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Yum! China is cautiously optimistic about the third quarter. The 99 year old former CEO of PepsiCo passed away. Nestle CEO’s nutrition income doubled. Lucky coffee replaced Ernst & young, and the proportion of imported dairy products sales on tmall platform declined

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Former CEO Kendall of PepsiCo passed away (surging)

Donald Kendall, the former chief executive of PepsiCo, died on Saturday at the age of 99, foreign media reported today. PepsiCo has announced Kendal’s death on the memorial board, CNN reported. PepsiCo said Kendall retired in 1986 after serving as CEO of both PepsiCo and PepsiCo for 23 years. During Kendal’s tenure at PepsiCo, the company’s sales grew nearly 40 times, and through a series of acquisitions and high-profile marketing activities, it had an impact on rival Coca Cola.


Nestle CEO expects nutrition revenue to double

According to today’s Peng Bo news, recently Nestle CEO Schneider (Schneider) said that with the growth of demand, Nestle will pay more attention to food fortification. Nestle hopes to reach 4 billion francs by the end of next year, which will double five years ago. “Organic growth in this business is high, especially vitamins and supplements. This will be the key business driving our growth. ” He also said the epidemic has changed a lot, including shopping habits, and in the longer term, Nestle believes consumer interest in health products will continue.

Yili held a vow meeting (Duke Yili)

According to today’s news from Yili Gong, on September 21, coincided with the 500 day countdown to the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Yili held the “Commemoration of the 500 day countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the 60000 Yili pledge meeting” in Beijing. In terms of Olympic products, Yili launched two Winter Olympics customized products – “Beihuan” high protein sports yogurt and Winter Olympics customized ice cream “very Panda”.

Chuangxin hope and Yuexiu group jointly bid for Huishan dairy (interface, xiaoshidai)

Recently, Yuexiu group in Guangzhou and new hope group in Sichuan, as potential investors of Huishan dairy, have submitted restructuring plans respectively, according to the interface report. Among them, in their respective investment plans, Yuexiu Group invested 2 billion yuan in cash to hold 67% of the equity of the new company (2 billion yuan of registered capital), equity conversion creditors invested 985 million yuan to hold 33% equity of the new company, the new company held 100% equity of Huishan China and Dairy Group Shenyang company, and indirectly held 100% equity of other companies of Huishan dairy group. In response to this, the new hope side today responded to the snack saying: “did not understand this information.”

The indirect controlling shareholder is willing to “wear a hat” in the liquor industry when the funds are occupied by the indirect controlling shareholder (Dazhong Securities News)

According to today’s public securities news, due to the illegal use of funds by the indirect controlling shareholder Tianyang holdings, shede liquor (600702) has been given other risk warnings by the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The company’s shares have become the second “ST” company among A-share liquor industry listed companies. “When the controlling shareholder returns the capital, the risk factors involved in this” hat wearing “have been eliminated, and the listed company can apply to the exchange for” taking off the hat. ” The report quoted lawyers as saying.

Ningxia promotes early construction of Mengniu high end liquid milk project (Lingwu rongmedia Center)

Jiang Zhigang, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Ningxia Autonomous Region and Secretary of Yinchuan municipal Party committee, investigated the construction of key projects in our city on September 18, according to Lingwu City financial media center. He stressed that efforts should be made to promote the early construction, early completion and early effect of the 4500 ton high-end liquid milk project of Mengniu.


Unilever u creation incubator and tmall new product incubator (company news)

On September 18, Unilever u creation incubator and tmall new product Incubation Platform reached a strategic cooperation agreement, which will establish a joint base in Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Economic Demonstration Zone. The purpose of this cooperation is to take advantage of u family’s leading advantages in the fast consumer goods industry to provide help for new brands in R & D, production, supply chain, marketing and other links. As a leader in the e-commerce industry, Alibaba can provide strong channel resources and data support in the e-commerce field.

Yum China is cautiously optimistic about the third quarter (Ming Pao)

Qu Cuirong, chief executive of Yum! China, was quoted by Ming Pao today as saying that he was cautiously optimistic about the third quarter and maintained the annual target of 800 to 850 stores. She also pointed out that KFC’s current return period is about two years, while Pizza Hut’s is three to four years. It stresses the “bottom line” when opening stores. As long as this rate of return can be achieved, it will open stores. She believes that the trend of takeout will continue. KFC currently delivers and takes out by itself accounts for about 30% of its revenue, while restaurant food only accounts for 40%. The brand began to transform its branch stores in 2015, and the investment in each new store has also been reduced from 3.6 million yuan to 2 million yuan, with a minimum of 1.5 million yuan.  


Pizza Hut China celebrates its 30th anniversary in China (company news)

A few days ago, Pizza Hut celebrated the 30th anniversary of its entry into China. By the end of June, there were more than 2200 Chinese restaurants in more than 500 cities. At the same time, pizza hut has more than 75 million members, and online digital ordering accounts for more than 60%.


Lucky coffee replaced Ernst & Young Huaming (Interface)

Recently, lucky coffee announced the appointment of independent accounting firm Marcum Bernstein & pinchuk LLP as the independent auditor with effect from September 17, 2020, according to the interface report. The appointment has been approved by lucky coffee’s audit committee and board of directors. McKay & Young Hua Ming LLP was replaced by Ernst & Young Hua Ming LLP, which was previously the independent auditor of lucky coffee.


Lucky coffee has suspended one employee (company news)

Yesterday afternoon, Ruixing coffee’s official micro blog issued a statement that in response to netizens’ disclosure that Wu, a Taiwanese employee of China, had made improper remarks on overseas social media in 2016, lucky coffee promptly investigated and suspended the employee. Lucky coffee stands firm on the principle of national reunification and sincerely apologizes to all sectors of the community for the trouble caused by this issue.


China National Sports magic drinks

Yesterday, China Resources Yibao launched a special packaging version of the magic sports beverage for national team athletes. The beverage has lemon flavor, grapefruit flavor and coconut water flavor. Amino acid, vitamin B3, B6 and electrolyte are added.

Da Mo says it believes Mengniu’s share price will rise within 30 days (Interface)

According to today’s news from the interface, Damo released a technical opinion report that the stock price of Mengniu Dairy (2319. HK) will rise in the next 30 days, with an estimated opportunity of 70% to 80%. The bank rated Mengniu as “overweight” with a target price of HK $45.


CLV, a raw milk powder producer, is unable to provide financial guidance (AOC Finance)

Clover Corporation Limited( ASX:CLV )In the 12 months to July 31, revenue reached $88.3 million, up 15% year-on-year, and net profit after tax reached $12.5 million, up 23.6% year-on-year, according to the financial report for fiscal year 2020 released on September 18. However, due to the high degree of uncertainty about the outbreak, the company is unable to provide target guidance for fy2021.


Master Kang and UC launch “elite youth” co branded packaging Suda bowl noodles (Xinhuanet)

Recently, Master Kang, a cross-border Internet brand UC, has launched a limited co branded gift box for instant noodle and elite youth. On the bowls, noodles, waist covers and gift boxes, there are “gold sentences” from the core youth of UC to show their “tough life, but still strong attitude towards life”.

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China’s “Shangxin” three free trade zones! Special mission of Beijing Free Trade Zone

On September 21, the State Council issued a notice on the overall plan of Beijing, Hunan and Anhui pilot free trade zones and the regional plan for the expansion of Zhejiang pilot free trade zones, according to news from the client of China news network today. So far, China’s number of free trade zones has increased to 21. Among them, Beijing free trade zone will help to build a science and technology innovation center with global influence, accelerate the construction of service industry opening-up pilot area and digital economy pilot area, and strive to build a high-level opening-up platform for coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

“Shanghai implementation of domestic infant formula milk powder promotion action plan” printed and distributed (Shanghai development and Reform Commission)

Recently, “Shanghai implementation of domestic infant formula milk powder promotion action plan” was printed and distributed. According to the plan, by 2022, the quality and safety level of infant formula milk powder invested in Shanghai, made in Shanghai and brand in Shanghai will be further improved, and consumer confidence and satisfaction will be significantly improved. The plan also requires strict implementation of the importer record keeping and import sales record system, and improving the mutual notification system of import food safety information supervision departments. The plan also encourages the collaborative development of infant formula milk powder enterprises and milk source bases, advocates enterprises to use fresh milk to produce infant formula milk powder, supports enterprises to purchase and build milk source bases at home and abroad, and reduces the cost of raw milk; it also promotes the transformation and upgrading of enterprises whose annual output is less than 1000 tons or annual sales volume is less than 50 million yuan, and the technological level and technical equipment are backward.

Decline in the proportion of imported dairy products sales on tmall platform (Nanhua Morning Post)

According to the latest dairy tracking report released by China skinny, a third-party company, quoted by South China Morning Post today, overseas brands accounted for 23% of the dairy sales on tmall platform from January to August this year, while the figure was 52% in 2016 and 35% in 2019, showing a steady decline.

Notice on unqualified situation of 3 batches of food in Hebei Province

According to the official website of Hebei provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau, 157 batches of samples of 9 categories, including biscuits, tea and related products, starch and starch products, wine, meat products, food additives, frozen food, beverage, edible oil, grease and their products, were inspected as qualified in 154 batches and unqualified in 3 batches. Among them, the detection value of bromate in drinking natural mineral water produced by Chengde Huiyuan food and Beverage Co., Ltd. does not meet the national food safety standards. The preliminary inspection institution is Chengde food and drug inspection and testing center. Chengde Huiyuan food and Beverage Co., Ltd. objected to the inspection results and applied for re inspection. After re inspection by Hebei food inspection and Research Institute, the unqualified conclusion was maintained.

Zhejiang standard moon cake production and operation (Xinhua)

According to Xinhua news yesterday, Zhejiang provincial Market Supervision Bureau launched a month long special action to rectify the waste of resources, excessive packaging and false high prices in the moon cake market. The requirements include: the cost of all packaging shall not exceed 20% of the sales price of the product except for the packaging directly in contact with the contents, the number of packaging layers shall be 3 or less, and the packing porosity shall not exceed 60%. Active use of recyclable, recyclable, biodegradable environmental protection materials.


Tips for purchase of hydrolyzed milk protein infant formula (issued by customs)

Yesterday, the Customs issued a public number to introduce to consumers the definition of hydrolyzed milk protein infant formula and infant formula for special medical purposes, and gave guidance for purchasing hydrolyzed milk protein infant formula, which pointed out that: 1) when purchasing products, it is necessary to clearly understand the category of milk powder, and it is required to indicate the specific category and applicable on the product label of infant formula for special medical purposes Special medical conditions, such as: milk protein partially hydrolyzed formula marked on the product label, suitable for infants with milk protein allergy. 2) Pay attention to the product registration number. According to the food safety law of the people’s Republic of China, formula food for special medical purposes shall be registered by the food safety supervision and Administration Department of the State Council. At the time of registration, the product formula, production process, labels, instructions and materials indicating the safety, nutritional adequacy and clinical effect of special medical purposes shall be submitted.

Beijing issues 300 million yuan of food and beverage takeaway consumption coupons (Xinhuanet)

In order to further promote the consumption of Beijing’s catering market, Beijing will issue 300 million yuan of food and beverage takeout coupons, reported yesterday. From 10:00 a.m. on September 19, the first batch of 3 million tickets will be issued, with each consumption coupon of 15 yuan. Each order of more than 40 yuan can be used. The platform and merchants can add more discounts according to the actual situation.

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