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Japan these humanized food packaging details, worth learning!

Simple and comfortable, has been the characteristics of Japanese product packaging design, in addition, Japan’s careful and rigorous packaging design is also worth learning.

Today, Xiaobian will give you the details hidden in the food packaging in Japan! Turn down quickly to see if you have ignored it!
Some milk cartons in Japan have these grooves
Have you noticed?
And some are not!
This groove is specially designed for people with visual impairment
On the one hand, it is used to distinguish pure milk from other dairy products containing milk
On the other hand, it’s also about telling them where to open their mouth
it happens that there is a similar case
Can tops containing alcoholic beverages
There will also be small bumps like this

People with visual impairment can pass the points
Know the type of wine and alcohol content

Have you all bought gum?
Put it in your bag. It’s convenient to have one after dinner
But have you ever had time to chew
Throw it with no paper in your hand?
Considering the possibility of embarrassment
Some brands will be in the jar
Put on a stack of small pieces of paper
(the paper)
So people can wrap up the gum they eat
Not only did it avoid embarrassment
It also saves sanitation workers the trouble of cleaning
“What’s the soul of eating yogurt without licking the yogurt cover?”
This sentence once swept the circle of friends and microblog
I believe you must have heard of it.
Japanese yogurt makers may agree
Some words of encouragement were printed on the lid

Imagine the moment you lift the lid
Seeing such encouragement
Is there a cure!

Eat in a fast food restaurant
Do you often need ketchup and sesame paste?
But ordinary plastic bags are hard to tear
It’s easy to master, and it’s hard to fly everywhere
So the Japanese designed this sauce box
Just squeeze the food with the opening down
You can pour the sauce on exactly

Usually eat in a fast food restaurant or buy a hot dog in a convenience store
The shop assistants will provide such sauces
Intimate! comfortable!
Instant noodles, have you all eaten them?
It’s unhealthy, but I’m lazy occasionally
Bubble bowl cup noodles to eat, or very comfortable!
After pouring in boiling water
How do you press the lid?
I personally use heavy weights.
Some friends also like to use forks

Did not say the above two methods are not good
But the Nissin cup noodles here provide a way
You don’t need any tools!
You can see a sticker at the bottom

It’s for you to tear it off and stick it on the lid!

Although it’s just a little detail!
But don’t be afraid of getting wet with steam
Or the fork didn’t stick in and knocked the noodles over!
Isn’t it easy!
Very elegant!
What is the most troublesome thing to dismantle snack packaging??
I can’t tear it apart
2. The whole packing bag is cracked by violent pulling
It makes my fist hard
Japanese snack packaging is much smarter
The magic cutter is widely used
It’s all incisions!
It can be easily torn from any position and angle
Praise this detail design!
Do you have a pudding lover?
All together!
How do you usually eat it?
Anyway, I dug this cup with a small spoon
But there is a saying that it doesn’t taste good
Just how Duang Duang feels
You know,
Japanese pudding has such a small tip at the bottom
Just press down and let the air into the cup
The pudding will fall off automatically!
Both health and fun, praise praise praise!
That’s what we’re going to summarize for you today
Details hidden in Japanese food packaging!
They seem insignificant
But it brings great convenience to users
This is also where we need to study hard!
Source: Xiaoxiang Zhihe

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