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As a mature dealer, you need to learn these

General manager Yu of Shanghai shuoyan trade laments the difficulties of the industry. In fact, people always encounter hardships of all sizes in their life. Looking back after the experience, they find that everything is nothing but passing away, leaving behind only rich experience.

Yu Xudong, a gold seller:
Grow in opportunities, seize opportunities in growth
Yu Hua, a writer of
, said: among the younger generation of Chinese, there are many excellent people, but few can stand up to it. What is it to be able to carry things?
When Mr. Li of Jinan zhenweige leisure food sales center just entered the business, he met a snag: a fire attack, sweeping almost all products. On the one hand, there are products that have been destroyed once, and on the other hand, employees who are looking forward to looking forward to it.

Li Qian, a gold seller:

Surpassing 100 million sales, post-90s girls interpret “children of other families”

In life, it is inevitable to encounter unexpected situations, some people are disorganized and disordered. Some people are calm and calm. When you encounter problems, you should first keep your mind steady. As the ancients said, if you keep the green hills, you will not be afraid to burn without firewood. First, stabilize the present, control the situation, do not let the situation worsen, then can accumulate strength and wait for opportunities.

To be a dealer who can carry the work can get the trust of manufacturers and the support of sales channels.


Only those who can control their emotions can control their own lives. In fact, the things that make you anxious and painful may not be as serious as you think. In many cases, they are just bluffing themselves. When Xiao Zhou just decided to be a dealer, she would like to talk to a respected elder sister when she encountered problems. Later, she encouraged her to keep an optimistic attitude and smile when meeting problems.

People should learn to be the master of emotions. Even if the sky is covered with dark clouds, what will happen? If you pass through the past, you will have a clear sky.
Controlling emotions doesn’t mean tolerating them. Everyone will have emotional moments out of control, if not released in time, it will seriously affect people’s health. Dealers need to go out frequently, deal with all kinds of people, and learn to be the master of emotions.
How should we face difficulties when we encounter difficulties?

Huang Qingyang

Agency products rely on fate, Buddha “big man” is formed in this way

First of all, we should learn how to deal with problems in Buddhism. Mr. Huang of Quanzhou yiheda Trading Co., Ltd. is a Buddhist magnate. No matter what problems he encounters, he always smiles and never gives up. Slowly, the industry learned about the calm dealer, and many people appreciated his calmness. In real life, many people lack this point. Hayao Miyazaki once said in “Totoro” that “after hard work, you will know a lot of things. If you persist, you will come here.” After a ordeal, looking back, I can see that the tribulation on the road at that time was no more than that.

Wang Jingfeng

30 years of ingenuity, how does Ningbo’s big dealers develop their “golden eyes”

Secondly, we should learn to summarize and grow. After 30 years of hard work in the dealer industry, President Wang of Ningbo Lianfa food inevitably encountered the problems of market transformation and low product sales. When there is a problem, he has to solve the problem. Mr. Wang first took the way of buying and giving gifts, and made a special price for the goods. At the same time, he specially sat with the manufacturer, summed up the difficulties faced and solved the problem together. In the face of difficulties, Mr. Wang constantly summed up experience, won the trust of manufacturers, won the recognition of manufacturers and consumers.
People with growth thinking will absorb nutrients from setbacks and help them grow better.

Only when we can endure loneliness can we keep prosperity. When encountering setbacks, calm and self-sustaining, sum up experience, maximize the difficulty into help, help yourself grow.

In daily life, many people use the word “thank you”. But how many people really put gratitude in their hearts?

Xu Wenchao

How can Shandong people strive to be the first and win the future together with manufacturers?

General manager Xu of Tengzhou Hongrun business owes all the company’s achievements to the team, while general manager Dong, chairman of Chengdu rongyipin, regards “gratitude” as the company’s operating philosophy.

Mr. Dong zongtao

How did he adapt to the change of upgrading and transformation after 20 years of fast food business?

People will encounter many difficulties in their life. When difficulties come, the only thing we can do is to be grateful to everyone who has extended a helping hand. For dealers, gratitude is particularly important. Only by thanking the manufacturers can we get the trust of the manufacturers; by thanking the sales channels, can we get the recognition of the channels and improve the sales volume of the products; by thanking the employees, we can create a harmonious and unified working atmosphere, so as to better build the company and build the leisure food industry.

The writer Su Cen has a saying: when in the worst mood, he will still eat on time, go to bed early and get up early, and have self-discipline as before. Such a person is a man who can carry things. No matter how chaotic the personnel is, you will not be disturbed. People, do not need to have so many outstanding points, can carry things is brilliant.
To be a mature distributor, able to carry things, be patient, work together to build a better food industry, to be a qualified food man.
Source: original copy of snack express needs authorization
Editor in chief: Li Jun
Author: Guo Jia; Editor: Liu Yuting

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