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How to stand out from the functional food and beverage industry?

This is the 17th small meal hosted by foodplus

Let’s explore the topic of functional food and beverage

There is no unified definition standard for functional food and beverage. Taking the United States as an example, combined with the definitions of the American Dietetic Association and the American Council for science and health, functional foods can be summarized as: including whole foods and foods that are fortified, concentrated or enhanced. As an integral part of the daily diversified diet, when people ingest a certain amount or dose, these foods can have potential beneficial effects on health. In China, the narrow sense of functional food refers to health food. Since July 2016, the administrative measures for the registration and filing of health food strictly defines: health food refers to the food that claims to have specific health functions or for the purpose of supplementing vitamins and minerals, that is, it is suitable for specific people to eat, has the function of regulating the body, and does not have any acute, subacute or chronic harm to the human body Food. Health food must have a blue hat logo, with a certain threshold, long application cycle.


With the increasing concern of consumers on health and nutrition, ordinary food is endowed with more functional expectations. Under this trend, more and more food and beverage brands begin to explore the functional direction and develop products and scenes. In 2018, foodplus pointed out that the “functionality” of food and beverage was a trend worthy of attention, and it was interpreted from three perspectives of Health & nutrition elements, functional characteristics and crowd scenarios.

With the rise of consumers’ health awareness, what kinds of opportunities are there in the exploration of functional innovation of food and beverage brands? How to break the brand?

  • What kinds of opportunities exist for the combination of food and beverage with functional elements?
  • How to understand the real needs of consumers? How to combine requirements with products and scenarios?
  • How to develop functional products for food and beverage brands? Are there technical barriers?
  • What are the core elements of functional food and beverage brands?
  • In terms of channels and marketing methods, is there a combination of fast lanes?
  • ……

In order to explore the above problems, we planned this small dinner party, and invited Weng Binbin, founder and marketing director of lemonbox, Yang Peng, founder and marketing director of Hengmei food, and Yu Yue, head of consumption and investment of Huachuang capital, hoping to share and discuss the functional direction of food and beverage from different perspectives of brand, supply chain and investors.

Founded in 2017, lemonbox is a brand focusing on personalized nutrition subscription. It is a Chinese project invested by Y combinator, a silicon valley incubator. At present, the products are made and imported from the United States, providing products and services to Chinese consumers through cross-border e-commerce, with offices in Beijing and California. Lemonbox focuses on the physical and mental health of users, and provides scientific, personalized and high-quality health products and service experience for users according to their daily work, rest and eating habits. Lemonbox hopes to become a long-term health partner of users and explore and build a healthy and ideal life together. In this issue, he will share the future development of customized functional food.

Hangzhou Hengmei Food Technology Co., Ltd. is determined to “define the future food with the concept of health”. It provides a complete set of ODM solutions for functional food for the majority of brands, including product planning, research and development, production, service and other contents, and deeply cultivates the functional food fields such as fat reducing meal substitute, sports nutrition, healthy snacks, etc. the product line covers five major fields, namely, stick, powder, baking, candy and colloid Domain, good at service brand 0 to 1 growth process. Hangzhou Hengmei attaches great importance to product innovation. It has 30 R & D team members. Its R & D investment is expected to reach 20 million yuan in 2020, and it is ahead of its peers in many fields. It started the research and development of the first generation of bar products in 2012, the research and development of ketogenic series products in 2016, the first bottled meal substitute production line in China in 2018, the fourth generation protein bar production line in 2019, and microwave cake in 2020 Production of

Yang Peng, founder & Marketing Director of Hangzhou Hengmei, master of food science, national second-class nutritionist. In this issue, he will share the new opportunities of functional food innovation.

Founded in 2006, Huachuang capital focuses on early investment in enterprise software, cutting-edge science and technology, life science, consumption upgrading and other fields, and uses its profound resources and experience to help the invested enterprises carry out strategic planning, business development and team building. At present, the value of Huachuang has changed from several million yuan to one hundred million yuan.

Yu Yue, head of Huachuang capital consumption investment. He focused on mobile social networking and entertainment, life consumption and other industries. Before joining smart tooth technology and joining Huachuang capital, Yu Yue, as an entrepreneur in the Internet education industry, maintained a high degree of interest in the dynamics of Silicon Valley and paid close attention to mutual honorary students in the United States. He graduated from the Marshall School of business of the University of Southern California.

Theme, time and place arrangement of the 17th small dinner party

Topic: how can functional food and beverage stand out?  》 

Time: 17:00-21:30, September 19, 2020 (special reminder, 17:00 is the time for the formal start of the small meal)

Venue: a mysterious place in the center of Beijing (the registration will be uniformly notified by Xiaoqi after the application is approved)

Cost: RMB 269 / person

Registration method: Click to read the original to enter the registration page

(PS: we will contact the list of applicants first and review them, so the registration may not be passed. Please understand.)

Specific process of the 17th small meal

① 17:00-17:30 check in and free communication

② 17:30-18:00 introduction of foodplus and self introduction of all participants in the small restaurant

③ , 18:00-18:30 shared by Weng Binbin, founder and CEO of lemonbox, with the theme of the future development of customized functional food

④ (18:30-19:00) Yang Peng, founder and marketing director of Hengmei food, with the theme “development of new opportunities for functional food innovation”

⑤ From 19:00 to 19:30, Yu Yue, head of Huachuang investment and consumption, shared the theme “rising functional demand, how to seize the opportunity of new brand of consumer food products? “

⑥ 19:30-20:00 QA

⑦ 20:00-21:30 buffet + free communication

PS: there may be some force majeure factors on the site of small dinners, and the process will be adjusted on the spot.

Introduction to foodplus


As one of the food plus community activities, we aim to provide food entrepreneurs and Food & consumer goods investors with in-depth communication and high-quality social networking opportunities, invite sharing guests to share the theme, and also invite media covering food consumer goods and think tanks (such as consulting companies, design companies, etc.).


Each session will choose a relatively private environment suitable for communication. Since the first session was held in Shanghai in mid September 2017, this issue of Shanghai small dinners is the 17th one, which will be held once a month or two months.


About foodplus


Foodplus is a vertical community around food entrepreneurship. We focus on food consumer goods and focus on food start-ups with revenue within 100 million yuan from zero.


It was launched by Tracy, Sean and Haifeng in August 2017, and has been in full-time operation for more than one year. There are 7 team members. You can click here to learn more about foodplus.


We hope to gather the best food entrepreneurs in China through foodplus to explore the logic and law of food entrepreneurship, develop their own companies, and promote the development and innovation of the food consumer goods industry.


Our goal: to be YC in the field of food consumer goods, to be the incubator, accelerator and investment in the field of food consumer goods.

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