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Feihe and COFCO packaging strategic cooperation, golden dragon fish IPO registration was approved, three squirrel shareholders reduced their holdings, Jianhe promoted new milk powder, Hershey changed its legal representative, and simplified the Tokyo Olympic Games

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Yesterday, Nestle and Jingdong Logistics established a digital intelligent operation system in the North Distribution Center in Beichen District of Tianjin. Recently, both sides successfully implemented an innovation project in the distribution center. The project has the ability to automatically identify specific products and deliver them to designated customers, including the distribution of goods by Nestle’s retailers, distributors and wholesalers (online and offline), and identify their geographical location, thus reducing the manual operation in the delivery and delivery links in the distribution center.

Maotai Group plans to issue 15 billion corporate bonds to purchase some equity of Guizhou Expressway (surging News)

Today, according to public information disclosure, China’s Guizhou Maotai distillery (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Maotai Group”) plans to issue no more than 15 billion yuan of corporate bonds (including 15 billion yuan) to professional investors. For the reasons for the issuance of bonds, Maotai Group said in the application draft that it is intended to be used for equity acquisition of Guizhou Expressway Group Co., Ltd., repayment of interest bearing debt, supplement of liquidity demand, etc.

China Securities Regulatory Commission approves IPO registration of goldfish gem (CSRC)

According to information from the CSRC today, Yihai Jiali Jinlong fish grain, oil and Food Co., Ltd. has recently agreed to register its initial public offering on the gem. The company and its Underwriters will negotiate with the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to determine the issuance schedule and publish the offering documents in succession.

Heilongjiang Feihe and COFCO packaging signed strategic cooperation agreement (company announcement)

Yesterday, COFCO packaging announced that COFCO packaging investment (the company’s indirect wholly-owned subsidiary) and Heilongjiang Feihe signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Accordingly, COFCO’s packaging investment will be from During the period of April 30, 2022, the construction of equipment and facilities for intelligent tin can production line in Heilongjiang Feihe Industrial Park in Harbin will be completed, and a pilot test base will be established in the Innovation Center building of the industrial park to provide relevant R & D and testing equipment. The relevant equipment of the production line and test base will be wholly owned by COFCO packaging investment. The relevant production lines will produce no less than 50 million tin cans per year within the validity period of the strategic cooperation agreement.

Full use of RPET for Danone small size bottled water in France (Figaro)

Starting this month, all Danone’s small bottled water in French markets, whether sold in supermarkets, cafes or restaurants, will be made of recycled plastic (RPET), according to the Figaro newspaper yesterday. The company hopes that by 2025, all bottled water products will no longer be made from new plastics.

Guangming dairy clarified that it had not launched “Guangming New Retail” and other publicity content and products (company news)

Recently, some consumers reported that “Guangming New Retail”, “Shanxian drink”, “Qingqing drink”, “flaxseed meal powder” and other publicity contents and products appeared on microblog, wechat and online shopping platform, and the word “Guangming” and logo appeared in the product promotion link and product packaging. Guangming dairy industry yesterday responded: “1. Our company and its subsidiaries (branches) have not launched this product Second, our company and its subsidiaries (branches) have not established cooperative relations with the manufacturers and sellers of such products. “

Huachuang Securities: three year target market value of China Resources beer is HK $300 billion (Tong Hua Shun finance and Economics)

According to tonghuashun finance and economics yesterday, Huachuang securities gave China Resources beer a target market value of HK $205 billion and a three-year target market value of HK $300 billion, covering the first time a “push” rating. Based on the core assumptions such as high-end sales volume increase and ton cost decrease, the bank forecasts the net profit after restoration of RMB 2.78 billion, RMB 4.14 billion and RMB 5.34 billion respectively for 20-22 years.

Lyon: Vitasoy’s recovery is in line with expectations

According to astak finance and Economics website yesterday, Lyon published a report saying that it was optimistic about the recovery and long-term growth prospects of Vitasoy after the epidemic. At present, the company’s business recovery was in line with expectations, but was affected by adverse weather and the government’s promotion of milk and other factors.

Increased by Chairman of the group, Zhou Heiya has soared nearly 9% (Xinbao, xiaoshidai)

According to the Xinbao news today, Zhou Heiya’s shares were increased by the chairman of the group earlier, and the stock price rose by 8.7% to HK $8.5 this morning. The newly created HK $8.23 still bounced up 5.2%, with a turnover of HK $44.2 million. Today, Zhou Heiya closed up 4.6% to HK $8.18.

Shares of three squirrel shareholders and their acting in concert reduced by 1% (company announcement)

Today, three squirrels announced that nice growth limited and Gao Zheng Capital Limited, the shareholder of nice growth limited and Gao Zheng Capital Limited, acting in concert, reduced their shareholding ratio of the company to 1%, and the shareholding ratio after this change was 23.83%. Previously, nice growth limited and Gao Zheng Capital Limited planned to reduce their holdings of no more than 9% of the shares of three squirrels. At present, the reduction plan has not been completed.

Change of legal representative of Hershey (China) Investment Management Co., Ltd. (business information)

According to industrial and commercial information, Hershey (China) Investment Management Co., Ltd. changed its legal representative on September 9, 2020, and the content after the change was “Rohit Grover”. In addition, Hu Tingzhou was not shown in the company’s key personnel information. In response to this change, Hershey China responded to the change today, saying that Hu Tingzhou is still the general manager of Hershey Greater China.

Are you hungry: Group standard for takeout small dishes will be launched (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton, recently, under the guidance of Beijing Cuisine Association, hungry Mo announced that it would jointly formulate the “group standard for small takeout dishes” jointly with Beijing business daily, Beijing Huatian, Yonghe King, Xiabu Xiabu, and Hongzhuangyuan. The data shows that for a long time, the number of “small dishes” on the platform has been growing, and the number of takeaway orders of “small dishes” has also maintained a synchronous growth. After some restaurants launched “small (half) dishes”, their order volume increased by more than 300% compared with the same period last year; the sales volume of “small dishes” and “one person food” of some merchants accounted for more than 90% of the total orders of the whole store.

Hesheng elementa and beisubeijia milk powder on the market (company news)

Yesterday, in the first half of this year, the formula registration of Hesheng element plus, beisubeijia series infant formula was officially released. Zhu Dingping, executive director of BNC China of Jianhe group, said: “in the future, we believe that Hesheng elementa and besoberga series are expected to further expand their channel advantages after the outbreak, and continue to deepen the multi line market of Chinese milk powder. “Jianhe group said that the above two series can supplement product categories for offline cities.

Kirin and FANCL plan to launch beverage daily

Kirin and FANCL plan to launch two new drinks in October, including a beverage with a functional food claim, claiming to help reduce sugar and fat absorption, foreign media reported yesterday. According to the report, this is the first time that the two companies have jointly launched such products since Kirin bought 30.3% of FANCL shares last year.

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Organizing Committee of Tokyo Olympic Games: simplifying the Olympic Games from four aspects (CCTV News)

Takeo minoro, chief executive officer of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, said that the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee is in close consultation with sponsors on the extension of contracts and other issues. In addition, it will work with the International Olympic Committee in late September to finally adjust the simplified Olympic Plan. In order to reduce costs, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee and the International Olympic Committee are in close consultation to simplify about 60 projects in four aspects. The Olympic simplification plan will be promoted in four aspects: reducing the number of relevant personnel participating in the Olympic Games and rationalizing the service; infrastructure facilities such as venues and transportation; related activities such as the opening and closing ceremonies, the torch relay, and other activities that may reduce costs.

The construction of milk source base in the core area of China dairy industry park has been steadily promoted (

According to yesterday, the project of 100000 milk source base in the core area of China Dairy Industrial Park was started in Hohhot and linger. Within three years, 100000 large-scale breeding farms will be built, and the milk production will be increased by 2000 tons; the construction of high-end production base in Hohhot core area will be expanded, and the overall production capacity will reach 6000 tons per day. In addition, more than 100000 dairy farms in China dairy industrial park have entered the construction stage, and Fuyuan international, a livestock company invested by Mengniu Group, plans to build 20000 modern pastures.

Beijing police beat down 17 criminal gangs making and selling so-called “special liquor” across provinces and cities (Xinhua)

Beijing police recently cracked down on 17 criminal gangs that made and sold so-called “special purpose” liquor across provinces and cities, and detained 46 people, reported today. The criminal gangs falsely claimed that there were high-end liquor “specially provided” and “specially provided” by a certain unit. Taking advantage of the psychology of some consumers, they specialized in the production and sale of fictitious “special supply” liquor.

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