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Cao danjun: what is the secret of Cao danjun’s success from individual businesses to corporate marketing?

News report of satellite TV in Datian County of Sanming City

As one of the three pillar industries in Fujian, the food industry has the largest number of employees, nurturing a number of excellent distributors.

Cao danjun, general manager of Sanming Blue Moon Trading Co., Ltd
Cao danjun, general manager of Sanming Blue Moon Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “blue moon”), plays an important role in the food industry of Fujian Province, from an individual business to a leading food dealer tycoon in Fujian Province.

In the 16 years of

, blue moon has also developed into a large company mainly engaged in super channel business.

Cao danjun attributed his success to four words: be honest.

treat products with sincerity

The food industry has a strong seasonality, at the same time, the light and peak seasons are distinct, which virtually increases the risk of the market. Therefore, Cao danjun chooses to act as agent for all kinds of products, including Xizhilang, Guanshengyuan, xufuji, aixiangji, hongxiangji, suaodi, xinjiabao, youkemai, adebao, Danfu, naughty rabbit, maishuang, xiyingying, farm uncle, xianmeiyangguang, Guangyuan, etc. Cao danjun’s multi category layout has produced scale effect, improved blue moon’s market competitiveness, and won the favor of consumers.

The promotion method is ahead of the time and starts Cao danjun’s “first shot” to march into dealers.
Cao danjun never forgets the first product he acted for. “When he entered the leisure food industry in 2004, his first product was a miscellaneous jelly, which was also a unique Honey Jelly. Because of the addition of honey, we focused on the concept of” health. ” Cao danjun said with pride, “at that time, we were only individual businesses, and we had no experience to learn from, so we began to take the way of trial eating and salesmen Hawking. These methods were still very fashionable in 2004. “
The new promotion methods attracted consumers to stop, greatly increased the sales of jelly, and laid a solid foundation for Cao danjun’s career. He was also known as “jelly king” in the industry.
In 2010, Cao danjun took over the bear cake again. At that time, the blue moon had begun to take shape, Cao danjun decisively adopted the sales promotion means of hypermarkets to ensure the sales volume of products, and further improve the market competitiveness.
Two successful agents make Cao danjun famous in the industry, in order to stabilize sales, he continued to study the selection method. In terms of product selection, Cao danjun has repeatedly stressed that it is necessary to ensure the selection of superior products in the agency brand, rather than all items in the same series. Differentiated products will make dealers better and better.

treats the products with sincerity, which is the first step towards success for dealers.

treat partners sincerely

A 6031 if you treat people sincerely, there must be goodwill in return. As a successful dealer, it is essential to win the trust of partners with sincerity.

Group photo of Sanming blue moon Trade Co., Ltd. relocation and 10th anniversary celebration
Treat manufacturers with sincerity. Cao danjun’s reputation has won many manufacturers’ admiration. Cao danjun said: “we adhere to the concept of” willing “to ensure that manufacturers and we are happy to cooperate and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.”
treats Shangchao with sincerity. Cao danjun believes that when cooperating with downstream sales channels, dealers should ensure four “good”, namely, do a good job in business, sales, profits and service. Today, one of the oldest supermarkets has been cooperating for 16 years. Cao danjun has always adhered to the offline sales channels. He thinks that it is better to do well than to do more. He must continue to cultivate offline channels and try online sales channels on the premise of ensuring the steady growth of offline channels.
Cao danjun has always adhered to the business philosophy of “doing business in a real way”. He treats every partner with heart and soul, and naturally gets the trust of the partners.

treat the industry with sincerity

Fujian food industry’s unique conditions nourish a number of excellent distributors, which also intensifies the degree of industry competition. However, the per capita consumption of leisure food in China has a large space. Compared with other major economies in the world, the per capita consumption of China’s main leisure food varieties is significantly lower than the average level of the United States, Japan and other countries as well as the global average. There is still a large growth potential in the second half of 2020, and the market scale is still expanding.
The more the industry develops, the more it needs a complete set of management rules. How to build industry rules from top to bottom? Cao danjun believes that it is necessary to treat the industry with sincerity.

he said: “opportunities can be met but not sought, so dealers can not simply rely on opportunities, but to improve the comprehensive ability, to benefit from management. Now the industry management is still extensive and can not keep up with the pace of the times. We need to find opportunities for change. ”

In order to meet the industry reform,
needs to change the marketing mode. Cao danjun advocates to combine the current popular marketing methods, such as direct sales of community members and online live delivery, to comprehensively improve product sales.

secondly, dealers should choose the right products and the right sales model. ‍

Cao danjun put forward the “three win mode” very early, that is to mobilize the power of manufacturers, supermarkets and dealers to jointly promote products and realize the three win mode. Cao danjun stressed: “as long as the manufacturers, supermarkets and distributors maintain a good cooperation mode, jointly plan and work together to promote the products, they will certainly complete smoothly and improve the sales volume of products.”

is really doing business, which runs through Cao danjun’s dealer career. He treats people with sincerity and kindness, and a better future lies ahead
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Author: Guo Jia, editor: Liu Yuting

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