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Yu Xudong: grow in opportunities and seize opportunities in growth

In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s baking industry, the business income of baking Enterprises above the national scale is also growing, and baking product dealers are facing great development opportunities.

Yu Xudong, general manager of Shanghai shuoyan Trading Co., Ltd

Yu Xudong, general manager of Shanghai shuoyan Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “shuoyan trade”), seized the opportunity and got promoted in the development. He successfully ranked on the list of “2020 top 100 Chinese high-end cake gold sellers” in the 2020 China candy and snack exhibition, China ice cream cold food exhibition and global high-end food exhibition (whole food exhibition).

Why can Yu Xudong seize the opportunity?
1. Strictly check and understand the products in depth
The year 2000 was a year of extraordinary significance for many people. The millennium has entered a new century and ushered in a new life. In Yu Xudong’s memory, that was the starting point of his career. Over the past 20 years, Yu Xudong, with Shuo Yan’s trade, has made him a leader in the industry.

Yu Xudong believes that dealers are to act as agents for good products. Good products should first meet the needs of the market, and then have their own characteristics and advantages. He said, “I’m very strict with the selection. Although we sometimes choose some products intuitively, we still have to go through the manufacturers and peers to fully understand before deciding whether to act as an agent. ” Only by fully understanding the product, can we ensure that the agent can operate easily. Yu Xudong has always adhered to this principle of selection, and is particularly strict with new products. He explains, “we must understand new products from many aspects, not just from one side.”
After fully understanding, Yu Xudong will still consider from other aspects. For dealers, they should be patient in choosing products. The appearance, quality, strength and service of the manufacturer are the criteria for consideration. Because of Yu Xudong’s strictness, shuoyan’s trade agents such as gangrong, Haoshi, ranli, Beifu, Yipin, Jinxuan, feiye, dingpan, haizhizhi, liuhuating, beliel, fils, yumeiyuan, Baishi bear, qianbawu, bedwang, guorenyuan, apojia and other leisure food products have promoted the market popularity with high quality.
Rigorous and serious has become the label of Yu Xudong, and has been unanimously recognized in the industry. To seize the opportunity, it is necessary for dealers to adhere to a serious and responsible attitude.
2. Set up stores and firmly grasp the initiative
With the advent of the Internet era, problems such as the impact of e-commerce, intensified contradictions between manufacturers and channel conflicts have become increasingly prominent, which makes many dealers feel marginalized anxiety. Facing this changing market, Yu Xudong has been thinking about how to turn the situation around and take the initiative? “It takes a lot of effort and cost to become a strong and large-scale distributor. In addition, it is difficult to manage the domestic sales staff. If you want to be engaged in the dealer industry for a long time, it is necessary to set up a chain store of your own,” he said
In the future, we should develop our own chain stores, but Yu Xudong still pays attention to multi-channel operation. He said the company’s plan is to make community channels as detailed as possible to facilitate customers to buy goods. Shanghai market is quite special, and the channel segmentation is diversified. In order to better pursue the advantages and avoid the disadvantages, aiming at the general contracting mode of Shanghai supermarket channel, the competition of commercial supermarket channel has become white hot, and the current situation of market segmentation, Yu Xudong thinks that in the future, small-scale quantitative packaging products should be the development trend, so the company specially set up (new Department) for community convenience / fruit store / Tetong new retail channel Sales channel development and maintenance.

In this regard, he explained: “Shanghai and Beijing, the first tier cities in China, have a relatively fast pace of life. The market prospect of high-quality bakery products is very big. The market investment cost in the early stage of development will be relatively high, and the effect will be better in the later stage, and the sales will not be bad and the ratio will be stable. Especially in Shanghai, the biggest difference is that there are too many channel segments. At present, we focus on channel development, and we will first enter the market with quantitative packaging. In the future, we will adjust the product mix according to the situation of the stores. I believe the market will be more promising. ”

With Yu Xudong’s efforts, Shuo Yan trading’s products focus on some domestic high-quality manufacturers, so as to provide consumers with healthy and delicious products and better services.
To seize the opportunity, we need to firmly hold the initiative in our hands.
3. Multi channel operation to meet the future
Although he has his own stores, Yu Xudong still pays attention to multi-channel operation and adopts the way of combination of online and offline. He said the company’s plan is to make the community channel as extreme as possible.

In the process of marketing, Yu Xudong paid special attention to the word-of-mouth. With the good reputation of Shuo Yan trade, it has been supported by upstream manufacturers and downstream enterprises. Yu Xudong is well aware of the importance of dealing with the downstream after-sales. In order to provide better service for the downstream sales channels, Yu Xudong attaches great importance to the cultivation of salesman quality and the speed of logistics distribution. Excellent service has won the support of the upstream and downstream of Shuo Yan trade. Yu Xudong said: “to cooperate with us, we need to make our customers feel at ease, good products and service, and then we can cooperate for a long time.”
To seize the opportunity, we need to handle the relationship between upstream and downstream.
At the same time, China’s leisure catering and baking market has developed rapidly in recent years, with an average annual growth rate of more than 10%. As a huge collective in the leisure food industry, dealers need to adapt themselves to the changing times through various changes with the times! There is a long way to go in the future. Yu Xudong will continue to adhere to the principle of careful selection and clear positioning, and take Shuo Yan trade to meet new opportunities.
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Editor in chief: Li Jun
Author: Guo Jia, editor: Liu Yuting

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