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Just now, McDonald’s China announced that it would invest 100 million yuan to “open classes and accept apprentices”! We also want to open 430 new restaurants this year

Under the pressure of the epidemic situation, many companies have laid off staff, but McDonald’s unexpectedly has a wave of “reverse operation”.

Today, McDonald’s China announced at its annual “Mai Mai Quan Xi” that from 2020 to 2022, it will invest more than 100 million yuan to implement the “unlimited youth” talent training program. Specifically, McDonald’s will cooperate with more than 100 Vocational Colleges in China to help more than 10000 young people improve their employability and embark on the career development path after graduation through the “modern apprenticeship” school running mode implemented by the Ministry of education.

In addition, xiaoshidai learned at the press conference that with the expansion of new stores, McDonald’s plans to recruit 180000 employees in 2020. After the meeting, Zhang Jiayin, CEO of McDonald’s China and other senior executives of the company further exchanged views with snack food agents, talked about the ideas of youth talent training plan, also disclosed the opening plan of this year and the business adjustment in the post epidemic period.

“Mai Mai Quan Xi” press conference in 2020

Next, please see the message sent back by the snack agent at the scene.

100 million investment in “modern apprenticeship”

“2020 is a tough year. Both the teachers and students present, the employees of large companies and the boss of their own businesses have been affected to varying degrees. After the epidemic, stabilizing employment and expanding employment have always been the concern of the whole society. ” Zhang Yichen, chairman of McDonald’s China board of directors, said at the press conference.

He said McDonald’s plans to hire 180000 employees to support its business in 2020.

“Behind the 3500 restaurants we operate in mainland China, there are 3500 general managers who manage tens of millions of business every year. Before joining McDonald’s, they all have one thing in common. They are all young people with no work experience But through McDonald’s “systematic training system,” they all grew up, Zhang said.

Zhang Yichen, chairman of McDonald’s China board of directors

Now, the fast-food giant plans to join hands with vocational colleges and spend 100 million yuan in the next three years on a new mode of training talents: modern apprenticeship.

How to operate it? Snack generation learned that, first of all, it is “integration of recruitment and recruitment”. That is to say, McDonald’s will participate in the recruitment interview of colleges and universities. After joining, the students will obtain dual identities. When they are registered as students, they will receive training from McDonald’s as employees. They can get the appointment letter of general manager of McDonald’s restaurant as soon as they graduate.

Second, the curriculum is tailored. McDonald’s “Hamburg University” has customized nearly 100 weeks of courses and training programs for the apprentices, covering a variety of restaurant operation knowledge, as well as communication and cooperation, leadership improvement and other skills.

Third, the “3 + 2” training mode, apprentice 3 days in the restaurant, 2 days in school. Fourth, the double tutorial system, that is, each apprentice has two tutors. In addition to the school teachers, there are also managers from McDonald’s.

Obviously, the first mock exam will combine students’ learning skills with the needs of enterprises in the “real combat”. It will not only help enterprises absorb the talents they need, but also help improve the employability skills of college students.

In fact, McDonald’s “modern apprenticeship” has been implemented on a small scale since three years ago.

Xiaoshidai learned that in 2017, the catering giant opened 12 modern apprenticeships in Sichuan, Zhejiang, Shenzhen and Shanghai, training more than 300 students. It is reported that all the first batch of apprentices graduated in June this year have been successfully employed. Among them, 40% enter McDonald’s to work, “and have got the corresponding management job opportunities.”.

McDonald’s presented “graduation certificate” and golden bowl to the four first batch of graduates, and sent out invitation to future apprentices

“At present, McDonald’s has reached an agreement with more than 40 institutions in China to cooperate with the” modern apprenticeship “mode of running schools, and will expand the scale to more than 100 institutions in the next two years.” According to the company, it has invested nearly 300 million yuan in personnel development and training in 2019, mainly for young talents.

It is expected to open 430 new stores this year

Behind the massive recruitment of talents, McDonald’s Chinese restaurant network continues to expand rapidly.

We expect to add about 430 this year Zhang Jiayin told the food agency today that McDonald’s previously announced plan to increase the number of stores to 4500 by the end of 2022 has not changed. “If there is a chance, we will accelerate, because we are very confident in the long-term growth of the Chinese market.”

In terms of regional layout, more than 50% of McDonald’s new stores this year will be opened in low-level cities, while in terms of store style, it will prefer restaurants with larger area.

“Mai Mai Quan Xi” activity site in 2020

“In the third and fourth tier cities, we generally give priority to the layout of family flagship restaurants, because many customers in the third and fourth tier cities may come into contact with McDonald’s for the first time. We hope to provide the best McDonald’s products and dining experience.” She said that McDonald’s stores in the first tier cities have an area of about 250 square meters, which will be relatively small.

On the other hand, McDonald’s is also increasing the size of small restaurants. Zhang Jiayin said that McDonald’s is testing the service mode of “making it easier for customers to pack and take away food.” after our test is successful, you can see that we will have more measures in this regard

“The diner is also a feature of McDonald’s. We now have more than 400 drive in restaurants across the country, which is also a direction we are developing rapidly.” She said.

“Mai Mai Quan Xi” activity site in 2020

Zhangjiayin said that in terms of the overall store opening strategy, McDonald’s hopes to meet the consumption demand of one city first, and then expand the next city.

“That is to say, I hope to build another city after the economic benefits are achieved. One is the advantage of resource allocation, the second is the advantage of brand effect. If the penetration rate of stores is not enough, it is difficult to achieve these advantages. ” She said.

At present, China is the fastest growing market for McDonald’s in the world. “We have more than 400 new stores to open every year, so there are a lot of jobs for young people.” Wang Yanwei, chief staff officer of McDonald’s China, told the snack generation that today, the post-95 employees of McDonald’s China account for more than 60% of the total number of employees.

If it goes well, the number of McDonald’s restaurants in mainland China will increase from more than 3500 now to 4500 by 2022. This means that in order to support this growth rate, McDonald’s will need to add more than 1700 Restaurant General Managers by 2022. It can be predicted that “modern apprenticeship” will also play a role in this process.

Post epidemic period

Now, it’s clear that this year’s epidemic has not stopped McDonald’s from expanding its stores and increasing its staff.

“McDonald’s business is still recovering. On the whole, it is better day by day, so we are still optimistic. We are also looking forward to more people traveling in China during the National Day holiday, which will drive our overall retail and catering service industry. ” Zhang Jiayin told xiaoshidai today.

However, in response to the consumption changes brought about by the epidemic, McDonald’s also adjusted its business strategy.

For example, in the product to play the “super value” card. “When we did our research, we found that everyone felt that there was less money in their wallets.” As a result, McDonald’s believes that this year it needs to focus more on the launch of cost-effective products.

At the same time, McDonald’s is also increasing the number of takeout services. “The take out and delivery services other than the food in our restaurants have grown very high this year.” This year, McDonald’s has also launched a series of offers for outbound delivery, Zhang said. It is revealed that McDonald’s has been increasing the number of delivery restaurants this year, and now more than 90% of McDonald’s restaurants can provide delivery service.

Creative dishes cooked with McDonald’s ingredients on the spot of “Mai Mai Quan Xi” in 2020

In addition, in the menu innovation, the concept of “plant meat” is undoubtedly one of the hot spots this year. When asked about McDonald’s latest ideas on the trend, zhangjiayin said today that McDonald’s has cooperated with beyond meat to test in various markets around the world. “In the Chinese market, we are interested in testing, and we will let you know when we are ready.” She said.

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