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Ruixing was administratively punished by the General Administration of market supervision, Nongfu Shanquan was transferred to the stock list of Hong Kong stock connect, Nestle and dada deepened strategic cooperation, KFC pilot food bank and Unilever headquarters moving to London were supported

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List of shares transferred to Hong Kong stock connect (Shenzhen Stock Exchange)

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced today that Nongfu Shanquan was transferred to the stock list of Hong Kong stock connect in accordance with the relevant provisions of “Shenzhen Stock Exchange Shenzhen Hong Kong general business implementation measures” due to the implementation of Hang Seng Composite large stock index.

Nestle and dada group deepen strategic cooperation to tap the growth potential of sinking market (company news)

Nestle (China) announced yesterday that on September 18, it and dada group, a local instant retail and distribution platform in China, announced that they would deepen their strategic cooperation relationship and jointly create a data-driven business model for instant retail, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement. According to reports, Jingdong home has become one of Nestle’s o2o platforms with the highest sales volume. According to the agreement, the two sides will jointly create a data-driven real-time retail business model around the three elements of “people”, “goods” and “market”, so as to help Nestle’s sales growth, brand marketing and user operation. The two sides also signed a category captain cooperation agreement, which clearly established Nestle as the “Captain” brand of coffee and adult milk powder on Jingdong home platform, expanding category penetration and scale growth. In addition, Jingdong home will cover more counties, districts and cities, reach cooperation with more regional retail leaders, and explore the growth potential of the sinking market.

Administrative punishment by the General Administration of market supervision on the unfair competition of Ruixing coffee (State Administration of market supervision)

The State Administration of market supervision and administration announced on its official website today that on September 18, the State Administration of market supervision, together with the Shanghai and Beijing market supervision departments, issued an announcement to Ruixing coffee (China) Co., Ltd., Ruixing coffee (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing chehang Tianxia Consulting Service Co., Ltd., Beijing Shenzhou Youtong Technology Development Co., Ltd., and Zhengzhe international trade (Xiamen) Co., Ltd 45 companies involved in the case made administrative punishment decisions, with a total penalty amount of 61 million yuan. In response, Ruixing official response said: Lucky coffee respects and resolutely implements the punishment decision made by relevant state departments on this investigation, and has carried out comprehensive rectification on relevant issues. The company will further standardize business activities and ensure stable operation in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Dongpeng special drink · Han Hong love public welfare strategic cooperation signing ceremony held in Beijing (company news)

On September 20, the signing ceremony of “Dongpeng special drink · Han Hong love public welfare strategic cooperation” was held in Beijing. In the witness of all directors of the foundation, Dongpeng teyin and Hanhong foundation formally signed a three-year strategic cooperation agreement for public welfare. Han Hong, the founder and director of the foundation, granted a donation certificate to Jiang Weiwei, vice president of Dongpeng beverage group, to thank her for her long-term trust and support for the foundation.


Starbucks tries vegnews

According to foreign media reports yesterday, Starbucks is now in a store east of Seattle trying to push the pure vegetarian cashew cheese produced by Miyoko’s cream. Earlier, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said the company would take positive measures to promote sustainable development, including the shift from dairy products to plant-based alternatives.

PepsiCo announces new global renewable energy targets (company news)

Yesterday, PepsiCo announced a new goal: by 2030, all businesses owned and controlled by PepsiCo will use 100% renewable energy; by 2040, all its franchises and third-party businesses will use 100% renewable energy. At PepsiCo’s scale, this shift could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 2.5 million metric tons by 2040. Earlier this year, the company announced that it would increase the use of renewable energy worldwide and make a transition to renewable electricity in its largest market, the United States.


Yizi seeks to acquire healthy snack brand (Financial Times)

Yizi is seeking to buy healthier snack brands, the Financial Times reported yesterday. At present, consumers are concerned about their weight, while investors and the government are urging action against obesity. The US based food group has made it a priority to move into healthy snacks and plans to redeploy billions of dollars in coffee companies JDE Peet’s and Keurig Dr Pepper. However, Dirk Van de, the company’s chief executive, attacked the increasingly popular sugar taxes in an interview, saying they were too “restrictive” for consumers and would limit the company’s investment potential.


Unilever’s move to London won support from Dutch shareholders (Financial Times)

Unilever’s Dutch shareholders overwhelmingly support plans to transform the Anglo Dutch company into a London based entity, the Financial Times reported today, an important step in the consumer group’s attempt to simplify its corporate structure. The FTSE 100 company said more than 99 per cent of investors in its Dutch subsidiary voted for the entire group to be headquartered in London, reversing a failed attempt to locate its operations in the Netherlands two years ago. If Unilever succeeds in moving to London, it will end the dual business structure formed by the merger of Dutch margarine and British soap maker lever brothers more than 90 years ago.


Beyond meat expands the shelbyreport

According to foreign media reports yesterday, beyond meat, a vegetable meat brand, said that by the end of September, its beyond breakfast series of sausage patties would be expanded to Wal Mart and other offline stores. As demand for vegetable meat continues to rise, the company’s massive retail presence in some 26000 retail outlets across the United States, where consumers have clearly expressed their preference for beyond meat products. According to spin’s latest four week data as of August 9, beyond meat is the number one brand of all frozen vegetable meat.


Innovative economy model, KFC pilot food bank (company news)

Recently, 12 KFC restaurants in Guangzhou and Shenzhen jointly launched an initiative to launch the “food bank thrifty self-service station”, and introduced a novel “food bank” mode to share the daily saved food of restaurants to the residents in need. The food in the food bank is stored in the form of freezing, and the product name, storage date, food guidance and other information are marked on the packaging bag. According to reports, in addition to KFC restaurants, five other KFC food banks in Guangzhou are respectively set up in Industrial Avenue KFC, Fanghe KFC, eastern suburb KFC, Shangshe KFC and former KFC.

Goubuli Wangfujing store opens again. Employee: it’s the new store, not the original owner (Sina Finance and Economics)

According to sina finance and economics, the Wangfujing shop of Beijing Goubuli steamed stuffed bun was delisted and closed after being terminated by Tianjin Goubuli. Yesterday, the public found that the shop was reopened after passing through Wangfujing. There were no signs on the spot. They still sold steamed stuffed bun and porridge noodles. The price was relatively low. Wechat payment showed Beijing piaoxiangge restaurant. The waiter said that the new store was reopened, not the owner of the original Goubuli steamed stuffed bun Wangfujing shop.


Shenzhen Stock Exchange discloses the letter of intent for the offering of Panda Dairy products (CSRC)

Yesterday, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange disclosed the letter of intent for the initial public offering of Panda Dairy (300898) and listing on the gem. According to the information, Panda Dairy’s A-share IPO is no more than 31 million shares, accounting for no less than 25.00% of the total share capital after the issuance, and the par value of each share is RMB 1. After deducting the issue expenses, the raised funds are planned to be used for Cangnan 30000 tons of concentrated dairy products production project, Jiyang phase II annual output of 20000 tons of concentrated dairy products project and marketing and Application Center project.


Haitian food industry responds to “bat incident”: all circulation products can be traced back to the production process and source (Beijing business daily)

According to Beijing business daily, on September 21st afternoon, Haitian flavor industry responded to investors’ incident about “shaking Shanghai’s tiktok oil consumption to eat bats”. The Haitian flavor oyster oil was transferred from sealed materials and pipes to raw materials and products. There was no exposure to the products. All products sold in the company were provided with samples of the same batch of products.


Kellogg’s goal of reducing emissions ahead of schedule (Foodbev)

According to foreign media reports yesterday, Kellogg achieved its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions one year ahead of schedule. Since 2015, its emissions in scope 1 and 2 have been reduced by more than 28%, and greenhouse gas emissions per pound of food produced has been reduced by 15%. The company is committed to using 100% renewable energy in its operations by 2050.


Pinker potato chips continue to cooperate with popular animation (Foodbev)

According to foreign media reports yesterday, Pinker chips will continue to cooperate with the popular animation series Rick and Modi, and introduce more limited edition chips, including honey mustard, cheddar cheese and sour cream.


HEMA first X member store opened on October 1 (Interface)

According to today’s interface report, HEMA said that on October 1, HEMA’s first X member store opened. The store is located on B1 floor of Senlan commercial center in Pudong, Shanghai, covering an area of 18000 square meters. The store adopts warehouse type shelves and operates online and offline.


Cooperation with tims on Sunday to launch plant meat products (company news)

Recently, starfield, a vegetable meat brand, and Tim Hortons, a chain coffee brand from Canada, have reached a cooperation. Tims upgraded its classic Star item “farmer’s roll” to “Happy Farmer’s roll without meat”. The original beef was replaced by “black pepper vegetable beef pie” developed on Monday, and it was launched in all tims stores in Shanghai on September 9.


Plant meat dumplings launched by Zhengda on Sunday (company news)

Recently, on Sunday, it launched vegetable meat dumplings jointly with zebra, a brand of Zhengda food, which was sold nationwide in tmall’s Zhengda food flagship store.

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About 340 boxes of suspected counterfeit mooncakes seized by customs and Excise Department

The customs and Excise Department said on the 21st that it had recently smashed a counterfeit mooncake group in Yuen Long, Hong Kong, and seized about 340 boxes of suspected counterfeit moon cakes and about 200 pieces of moon cake exchange certificates suspected of bearing false trade descriptions, with an estimated market value of about HK $90000. The customs and Excise Department said that as the Mid Autumn Festival approached, it would continue to step up inspections and crack down on counterfeiting activities involving festival food and supplies.


Investigation by reporters from the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection: guard against the resurgence of unhealthy tendencies caused by the price rise of high-end liquor (website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Supervision Commission)

The website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Supervision Commission today released an article entitled “reporter investigation | vigilance against the resurgence of unhealthy tendencies caused by high-end liquor price rise”. The article points out that, near the Mid Autumn Festival and the national day, the price of domestic high-end liquor, represented by Maotai and Wuliangye, has been constantly rising, and the prices of many liquor products have surged to historical highs. Take 53 degree Feitian Maotai liquor as an example. The official retail price of a single bottle is 1499 yuan, but the price in reality has doubled. In the past two months, Feitian Maotai has been rising at a rate of about 50 yuan a week, far faster than last year’s Mid Autumn Festival and national day. Deng Lianrong, vice president of the China anti-corruption and Legal System Research Association, believes that high-end liquor, which has a higher price year by year and has been more valuable for a long time, is no longer a kind of food drink in the usual sense. Its value has the attributes of luxury goods and collectibles, and has become the “hard currency” in many people’s minds. Once the price of high-end liquor far exceeds the public’s tolerance, it may change back to “people who buy do not drink, those who drink do not buy”. He pointed out that wine enterprises should return to market rationality, attract users with high-quality products and maintain the healthy development of the market.

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