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Lu Guangchao, a gold seller: on the selection method of dealers, Lu Guangchao has something to say

In the leisure food industry, distributors have been playing an important role as a link between the preceding and the following. However, with the continuous change of consumer demand, it is difficult for dealers to select and nurture products, which is difficult to form long-term sustainable profit and development. So how to choose products and change the status quo?

Lu Guangchao, general manager of Cangzhou Longhan Trading Co., Ltd
Lu Guangchao, general manager of Cangzhou Longhan commerce and Trade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Longhan trade”) who has just won the “2020 top 50 Chinese cartoon toy and food distributors” has a lot of opinions on this.


Quality first
First of all, we should consider whether the products can occupy the market, only high-quality products can be favored by consumers. “When I see a product at first sight, I know if it will sell well,” Lu said Thanks to his unique vision, Lu Guangchao has been shuttling around the national food exhibitions for many years and witnessed the birth of numerous popular products.
Lu Guangchao, general manager of Longhan commerce and Li Jun, director of whole food exhibition
(right to left)
Take advantage of various opportunities, contact with peers, listen to the opinions of peers, learn from the experience of successful people, in order to make up for their own shortcomings. Lu Guangchao expressed his deep gratitude for the platform provided by China candy. He said: “through this platform, I have met many excellent colleagues and learned a lot from them.”

Today, Lu Guangchao is involved in all fields of the leisure food industry. For example:

1. Leisure: Zhenqiao, Hongtu, Shunwang, Jinnuo, Aidi road bread, tianxiangfang Guoba, yiweiyuan, etc 3、 Sugar Games: jindaogu, Xiaoxie, xiaourchin, xingfeiyang, zhiyuzhile, qiaole, meidaxi, xiliyou, youzhiweipin, xiaozhubenben, Nanjing Tangqu, doumi, etc
These products are loved by consumers with their high quality. In order to cultivate “bright eyes”, don’t you hurry up?


Consider profit
As the saying goes, “it is more difficult to keep business than to start a business”. It is also the same for dealers to choose products. We must consider whether the products can hold the market. This is an era that changes faster than planned, and the sudden rise of small candy products exceeds Lu Guangchao’s expectation. After seeing the market prospect of small candy products, Lu Guangchao resolutely reversed the direction and set out with Longhan commerce and Commerce towards small candy products.
“I entered the leisure food industry just to make money,” Lu joked The pursuit of profit is human nature, but how to pursue it is a great test for dealers. Choosing products that can hold the market and casting a solid wall in the hearts of consumers can ensure the long-term survival of products.


Control channels
Not long ago, a flower stand full of lollipops caused a stir in the whole sugar playing circle. Because of its unique shape, piggy lollipop can only be placed next to the cash register, but it has been rejected by some large supermarkets. To this end, many dealers flinch, but Lu Guangchao boldly took over piggy Benben.
In fact, he found that the pig clumsy inserted in the flower rack next to the cash register is beautiful and can attract consumers’ attention. As expected, the emergence of this unique display has caused a stir in the whole sugar play circle and triggered heated discussions.

As a dealer, you should learn to control the channel, use your own channel, and choose the most suitable product for yourself.


brand effect

Dealers can not choose products without the support of manufacturers, so, how to get the approval of manufacturers? Lu Guangchao believes that as long as dealers do a good job in displaying products and highlight the highlights of products, they can get the support of manufacturers. The display of pig Benben flower rack has been highly praised by the manufacturers, which greatly improves the market position of Longhan trade.

Of course, dealers are also inseparable from the support of sales channels. Lu Guangchao has always been focusing on offline channels. In his mind, the supermarkets in Longhan’s business cooperation are long-term partners. He said, “if a new product comes into the market, I will know about the product in advance, make the most adequate preparation, and plan a scheme that best reflects the highlights of the product. After we have a specific plan, we will talk to Shangchao channel. “
The serious and rigorous attitude has established a good reputation for Lu Guangchao and won the trust of the channel.
With the concerted efforts of the upstream and downstream, Lu Guangchao’s choice of products naturally enhanced his strength. Therefore, to deal with the relationship between upstream and downstream, and establish a good reputation, is helpful for dealers to choose products better.


Meet the future
Everyone has the right to pursue beauty. The leisure food industry is gradually developing to the high-end, and the atmospheric and beautiful products are more and more popular with consumers. Lu Guangchao deeply loves the industry and is full of expectations for the future. He said that in the future, on the premise of ensuring high quality, it will continue to develop towards beautiful and atmospheric products.
The choice of products to a certain extent determines the success of dealers. Lu Guangchao, with years of experience, summed up a unique selection method. While learning excellent experience, we should also understand that there are traps everywhere in the selection, and we should learn to avoid them. Combined with Lu Guangchao’s excellent experience, some methods to avoid pitfalls are summarized
First, we should not choose the products that only talk about policies and do not involve promotion; secondly, we should fully understand the price, policy and sales mode of products before considering cooperation; thirdly, we should only choose the right products instead of good ones; fourthly, we should fully investigate the manufacturers and choose the manufacturers who share the same aspirations so as to jointly promote the development of products.

Product selection is the top priority of the dealer’s work. The key is to be patient, to find the right enterprise, to choose the right product and to match their own and future development needs.
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Editor in chief: Li Jun
Author: Guo Jia; Editor: Liu Yuting

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