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The Hong Kong Consumer Council pointed out the risk of sugar free and low sugar drinks. Danone plans to put into production in Huate medical food factory next year. Nestle will terminate the bottled water trading. PepsiCo will appoint new executives and Goubuli will terminate the cooperation with Wangfujing store

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Goubuli group released a statement: cancellation of cooperation with the franchisee of Wangfujing store (company news)

Today, Goubuli Group Co., Ltd. issued a statement on the recent Wangfujing franchise store incident: without reporting to the Goubuli group, Goubuli Wangfujing store has dealt with it arbitrarily in the face of consumer evaluation, which is seriously inappropriate, and cannot represent the official behavior and position of the group. As the store has seriously violated the provisions on brand management of Goubuli group and the franchise agreement signed with Goubuli group, which has seriously damaged the reputation of Goubuli group and caused extremely bad social impact, Goubuli group will terminate the cooperation with the franchise Party of the store from now on.

Hong Kong Stock Exchange added Nongfu Shanquan as market volatility adjustment mechanism securities (CFA)

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange announced today that nongnongnong spring was added to the market volatility adjustment mechanism securities. In 2016, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx) launched the market volatility adjustment mechanism (MIM) in the securities market to prevent extreme price fluctuations of individual stocks.

Guizhou Maotai finance company has new action (company announcement)

According to Guizhou Maotai’s announcement tonight, Guizhou Maotai Group Finance Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of the company, is allowed to carry out fixed income securities investment business, and the total investment scale shall not exceed 70% of its total capital.


According to the news of the Danone official account, in Wuxi, one of the three major bases in the world, Danone medical nutrition has been on the rise of a modern special food factory. Now it has entered the stage of product approval and is scheduled to start production next year. Li Jian, senior global vice president of Danone specialty nutrition, said: “to make a special medical food that Chinese consumers love, we are testing some of their favorite flavors, such as jujube flavor.”

Fonterra acquires Australian cheese maker (Foodbev)

Fonterra (Australia) yesterday agreed to buy Dairy country, a cheese maker owned by retail food group, for $14.03 million, foreign media reported. Fonterra hopes the acquisition will help improve the company’s performance in the Australian cheese market.


Nestle Canada ends sale of bottled water (Foodbev)

Nestle announced yesterday that it would stop selling its pure life bottled water brand to ice river spring, a bottled water company. Nestle (Canada) said this was because the two companies failed to pass the regulatory approval process of the competition authority within the time frame set by Nestle, which led to the failure of the transaction.


Coca Cola plans to buy back corporate bonds ahead of schedule (company news)

Coca Cola announced yesterday that it intends to buy back corporate bonds in advance. As of September 14, Coca Cola had a total of US $4.57 billion (about RMB 30.96 billion) and 3.05 billion (about RMB 24.579 billion) of outstanding corporate bonds.


PepsiCo appoints new executive vice president and chief strategy and transformation Officer (company news)

Yesterday, PepsiCo appointed Athina kanioura as executive vice president and chief strategy and transformation officer, who will report to Ramon laguarta, PepsiCo’s chairman and chief executive officer. Kanioura will lead PepsiCo’s end-to-end strategy to win the company and key markets, including the company’s digital and data strategy. She will also lead the transformation of the entire company – while ensuring PepsiCo’s scale advantage, she will be able to focus on accelerating growth, identifying cost efficiency and areas for optimization.


PepsiCo to launch a new type of sleeping drink (CNBC)

According to foreign media reports yesterday, PepsiCo will launch a sleeping drink called drivewell, which contains 200 mg of L-theanine and 10% of magnesium recommended daily to help relieve stress and improve sleep. Drivewell will be sold online across the United States in December and in physical stores in the first quarter of 2021.

Hohhot Yixing dairy Investment Center (limited partnership) established (business information)

According to the industrial and commercial information, Hohhot Yixing dairy Investment Center (limited partnership) was established on September 10. The executive partner is Inner Mongolia Qiwang Management Consulting Co., Ltd., and its business scope includes: Dairy investment; investment management; equity investment. Among them, Yili shares hold 40.06% of the shares, which is the second largest shareholder.

Zhang Yong, chairman of Haidilao: the epidemic is a blessing in disguise

Yesterday evening, Haidilao chairman Zhang Yong shared his investment experience during the live broadcast, saying that he had encountered difficulties during the epidemic, but also had a blessing in disguise. He was able to sort out the organizational structure of Haidilao according to each department at home, so as to make changes after recovery. In addition, when I started my business, I wanted to have a good life, but I found that I had bought a house, but the lobby manager and the chef couldn’t buy it. So I opened a branch and asked them to become shop managers. In order to make people around me affordable, hotpot shops opened more and more.


Strategic cooperation between Tang Renshen and Jiangnan University to enter the field of “artificial meat” (Interface)

Tang Renshen (002567) group decided to enter the field of “artificial meat” to provide consumers with “double protein meat”, according to today’s report of interface. Recently, the unveiling and strategic cooperation ceremony of “Jiangnan University TangRenShen Group innovative food joint research institute” was held in Jiangnan University. The two sides intend to carry out comprehensive strategic cooperation in the fields of fermented feed biotechnology, nutrition balanced plant meat and its products. The joint research institute will focus on the strategy of big food and big health, and take “double protein meat” as the main direction, that is, the combination of plant protein and animal protein.

Beyond meatballs launched by beyond meat (company news)

Yesterday, beyond meat, a vegetable meat company, launched beyond meatballs, a vegetable meatball product. It is said that this seasoned and pre baked product can make it easier for consumers to cook. Beyond meatballs will be available in the fresh meat section of major U.S. supermarkets in early October, with a recommended retail price of $6.99/12 (about RMB 47.36).

Meat tech3d acquired “artificial” fat developer (Foodbev) for 118 million yuan

Meat tech 3D, an Israeli meat culture start-up, has agreed to buy a developer of artificially cultured fats. According to meattech 3D, the company has developed a patented stem cell-based technology that can produce animal fats (such as beef, chicken or goose fat) in bioreactors without harming any animals. According to the completed due diligence process and the final agreement, meat tech will purchase 100% of the company’s shares in cash and equity at a price of about US $17.5 million (about RMB 118 million). Previously, meat tech 3D has developed a patented technology for bio printers, which can use 3D printing technology to produce “meat”.


Master Kong Holdings Limited plans to launch the international sale of non mortgage preferred notes (company announcement)

Today, the board of directors of Master Kong Holdings Limited announced its intention to launch an international sale of the unsecured preferred notes. At present, the principal amount, interest rate, payment date and other terms and conditions of the proposed note issuance have not been implemented. After the terms of the notes have been implemented, it is expected that the proceeds from the notes entered into by and between Barclays, Nomura, CICC, Bank of China (Hong Kong), Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Hong Kong Branch, SMBC Nikko and the company will be used to refinance certain of their existing liabilities and for other general corporate purposes. The company may adjust its plan in response to changes in market conditions and reallocate the use of the proceeds.

“The first share of steamed bread” was approved to be listed in Beijing Business Daily

According to the Beijing business daily, recently, the website of the Securities Regulatory Commission announced that China drink Barbie has obtained approval for IPO. This means that there is only a series of sprint processes, such as roadshow, inquiry, and IPO, for the listing of China drink Barbie. According to the prospectus, the company plans to raise 950 million yuan for capacity expansion and technology improvement of production, manufacturing and management, including intelligent plant project, production line and storage system improvement project, direct marketing network construction project, food research and development center and testing center construction project.


Shanghai Hairong Food Technology Co., Ltd. has submitted for registration (Shenzhen Stock Exchange)

According to the official website of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Shanghai Hairong Food Technology Co., Ltd. submitted for registration on September 11. The company’s main business is the R & D, production and sales of butter, chocolate, jam and other baking food raw materials, of which the main products are vegetable butter series products. According to the company’s previous pre disclosure documents, the company’s total revenue is 420 million yuan in 2019 and 228 million yuan in the first half of 2020. The funds raised this time are mainly used for the expansion and construction of vegetable fat cream, jam and chocolate production, frozen confectionery factory construction, cold storage construction, science and technology research and development center construction project and supplementary working capital.


New dairy: purchase of Huanmei dairy and issuance of convertible bonds are not mutual preconditions (Beijing business daily)

On the evening of September 14, new dairy issued a reply with CITIC Securities Co., Ltd. on the preparation for the meeting of the issuance and Examination Committee of new hope Dairy Co., Ltd. for the public offering of convertible bonds, xindairy said that the purchase of 60% equity of Huanmei dairy with its own funds and the purchase of 40% of equity by raising funds from convertible bonds were package transactions, but the two transactions were not mutually preconditions.

Burger King launches “burger supervisor” activity (China Youth Network)

According to China yesterday, Burger King China launched the “burger supervisor” prize collection activity. From September 14, Burger King China wechat member center will add a special activity entry. Successful applicants can get a free package, and then they will receive a “burger supervisor” questionnaire, which includes food safety, food quality and restaurant service Service, restaurant environment, promotion activities, etc. In addition, Burger King has launched a surveillance channel from micro-blog tiktok, WeChat and Jo Yin, and consumers can provide feedback.


CTS Luzhou Laojiao Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd. was established (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton news yesterday, tianyancha app showed that on September 11, 2020, China Travel Luzhou Laojiao Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 300 million yuan, and its legal representative is Li Gang. The company’s business scope includes food business, tourism business, scenic spot management, travel agency service network, tourism solicitation and consulting service, entertainment and entertainment products sales, and cultural and art auxiliary Director; hotel management, etc. China Tourism Luzhou Laojiao Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd. has two major shareholders, namely, Hong Kong China Travel International Investment Co., Ltd. and Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd., with shareholding ratios of 60% and 40% respectively.


The final of Abbott Yasu children’s talent challenge comes to an end (company news)

Recently, the finals of Abbott’s “growing challenge camp” children’s talent challenge came to an end in Chongqing. The company said that the competition hopes to create extraordinary growth experience for participating children and advocate comprehensive support and protection of healthy growth of young children with scientific nutrition. Jarrault, vice president of Abbott nutrition North Asia, said Abbott has long been concerned about children’s physical and mental health development and “is committed to providing cutting-edge technology and products”.

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Hong Kong Consumer Council: sugar free and low sugar drinks get fatter

The Hong Kong Consumer Council has tested 51 sweetener containing drinks and found that 40% of the total sugar content of the samples reached half or more of the daily free sugar intake recommended by the WHO. Drinking one bottle has exceeded the daily recommended free sugar intake, which proves that the sugar content of drinks containing sweeteners is not necessarily low. Excessive intake of sweeteners over a long period of time also has health risks. It can make people addicted to sweetness, and the more you drink, the fatter you will become. At the same time, the Consumer Council pointed out that some sports drinks on the market claim to be able to “improve performance” and “supplement energy”, which may mislead people into thinking that they are healthier than other drinks, while ignoring that they may contain a lot of sugar and additives. The test found that no matter whether the functional drinks contain natural sugar or not, sweeteners are added. If there is not a large amount of physical consumption, it is not appropriate to drink them excessively. Pregnant women, “three high” people and patients with heart disease should take extra care when drinking. Long term drinking will increase the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke and even death.

Signing of China EU agreement on the protection and cooperation of geographical indications

Yesterday, Chinese Minister of Commerce Zhong Shan signed the agreement on protection and cooperation of geographical indications between the government of the people’s Republic of China and the European Union, with German ambassador to China gerzer and EU ambassador to China Yu Bai. There are 275 regulations on the protection of geographical indications, such as tea and wine, etc. According to the agreement, the first batch of 100 well-known geographical indications in China, such as Anxi Tieguanyin, Wuchang rice and Sichuan pickle, will be protected by the European Union immediately after the agreement comes into effect, effectively preventing counterfeiting and other violations. The second batch of 175 geographical indications will be protected within four years of the entry into force of the agreement. At the same time, China has the right to use the official logo of EU.

It is reported that these are the well-known geographical indications of both sides, such as Shaoxing wine, Lu’an Guapian, Anxi Tieguanyin and Eastern Helan Mountain wine in China, and European champagne, Bavarian beer, Parma ham and olive oil of majina mountains. These geographical indications will benefit thousands of products and production enterprises.

In August, the growth rate of total retail sales of consumer goods turned positive for the first time in the year (statistical wechat)

In August, the total retail sales of social consumer goods increased by 0.5% in nominal terms, the first positive growth in the year, and the scale of market sales exceeded the level of the same month last year. After deducting the price factor, the total retail sales of social consumer goods decreased by 1.1%, 1.6 percentage points lower than that in July. In particular, compared with July, the recovery of market sales has expanded, showing the trend of accelerated recovery of consumer goods market. With the increase of residents’ travel and dining activities, the operation of accommodation and catering industry continued to recover. In August, the catering income decreased by 7.0% year on year, 4% lower than that in July.

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