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In order to acquire Nestle’s China drinking water business, this new company of Qingdao Beer Group has emerged!

Nestle Tsingtao Brewery’s group will buy Nestle Chinese mainland’s drinking water business half a month ago, and has made new progress.

The snack agent noted that recently, the State Administration of Market Supervision announced the case of Qingdao beer Youjia health drink Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tsingtao Beer Youjia”) purchasing the shares of Shanghai Nestle drinking water Co., Ltd., and the publicity period is from September 9 to September 18.

According to previous official announcements, the deal will include local brands “Dashan” and “Yunnan spring”, as well as Nestle’s three water business plants in Kunming, Shanghai and Tianjin. According to the license agreement, Qingdao Beer Group will produce and sell Nestle Youhuo brand in China.

The disclosure of the latest information above also made the main body of China water business of Nestle acquired by Qingdao Beer Group for the first time.

Tsing beer Executive

First of all, let’s care about the holy place of Qingdao beer Youjia health drink Co., Ltd., which will “drink” Nestle’s Chinese drinking water business.

After checking the industrial and commercial information, we can see that Qingdao beer Youjia health drink Co., Ltd. was established on August 21, a week before the official announcement of the transaction, with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. The scope of its license includes: beverage production; wine production; food production; liquor business; food business; food Internet sales (sales of prepackaged food).

Qingdao beer Youjia health drink Co., Ltd. is 100% owned by Qingdao beer real estate Holding Co., Ltd., which was renamed as Qingdao beer Health Industry Technology Group Co., Ltd. on August 28.

The executive team of Qingdao beer Youjia health drink Co., Ltd. now has 8 members. The chairman of the board is Lu Xujun (below), and the director and general manager of the company is Wang Kai. According to public information, Lu Xujun’s other position is vice president of Qingdao beer marketing, and Wang Kai is also general manager of Qingdao beer health drinks business department and general manager of brand management department.

According to the public information, the company plans to acquire the shares of Shanghai Nestle drinking water Co., Ltd., Tianjin Nestle natural mineral water Co., Ltd. and Yunnan Dashan Beverage Co., Ltd.

This is consistent with the previous official announcement. Before this transaction, Nestle held 100% of the shares of Shanghai Nestle drinking water, 95% of Tianjin Nestle mineral water and 100% of Yunnan Dashan. Besides Nestle, there are Tianjin Yuyang mineral water development company.

After the completion of the above transaction, Qingpi Youjia will acquire 100% equity of Shanghai Nestle drinking water, 98% equity of Tianjin Nestle mineral water, and 100% equity of Yunnan Dashan, and acquire control over the three companies.

In response to the current staff arrangements of the three companies, Nestle China said in its latest reply: “employees will remain in the existing organization.”

Separate listing?

Xiaoshidai also learned from the public information that Qingpi Youjia has not carried out any business activities at present.

“Qingdao Beer Group Co., Ltd., subordinate to Qingpi Youjia, is engaged in beer production and sales, real estate development and other businesses through its subsidiaries. At the same time, Qingdao Brewery Group is also engaged in a small amount of bottled water and barreled water business through its subsidiaries, as well as a very small amount of soda water and bubble water business. ” The above public information is disclosed.

Dashan of Yunnan Province provides bottled water and bottled water, which is one of the important natural spring water enterprises in China.

The public information also pointed out that in the same relevant market, the total market share of all the operators involved in the concentration (i.e. Qingpi Youjia and Shanghai Nestle drinking water, Tianjin Nestle mineral water and Yunnan Dashan) is less than 15% (Note: This is the minimum available share listed in the publicity form, and does not mean that the actual share is close to the value).

Although it is not clear what specific plans Qingdao Beer Group will have for drinking water business in the next step, it is certain that it has determined to use health drinks including drinking water as a new race track other than beer.

According to public reports, Huang Kexing, party secretary and chairman of Qingdao beer group, said at the summer summit of 2020 Yabuli forum held at the end of August that Tsingtao Beer Group acquired Nestle China’s water business in order to start the “second track”.

He pointed out that Qingdao Beer Group has been running the first track for 100 years, and at least it has been in the forefront of Chinese beer enterprises. For the second track, the future goal is to create an ecology around the three business sectors of happiness, health and fashion on the resource platform of Qingdao beer.

Specifically, happiness plate is beer, and health plate is composed of healthy food, healthy drink and healthy water. Huang Kexing also described that the health sector has just started, and the acquisition of Nestle water business is like adding a booster. He believes that in the future, “it will be in the forefront of this track in a very fast time”.

Interestingly, according to previous research reports by industry analysts, Tsingtao beer, which is already a listed company, even has the “idea” of rebuilding a listed company around the beverage sector. In the Qingdao beer research report released in June, CSCI said,

The report also pointed out that there was synergy between soda water and Tsingtao Beer’s existing business, including production equipment and channels. Among them, the channel synergy is stronger, which means “do not need to consume too much energy of sales personnel”.

“In the future, Tsingtao Brewery Group will create a happy plate with beer as the main body, and expand and strengthen the beer business.” According to a notice given by Tsingtao Brewery to snack agents, the company will also create a health sector dominated by “soda water + mineral water + health drinks” series, promote the development of health drink industry and “further build a leading enterprise in beverage and drinking water industry”.

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