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Popular milk pudding reveals the secrets of neutral pudding

A cup of milk pudding arrived on schedule, sweet and smooth The heart of golden autumn is the smooth and delicate milk pudding.

with the growing up of jelly pudding enthusiasts born in 1980s, 1990s and even after 00, jelly pudding has developed from the original snack for children to the leisure snack category loved by consumers of all ages, especially by the majority of white-collar women. At present, the market capacity of jelly pudding in China has reached 20 billion yuan, which plays an important role in the field of leisure food.


Healthy, innovative and high-end pudding products are more and more favored by consumers, nurturing a number of successful enterprises. Jiangxi brilliance Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “brilliance”) has become the industry leader by virtue of its product concept of “health, nutrition, delicacy and happiness”, and its brand products such as “duoruimi” and “xiaomozha” are quite popular with consumers In particular, milk pudding is famous for its healthy and neutral pudding, and it has become a popular item pursued by consumers.

Milk pudding, neutral pudding

With the continuous improvement of life quality and consumption level, people’s diet concept is also improving. More consumers not only demand delicious food, but also pay more attention to nutrition and health.

traditional pudding is generally acidic. If you eat too much acid food, it will lead to increased blood acidity, slow blood activity and increased fatigue. Brilliance, which has always regarded the needs of consumers as the target, immediately launched research and development and launched neutral milk pudding. Many friends may be confused, what is neutral pudding? When the pH value of pudding is controlled between 6 and 7, when the metabolites in the human body do not produce acid or alkali, or when the acid-base amount reaches the equilibrium state, these metabolites are resistant to the pudding that the body has no effect on the pH of the human body.

in this way, it reduces the harm of acid pudding on people’s health, is an excellent choice of office dessert, and helps children to supplement nutrition, is a favorite snack for many children.

neutral pudding has been recognized by the industry as a must-have dessert.

Silky and delicate, is the taste of the heart




Focus on innovation and be a trustworthy partner


Over the years, brilliance has been adhering to the product concept of “health, nutrition, delicacy and happiness”, focusing on the development, development and production of jelly pudding products, creating a healthy, delicious, leisure and fashionable quality life for customers, and striving to build a famous brand of domestic high-end jelly industry.

under the guidance of this product concept, brilliance takes science and technology as the first productivity, introduces a number of advanced jelly production equipment and fast and safe packaging production line, and constantly improves product quality and production efficiency. Brilliance leads an excellent, professional and efficient team to cooperate with domestic famous brand creative companies to produce high-quality products that sell well in domestic and foreign markets with the spirit of innovation and focus, leading technology and stable quality.

in order to meet the needs of different markets, the sales channels of milk pudding cover the imported food channels. At the same time, it has started to step into the field of live delivery and expand the sales scope, so that more consumers who want to choose high-quality pudding can feel the quality and unique product charm of milk pudding.

is worth mentioning that the milk pudding improved the obvious colloidal feeling of ordinary pudding, and the price was close to the people, which captured the hearts of a number of consumers.

in the milk pudding occupy the market at the same time, brilliance has been recognized by many peer manufacturers, cooperate with well-known manufacturers such as Baicao Wei, and become the long-term trusted OEM partner of Baicao Wei.

Broad prospects, join hands with partners to create product value

Desserts are a kind of food with a wide range of sales. Among the consumer groups, they have the advantages of large age span, affordable nutrition, good quality and low price, which are popular among consumers of different ages. However, brilliance’s milk pudding is mainly targeted at young white-collar women. This group has stable consumption ability and broad development prospects.

aims at the special group of white-collar women, brilliance thoroughly implements the concept of health preservation and is determined to be the “health Guardian God” of every white-collar woman. With the continuous upgrading of people’s consumption concept, the pudding industry will continue to play steadily. Only by doing a good job in product quality with a solid foundation, can pudding manufacturers adapt to the changes of the industry and constantly provide better pudding for consumers.

after market reform, brilliance’s pudding not only won more people’s recognition, but also firmly established its foothold in the market, benefiting more consumers and bringing considerable profits to cooperative dealers. Brilliance has been looking for like-minded dealers to cooperate. In this regard, Zeng Kai said: “we prefer to cooperate with distributors who like to try new situations. They will be more suitable for high-end food with nutrition and health.”
For the future, Zeng Kai is full of confidence. Brilliance will continue to pay attention to the changes in consumer demand, constantly improve the quality of pudding, and bring more quality products to everyone.
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