 44.02%. This time, Chinese food raised 160 million yuan, mainly for the technical transformation of flavor fish production line and brand promotion and marketing center project construction.

New hope push plant energy drink (company news)


New hope group recently announced that it will launch a new plant energy drink with Rosa roxburghii in autumn 2020 under the brand of bigbuff.

Dabei agricultural group plans to acquire 70% equity of Inner Mongolia yiyingmei dairy industry from China Shengmu and increase capital by 50 million yuan (Zhitong finance and Economics website)


Recently, China Shengmu announced that on September 11, 2020, Shengmu Gaoke (a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company) agreed to sell 70% equity of the target company (Inner Mongolia yiyingmei Dairy Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of the company) to Dabei agricultural group; and the registered capital of the target company will be increased by RMB 50 million (the same below), all of which will be injected by Dabei agricultural group. The cost of equity transfer under the equity transfer and capital increase agreement is 57.8229 million yuan. It is reported that the target company started the 12000 ton organic infant milk powder production plant project in August 2015, but the project has not been completed on the date of the announcement. The budget for the construction of production plants for the above projects is 280 million yuan, while the group has invested 125 million yuan, with a balance of 155 million yuan. The directors believe that these transactions will speed up the completion of the project.


Changshou flower food to be privatized


On September 11, changshuohua Food Co., Ltd., which is listed in Hong Kong, announced that the board of directors of the company announced the appointment of new Bailey financing Co., Ltd. as the independent financial adviser of the independent board committee in accordance with the acquisition code. Prior to this, the announcement of longevity flower food said that on September 7, 2020, the offeror San Xing Trade Co., Ltd. proposed to privatize it by means of agreement arrangement. According to the data, Changshou flower food is one of the earliest corn oil producers in China. As of June 30, 2020, the income of Changshou flower food decreased by 10.6% to RMB 1287.4 million, which was mainly affected by Xinguan epidemic and Sino US friction.

Huang Xuan, chairman of Yantang dairy industry, resigned (company announcement)


On the evening of September 9, Yantang dairy announced that the board of directors of Guangdong Yantang Dairy Co., Ltd. received a written resignation report from Chairman Huang Xuan on September 9, 2020. Huang Xuan resigned from the post of director, chairman of the board of directors and chairman of the strategy committee of the board of directors for another appointment. In addition, Huang Xuan will no longer hold any position in the company.

Da Mo: Zhou Heiya rises to “keep pace with the market” rating and its target price rises to HK $7.1 (Sina Finance and Economics)

According to sina finance and economics today, Morgan Stanley has upgraded Zhou Heiya’s rating from “underweight” to “keeping pace with the market”, and its target price has been raised from HK $3.6 to HK $7.1. According to a research report published by moto, Zhou Heiya will increase the opening target of franchise stores from 300 to 400 this year. The company’s strong brand equity and store productivity are higher than the industry average, which is the main reason for the high number of franchise applications, and we can see that the company still has room for further expansion.

Yum China establishes e-commerce subsidiary (business information)

According to industrial and commercial information, Chuang Yisheng e-commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established on September 11 with a registered capital of 5 million yuan and the sole shareholder is Yum (China) Investment Co., Ltd.


Wangfujing Goubuli deleted the statement of “alerted”


A video blogger released a taste video of Goubuli store in Wangfujing, Beijing. In the video, the owner ordered eight soy sauce buns for 60 yuan and eight pork buns for 38 yuan per cage. After tasting, they said, “the meat bags are particularly greasy and do not use real materials. The skin of the pork dumplings sticks to the teeth, which is like eating half a steamed bread”. In addition, during the meal, the kitchen also heard a cough. Subsequently, the store issued a statement saying that the video “slanderous remarks are not true”, and said it had been reported to the police.

As the incident continues to ferment, Wangfujing Goubuli restaurant said the above statement has been quietly deleted, the account is currently unable to search. In this regard, China net financial reporter called Goubuli steamed stuffed bun (Wangfujing head office) to verify, the operator said “not clear about this matter.”. Subsequently, the reporter contacted Goubuli Group Co., Ltd. for many times, and no one answered the phone as of the time.

Maotai clarifies price rising rumors (36 krypton)


According to 36 krypton, on the morning of September 12, a news about the ex factory price rise of Maotai liquor was widely circulated on the Internet. It is widely rumored in the market that the ex factory price of 53 degree 500ml Feitian Maotai liquor (with cup) has been raised from 969 yuan to 1199 yuan, the direct sales channel from 1299 yuan to 1499 yuan, and the guiding price from 1499 yuan to 1699 yuan. Maotai said that the price of Maotai liquor will not be changed at will, and it still adheres to a stable price policy. At present, all the relevant “Maotai price increase” claims are rumors.

Meituan and hungry Mo take 95% of the takeaway market (Sina Technology)


According to a recent Sina Technology report, by the second quarter of 2020, meituan and enlaimo have taken over nearly 95% of the takeout market; by the end of the first quarter, both meituan and famo had more than 15% user stickiness. According to iimedia’s forecast, the number of online takeout in China will reach 477 million in 2020, an increase of 14.7% compared with that in 2019.

Yizi sells part of Keurig Dr Pepper shares (Foodbev)


According to foreign media reports recently, Yizi international has agreed to sell its 12.5 million shares of Keurig Dr Pepper to a financial services company for a total consideration of US $362.7 million. After the deal was completed, Yizi’s stake in Keurig Dr Pepper fell to about 11.2%. According to the disclosure documents, the transaction is described as a “sale transaction based on market conditions and opportunities”.

Heineken acquires Peruvian beer brand tres cruces (Foodbev)


According to foreign media reports recently, Heineken entered the local beer market through the acquisition of tres Cruces, a Peruvian beer brand, for an undisclosed amount. According to Heineken, Peru is one of the largest beer markets in South America, and Heineken has not yet established business in Peru. The acquisition is in line with Heineken’s goal of building a diversified portfolio in Peru, which will include local beer brands as well as a range of its international brands.

LVMH funds lead investment in Chile’s food technology start-up notco (hualizhi)


Notco, a Chilean food technology start-up, announced yesterday that it had completed $85 million in round C financing, led by future positive, a venture capital firm in San Francisco, and lcatterton, the world’s largest consumer goods private equity fund under the French luxury giant LVMH group. Founded in 2015, notco has launched dairy products, egg and meat plant substitutes.

McDonald’s to try out reusable coffee cups


McDonald’s has launched a partnership with loop, a packaging service company, and plans to test reusable coffee cups in some McDonald’s restaurants in the UK next year to reduce the use of disposable packaging and reduce waste, according to Fox, CCTV financial quoted on the 12th. According to McDonald’s, customers participating in the event can choose to pay a small deposit for a reusable cup when buying hot drinks. After drinking, customers can return the cup to redeem the deposit. The cups will be cleaned and disinfected by loop. McDonald’s said that the pilot project will accumulate experience for restaurants on new methods of food packaging.

Wal Mart starts testing UAV delivery (surging News)


According to surging news reports, on September 9, local time, Wal Mart, an American retail giant, began to test UAV based on-demand delivery of groceries. The project is a pilot project carried out in North Carolina by Wal Mart and flytrex, a UAV express company.

Danone Malaysia launches updated dairy reporter


According to foreign media reports recently, Danone has launched an upgraded version of Dumex milk powder in Malaysia, covering children aged 12 months and above. The upgraded formula is rich in DHA and nutrients including vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A and vitamin D.

Quick reading of food industry information



In the first half of the year, the unqualified rate of infant formula milk powder dropped to 0.10% (China Food Safety News)

From September 11 to 17, the 26th annual meeting of China Dairy Industry Association and China (International) Dairy Technology Expo 2020 was held in Beijing. Song Kungang, principle director of China Dairy Industry Association and honorary chairman of China National Committee of International Dairy Federation, said in his speech that according to the Circular of the General Administration of market supervision (No. 18 in 2020), a total of 25893 batches of dairy products samples were randomly inspected in the first half of the year, 36 batches were unqualified, the unqualified rate was 0.14%, and the unqualified rate was – 0.03% compared with the same period of last year; 4834 batches of infant formula milk powder were sampled, and 5 batches were unqualified The qualified rate was 0.10%, and the unqualified rate was – 0.09% year on year. From the perspective of the main business sales revenue of the industry, February and March showed negative growth, which was caused by the poor sales channels in various regions at that time. But it turned positive in April, up 4.43% in June.

Inner Mongolia issues 13.7 billion yuan loans to ease financing difficulties of dairy industry (Xinhua News Agency)


Financial institutions in Inner Mongolia have granted 13.7 billion yuan of loans to the whole dairy industry chain so as to boost the dairy industry, Xinhua reported today.


Comprehensive traceability verification of infant formula milk powder in Deyang City, Sichuan Province


According to a recent report by the world health supervision and observation Bureau, Deyang Market Supervision Bureau of Sichuan Province will carry out traceability verification of infant formula milk powder in the whole city by randomly selecting business units of infant formula milk powder and randomly selecting sales brands. The relevant person in charge of the Bureau said that he hoped to verify and inspect the label identification, supply source, quality and safety and other true information of infant formula milk powder through the traceability method.

Vietnam releases warning information on unqualified infant formula (National Dairy Engineering Technology Research Center)


According to the national dairy Engineering Technology Research Center yesterday quoted food partner network news, on September 8, 2020, Vietnam’s Food Safety Bureau received a notice from the General Administration of consumer protection of Cambodia that the products sold on the Cambodian market were sold by Singapore MS nutrition Two types of nutrilatt1 and nutrilatt2 infant formula (batch number 487, 488, 536, 537, 538, 539) produced by PTE Co., Ltd. were found to be unqualified, and their iron and zinc contents were lower than the index content requirements of Codex and Vietnam for relevant products.

Serbia dairy products enter Chinese market (Handan Municipal Government)


According to the Handan Municipal Government yesterday, Handan lianzhenwei import and export trade Co., Ltd., which is controlled by Kangnuo Food Co., Ltd. of Handan Economic Development Zone, has become the first domestic company to import milk products from Serbia, marking that the dairy products of Serbia have officially entered the Chinese market. It is reported that the company has signed a two-year contract with produzecemlekara ubdooub company for the import of dairy products for a period of two years. It plans to import 300 tons of related products every month, and will gradually increase the import volume after two years, with the cooperation amount of about 600 million yuan.



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