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Liu Haibo: the key to a company’s success lies in “people”

With the increasingly fierce competition in the FMCG industry in the first and second tier cities, the market share has become smaller and smaller, and dealers have shifted their business focus to the third and fourth tier cities and urban areas. Wangda Trading Co., Ltd., located in Anyuan District, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province, is a typical dealer in a small town. At present, Wanda business agent leisure, baking, bulk and other categories.
Liu Haibo, general manager of Pingxiang Anyuan Wangda Trading Co., Ltd

In these years of distribution process, general manager Liu Haibo used his flexible business mind to master a set of skilled marketing experience.

Small area, whole category
“Pingxiang City is a city with a population of 1.9 million. Compared with the first and second tier cities with dense population, the basic business environment here determines the business model of all categories of our dealers. Single category does not have advantages here.” Liu Haibo preached.
From the early days of the company’s establishment, Liu Haibo has been constantly expanding categories to meet the needs of end customers. “We have a certain share of both quantitative and bulk products, which makes it easier to operate the terminal channel and carry out the work better.” Liu Haibo said.
While expanding the categories, Liu Haibo will appropriately reduce some categories with poor business conditions. For example, this year, the company added two categories of spicy strips and cooked food, and Liu Haibo appropriately reduced the preserved fruit products, so that the company’s new product update speed can keep pace with the market demand, and maintain the business characteristics of rational utilization of human and material resources. “One person’s energy is limited. If he usually only acts as an agent for ten products, it will suddenly increase to 20 or even 30 products. If the energy is too scattered, it will affect the sales of other categories.” Liu Haibo said. Therefore, only with unique product and category combination, terminal customers will actively come to the door.
After taking advantage of the company’s advantages and features to open up the market, Wanda commerce and other categories of products can be brought into the terminal for synchronous sales. At this time, Liu Haibo will put forward some of his own requirements to the terminal, such as displaying his products in an obvious position.
Liu Haibo believes that both sides of the cooperation should maintain a mutually beneficial and win-win relationship. The dealers should do a good job in service, and at the same time, they also need to give some preferential treatment to the end customers. Only when both sides work together can they grow together. Liu Haibo’s business principle has always been to put the interests of the partners first and fully safeguard their own interests to achieve win-win results for both sides.
Team is a powerful advantage
In Pingxiang, Jiangxi Province, due to the low density of region and population, there are not many companies with a set of mature management mode, but Liu Haibo has a professional management consciousness very early. First of all, he divided the company into several departments with clear responsibilities. Secondly, taking the financial department as the core department, the task target of the sales department for the next day is determined by the daily report data of the financial department. It has to be said that Liu Haibo has a natural management mind. “One’s energy is limited. If the boss has to worry about everything, he will be too busy. Next, I plan to train a manager who can manage all aspects of the company to manage the company and spend the rest of my energy on the overall direction control and other things that I want to do more Liu Haibo preached this way.
Finally, Liu Haibo advocated that people should be the main concern for the work and life of employees, actively enlighten and help each other. He believes that a good and stable team is the foundation for the survival of a company. The key to the success of a company lies in people. The company is made up of people, and everything else is configured for people. Meet people’s requirements, rather than ignore people to pursue some other success. Liu Haibo gives the staff full trust and support, boldly decentralizes the power, so that every employee has the opportunity to make a breakthrough, which is also a strong advantage of Wanda commerce.
All along, Liu Haibo has been practicing the company’s business philosophy, adhere to the people-oriented, external time to ensure the interests of customers, internally adhere to the belief in staff, management decentralization, a set of system of business philosophy has been used with ease. In the conversation, the reporter can feel Liu Haibo’s strong self-confidence at any time. I believe that Liu Haibo can rely on his professional management ideas and strong confidence to make Wanda business into a company with model strength in the industry.
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Editor in chief: Li Jun
Author: Ru Yangyang editor: Liu Yuting

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