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It is said that Burger King’s Chinese franchisee intends to sell its shares, and the financial director of the liquor industry has been forced to invest in European plant-based brands, and 171 overseas manufacturers of imported dairy products have been registered

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据彭博今日报道,知情人士称,汉堡王在全球的最大特许经营商土耳其TAB Food Investments正考虑出售其所持有的汉堡王中国业务的50%股份(即其持有的全部股权),估值超过12亿美元,目前正评估来自私募股权公司等潜在竞购者的兴趣,可能最早下月启动出售进程。知情人士称,目前讨论仍处于早期阶段,可能决定保留这项业务,或重启IPO计划。TAB的一名代表说,目前还没有正在进行的股权出售过程。TAB目前在中国运营着1200多家汉堡王餐厅,在土耳其和中国的餐厅总数接近2000家。

The financial person in charge of shede liquor industry was taken compulsory measures by the public security organ (company announcement)


China flying crane shares fell 5% after hitting a new high


Mengniu Group (Lingwu) northwest dairy industry chain project promotion meeting held (Lingwu government website)


New business of dingdong vegetable purchasing affiliated company


Dongpeng special tiktok marketing campaign (company news)

Recently, Dongpeng special drink has launched a series of activities on the tiktok. In July, Dongpeng teyin launched a TVC with “tired and sleepy” as its core, forming a strong brand mark. The August 10th content co creation competition ended with a total of 8 billion 630 million playback. On the 28 day, the second phase of the national challenge was launched with the theme of “tired tiktok and awakening one summer”. Today, the heat of the competition and the challenge of the challenge is still continuing. Dongpeng tiktok said that the reason why it chose to do marketing action on the platform is not only the flow considerations, but also the brand exposure and the word of mouth.

Cross border cooperation between Kouzijiao and Yuanqi forest

First finance and economics quoted Kouzijiao news today. On September 16, at the new product conference of Yuanqi forest, Kouzijiao appeared as a cooperative brand to launch cross-border cooperation of “traditional Chinese liquor + bubble juice”.

Nestle espresso announces carbon neutral 2022 (company news)

Nestle espresso today announced that the brand promises to be carbon neutral in every cup of espresso, whether it’s a home or professional customer, by 2022. To this end, the brand will reduce carbon emissions, plant trees in and around coffee farms, and invest in quality neutralization projects.

Danone’s alpro brand increases investment in Europe( )

Danone’s alpro brand has announced that it will invest 30 million euros in its Kettering plant in the UK and wevelgem in Belgium in order to keep pace with the fast-growing consumer demand for plant-based products, British media reported today. Among them, a new high-speed packaging line will be developed in the UK factory with 200 employees, which can produce an additional 75 million packages of soybeans, oats, rice and coconut drinks each year.

Kraft Heinz redefines values to guide environmental initiatives (company news)

Kraft Heinz recently released its second environmental and social governance (ESG) report to support its commitment to sustainable practices. Through integration initiatives around continuous improvement within the organization, from responsible sourcing of raw materials to expanding nutrition guidelines, kraft Heinz is adopting a cross functional approach, guided by the company’s redefined values, the report said.

New business of the affiliated company of dingdong


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39 batches of unqualified returned and destroyed dairy products at ports across the country in the first 8 months (food partner network)

On September 11, according to Jiao Yang, director of TBT Research Department of the international inspection and quarantine standards and technical regulations research center of the General Administration of customs, China imported 2.2 million tons of dairy products from January to August, and 39 batches of unqualified imported dairy products were returned and destroyed. Among them, the imported infant formula milk powder has accounted for one third of domestic consumption, and whey powder, the key raw material of domestic infant formula milk powder, relies on import. From January to August this year, 171 imported dairy products overseas manufacturers were approved to register.

Lishui publishes action plan to promote the development of coffee industry (Lishui government website)

According to news from Lishui government website today, the city printed and distributed an action plan to promote the development of coffee industry, hoping to make the coffee industry a characteristic industry in Lishui through three years’ efforts, and Lishui coffee enjoys a nationwide reputation. The scheme encourages enterprises and individual businesses in the city to provide coffee consumption in various public places, and advocates ordering and taking out meal list to increase coffee supply; business owners are encouraged to introduce international and domestic famous coffee brands, and the introduction of coffee brands is included in the assessment of service industry investment promotion projects.

Seasonal food survey of moon cakes released in Hong Kong (Centre for food safety, food and Environmental Hygiene Department)

According to the centre for food safety of the Hong Kong food and Environmental Hygiene Department yesterday, all 163 samples have passed the test according to the results of the second phase of the seasonal food survey on moon cakes. The spokesman reminded that a balanced diet should be maintained and no excessive consumption of moon cakes should be allowed, as the sugar and fat content of moon cakes are generally high, and some types of moon cakes are also high in salt content. Eating too much fat increases the risk of overweight and obesity, and dietary sugar intake is a decisive factor in weight and tooth decay. In addition, excessive sodium intake increases the risk of high blood pressure, fatal stroke and coronary heart disease.

The signing of the geographical indication agreement between Europe and China benefits German beer enterprises (China News Network)

According to China news network today, in response to the official signing of the geographical indication agreement between China and Europe, Joerg Lehmann, chairman of the German brewing Association, said in an exclusive interview in Berlin that this is undoubtedly good news for German beer enterprises. He said trade between Germany and China has returned to a level close to that before the outbreak, and there is reason to be optimistic about the future of the beer trade between the two countries. The association represents the interests of more than 1500 breweries in Germany.

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