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The total food exhibition 2020 was successfully held

(from Ningbo, September 7)

On September 7, the three-day 2020 China candy and snack exhibition, China ice cream cold food exhibition and global high-end food exhibition (whole food exhibition) were successfully concluded in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center. The whole food exhibition is supported by China non-staple food circulation association, Taiwan Food Development Association and Hong Kong International Food Association, hosted by Beijing longpin tin exhibition and undertaken by Ningbo longpin tin exhibition. The total exhibition area is nearly 79000 square meters, with more than 890 exhibitors and tens of thousands of exhibits. According to statistics, the intended turnover of the whole food exhibition is 10.936 billion yuan, breaking through the 10 billion mark for the first time. Total food 2020 attracted 89976 visitors from all over the country. Through on-site ticketing and pre registration measures, the proportion of professional visitors further increased to 97.09%.

He Jihong, President of China non staple food circulation association

He Jihong, President of China non staple food circulation association, highly affirmed the 2020 whole food exhibition. She said that under the special background of the times, the whole food exhibition has been given more significance. This is not only an industry event in which elites gather to display blueprints, but also represents the recovery of the national economy. Through exhibitions, forums, awards and other forms, the whole food exhibition continuously empowers the high-quality development of the industry, contributes to the steady progress of the industry, and becomes a new highland of ideas and a new engine to help industrial upgrading.

After visiting the 2020 whole food exhibition, Yajie, a well-known exhibitor and food fair, said: “this year’s whole food exhibits are rich, including leisure food, drinks, ice cream, frozen products, packaging, machinery, and some raw materials. The 2020 whole food exhibition is completely unaffected by the epidemic situation. The exhibition area is nearly 40% larger than that of the previous year. Hall 1-8 is almost full! During the implementation of the ticketing system, most of the non professional spectators were restricted to enter, and the professional degree of the audience was greatly improved. However, the popularity of the scene was not affected by the epidemic situation and the audience charging system. The professional degree was at least one level higher than last year! Manufacturers with matching products can focus on this exhibition! “


Over 80% of special booths

More than 890 enterprises show up

In the early morning of September 5, a large number of professional visitors from all over the country gathered at the entrance of the landing Hall of hall 1, Hall 4 and hall 7 / 8 of Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center. According to the reporter’s on-site understanding, this year’s omni-directional upgrade of the access control system, the audience can realize one click ticket purchase on the whole food exhibition wechat applet and all food exhibition wechat service number (allfoodexpo). With the help of two-dimensional code, visitors can print their chest cards through self-service card replacement machine on site, which greatly shortens the waiting time for visitors to queue up for card replacement. At the same time, it is convenient to carry out professional services and scientific epidemic prevention work. Zhou Wenling, from Shanghai Yiyue Trading Co., Ltd., said: “there are various ways to buy tickets and upgrade the access control system. It is very convenient for us to scan the code directly by mobile phone.”

The reporter learned that the total food exhibition is distributed in 8 pavilions of Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center. The division of exhibition area is clearer. Among them, hall 1-3 is the exhibition area of high-end food and leisure food. Hall 4-6 is an ice cream and frozen food exhibition area and an international food and beverage zone. Hall 7-8 is the food manufacturing area of foodplus whole food exhibition.

At the exhibition site, the lineup of exhibitors is strong, and the special booth is eye-catching. More than 80% of the booths are special booths. Among them, the leisure food enterprises represented by Yake, repeat customers, Western wheat, Guangming (baking), lira, gubaoqi, xibake, coco street, Hengxing group, omanuo, ouchunshi, xiangbalao, ozak, jimanbeide, etc., and dairy beverage enterprises represented by Anmu, xianguolao, tropical impression, little milk dog, zhuzhishan, lujiaoxiang, xiaoluluan, Xilan, etc Ice cream and cold food enterprises, represented by Guangming, Mulun River, Zhong Xuegao, Wufeng, Sunday, Douxiao, kangmeile, xuexueguai, bingtianmeidi, jinrongtai, etc., have made their appearance in luxurious special booths. The decoration is unique and eye-catching.

In addition, the whole food exhibition also attracted the support of Ningbo Dafeng, Ningbo Jilida, Zhejiang zenith, Ningbo Darun, Ningbo Lansburg and other Ningbo local enterprises. The support of local enterprises is also a necessary guarantee for our future development.

Wang Haining, famous marketing expert, person in charge of organizing committee of whole food exhibition and general manager of longpinxi Exhibition

Wang Haining, a famous marketing expert, director of the Organizing Committee of the whole food exhibition and general manager of longpin tin, said that the upgrading of the exhibition and the proportion of professional visitors forced the exhibitors to be more meticulous in the preparation of exhibits and the construction of exhibition booths, and the preparation of market policies and team status was more adequate.

The international exhibition group composed of exhibitors from Russia, Japan, Mexico, Afghanistan, Poland, Spain, Thailand, Belgium, Bulgaria, and Latvian countries has a unique way of exhibition, which not only brings high-quality products with ethnic customs, but also brings warm singing and dancing with national characteristics, attracting a large number of professional buyers.

In addition, food manufacturing and mechanical packaging enterprises represented by Songchuan, Yuedong, Chuangbao, Kangdi, MEG metallography, Yitong, Dean, Huaji, huapai, Huadong, Jinhuatai, Bochuan, xingyin, etc. in the food manufacturing zone of foodplus 2020, they have demonstrated their main products and new technologies. The whole exhibition integrates technology, raw materials, machinery, equipment, finished products, logistics transportation, exhibition cabinet display, including the upstream and downstream of the industry. Convenient for the majority of food enterprises to participate in the exhibition and visit one-stop shopping. What needs to be specially pointed out is that the food manufacturing zone of 2020 whole food exhibition has achieved substantial success. Wang Wuhan, the general manager of intelligent packaging equipment of Foshan yongchuangkang, said that it was right for a customer to order 60 packaging machines on site.


Various supporting activities

Marketing Forum leads the industry trend

In order to better promote the development of the food industry, during the 2020 whole food exhibition, the organizers held a number of supporting activities, which attracted the attention of the majority of food manufacturers. Including “2020 China ice cream and frozen food marketing forum”, “2020 China high-end food and beverage marketing forum”, “2020 whole food exhibition high-end food new product launch”, “2020 whole food exhibition frozen food food food season”, as well as “2020 China food manufacturing series forum”, “2020 international food docking conference”, and other supporting activities, or small exchange meetings, or industry guests There are various forms of activities, from raw material production and processing to industrial production and research, marketing promotion, logistics distribution and terminal consumption, which provide more opportunities for the audience to learn and exchange.

On the afternoon of September 4 and 5, “2020 China ice cream and frozen food marketing forum” and “2020 China high-end food and beverage marketing forum” were respectively held in hall 7 of Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center. As important forum activities of whole food 2020, the two forums attracted nearly 4000 participants from food industry experts, entrepreneurs, executives, distributors and suppliers from all over the world.

Speaking on behalf of the organizers, Wang Haining said that the whole food industry has been passively shuffled under the epidemic situation, and the brand and market concentration have been further improved. Consumers’ consumption habits have had a profound impact. In addition to paying more attention to health, they prefer to eat less and eat better. Besides, the demand for high-end food and beverage has been further expanded. In addition, the habit of online shopping and live shopping with online red tape has been further developed. Zhang Ji, general manager of Shanghai Zhihui marketing; Zhu Yutong, founder of Shenzhen adoption brand; Li Zhiqi, the future chairman of Beijing Zhiqi; Lin Sheng, chairman of Zhong Xuegao; Cui Jinyi, general manager of Beijing Jinsheng JIAYE; Qiu Xuzheng, general manager of Qingdao jinrongtai food; and Maksim, head of Krasnoyarsk border region export support center of Russia Savelev, Agnese, commercial counsellor of the Embassy of the Republic of Latvian in China Sturmane, marketing director of repeat customers Chen Chunming, animation business director Tang Xi, general manager of Xiamen zebra brand positioning, Xie bin, deputy general manager of Shanghai Zhuopu brand, Zhou Mingzhen, general manager of Shenzhen sandwich biscuit management consulting, Chen Dan, chairman of Beijing Zhengbang creative Co., Ltd., discussed the marketing and planning management of food enterprises and the evolution of food brands in the post epidemic period In the post epidemic era, the strategic choice of enterprises, industry change and development, and the way to enter stores of new retail channels were shared, which opened up new ideas for the development of food enterprises in the post epidemic era!

During the period, the top 100 ice cream and cold food retailers in China in 2020, the top 25 gold sellers of candy and snacks in China, the top 25 gold sellers of jelly pudding in China in 2020, the top 25 gold sellers of cartoon toy food in China in 2020, the top 100 gold sellers of high-end cakes and cakes in China, and the top 100 gold sellers of candy and snacks in China in 2020 were successively announced, which pushed the forum to a higher level Tide.

It is reported that a total of 425 dealers won the “golden salesman Award” at the golden salesman award ceremony of the 2020 omnifood exhibition. Wang Jinning represents an amazing market share of more than 50 billion

On the afternoon of September 5, 2020 international food business matching meeting was successfully held. Representatives from many countries, including Latvian, Mexico, Russia, Poland, Japan, Spain, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Thailand and Belgium, made speeches one after another to promote exchanges and trade and economic and trade reciprocity. In addition, frozen food season 2020 and China ice cream cold food exhibition series forum activities will be held in hall 6 activity area at the same time.

On the morning of September 6, more than 120 enterprises released more than 300 new products of the year at the high-end new product release conference of 2020 whole food exhibition held in hall 1 of Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center. On the scene of the press conference, six beautiful models showed their new food in turn. The lighting, stage and music were very dynamic. A fashion show of high-end food was staged passionately, which ignited the 2020 whole food exhibition hall again, which was highly praised 。 Meanwhile, the 2020 China Food Manufacturing Forum was held in hall 7, and makism, head of China region of Krasnoyarsk border region of Russia, was held Eight industry representatives, including savelev, Li Weifan, Secretary of the Party committee of Hebei Xinle Economic Development Zone, Luo Handong, chairman of Weibao food, Wei Yanchao, chairman of xianzhibao food, sun Yueqiang, director of Kangbei food products, Chen Chunming, general manager of Huajing biology, and Zeng Haitao, general manager of Songchuan packaging baking business department, made speeches one after another, offering suggestions for the development of the industry. Zhang Zhongsheng, a famous expert in candy and chocolate technology, also held a new book conference in this forum with rich and colorful contents.


The total intended turnover of 2020 whole food exhibition is up to 10.936 billion yuan

Throughout the three-day 2020 whole food exhibition, both the scale of the exhibition, the number and quality of professional visitors, and the quality of supporting activities have been comprehensively upgraded. Reflecting the professionalism of the whole food exhibition, professional buyers and exhibitors have given a high degree of evaluation. During the opening period, hundreds of exhibitors scrambled to book the 2021 Shenzhen spring all food exhibition and 2021 Ningbo autumn total food exhibition, but it was hard to find the last one. Some buyers exclaimed, this is the real “Miss, wait another year.” According to statistics, the total intended transaction amount of the exhibition reached 10.936 billion yuan. This is not only an exhibition, but also a collection of numerous new product ordering meetings. It is also a big stage for new and old friends to gather, learn and socialize in the food industry.

Wang Haining said that looking forward to the future, it will be better. 2021 spring whole food exhibition is positioned as an international food comprehensive exhibition. It will be opened in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao’an District) for the first time from March 4 to 6 next year. The exhibition area is planned to be 40000 square meters, with more than 520 enterprises and 52000 professional visitors. 2021 autumn whole food exhibition, still positioned as a leisure food exhibition, will be held in Ningbo for the eighth time from August 28 to 30 next year, with an estimated scale of 79000 square meters, 920 exhibitors and 92000 professional visitors. We sincerely invite the majority of food manufacturers and enterprises in related fields to participate in the grand event and share unlimited business opportunities.


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