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How does Ji Honghu set off the cartoon candy market

With the successful closing of China candy and snacks exhibition, China ice cream cold food exhibition and global high-end food exhibition (whole food exhibition?) in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, the list of top 50 Chinese cartoon toy food distributors in 2020 has been announced. Ji Honghu, general manager of Shantou tongleduo Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “tongleduo”), has once again successfully won the title of “gold seller”.

Ji Honghu, general manager of Shantou tongleduo Trading Co., Ltd

Ji Honghu, who can say more than 300 words a minute and engraves “speed” in his bones, believes that in this fast-paced era, the speed of dealers must be fast. Only by keeping up with the speed, can they adapt to the rhythm of product update and iteration in cartoon candy game industry

thinking fast, unique way to become cartoon “big man”

just entered the society, how to cultivate into a cartoon sugar game industry “big man”?

With the idea of “the newborn calf is not afraid of the tiger”, Ji Honghu did not choose the hot industry, but opened a new path, boldly entered the cartoon sugar game industry. More than ten years have passed since the contact in 2006, Ji Honghu’s products have spread all over Chaoshan area, and Ji Honghu has become the leading cartoon sugar player in Chaoshan area

Ji Honghu took the lead in becoming a dealer of cartoon candy game industry, which successfully attracted many people’s attention. Later, he began to study his selection principles. Ji Honghu said: “we will choose products that sell well but have not yet become popular. Such products have already gained certain market popularity and do not need to make great efforts to promote them. In contrast, we will try our best to expand the market coverage of these products and increase sales volume. ” In this way, Ji Honghu brought golden rice, Codia, good partners, Jennie bear, mmdou, good mood and other products to more consumers. He stressed: “this year, we will focus on the small candy products of golden rice. Recently, there are many online red products, so we choose to act as an agent for such online red products as Kalo Kaman

Ji Honghu and President of golden rice

Ji Honghu and good partner chairman

Ji Honghu and Codia chairman and marketing director

Sometimes, uniqueness is also a kind of charm. For dealers, not blindly following the trend, changing the way of thinking may represent the success of another way. ‍
quick action, let upstream and downstream at ease
How to establish a foothold in the cartoon sugar game industry is a question that Ji Honghu has been thinking about since he joined the industry.

As far as A1 is concerned, it is more about the external reputation of a dealer. To do business, you need to manage your reputation first. As a high reputation dealer, we should strive to make the upstream manufacturers at ease and the downstream sales channels at ease.

In terms of upstream manufacturers, Ji Honghu made great efforts to ensure the sales volume of products, popularized the products with the fastest speed, so as to make the manufacturers feel at ease. With years of hard work, “tongleduo” has become a signboard recognized by upstream manufacturers.

In terms of downstream sales channels, Ji Honghu adheres to the principle of “whole process guidance”. In this regard, he explains: “we will tell the cooperative supermarkets in advance, so that they can rest assured that if the sales effect of the products is not ideal, we will record them in the first time and replace them as soon as possible to relieve the worries of the channel.”

A kind of

Ji Honghu proved himself with high-speed action, and was unanimously recognized by the upstream and downstream.

most of the time, action efficiency determines a person’s reputation, and dealers should pay more attention to action efficiency.

adjusts quickly to adapt to market changes
at present, cartoon candy game food is mainly aimed at children aged 3 to 9 years old. The characteristics of this kind of food are mainly combined with the IP attribute of toys to better attract consumers. In fact, the real attraction of children’s candy play food must be both delicious and fun: it will stand out in taste and be popular in toys. Ji Honghu is well aware of the characteristics of cartoon candy game products, so he chose super Feixia, Altman and other products with the same quality and taste.

product update speed is fast, the dealer found new products faster. For Ji Honghu, visiting the major exhibitions in China has become a common occurrence. Dealers need to have keen market sensitivity to quickly understand market information. In the process of exhibition, Ji Honghu constantly updated his knowledge reserve and constantly improved his control of industry information. He believed that full mastery of industry information can play an important role in the decision-making of dealers.

after more than ten years of changes, cartoon candy game industry has become an attractive cake. As a “veteran” distributor of cartoon sugar game industry in Chaoshan area, Ji Honghu constantly speeds up his own speed to adapt to the changes in the market.

A kind of

in the face of the rapid changes in the industry, Ji Honghu said seriously: “as a dealer, we still have to find our own rhythm. Some dealers are suitable for medium and high-end products, while some dealers are just the opposite. If you want to have a foothold in the industry, you should start from yourself and choose the most suitable direction for yourself.”

grasp the new trend of the market, keep up with the pace of the times, and constantly improve, so that dealers can get more long-term development. In the future, Ji Honghu will continue to improve his speed, meet the challenges faster and better, and bring more high-quality cartoon sugar game products to consumers.

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Author: Guo Jia, editor: Liu Yuting

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