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New strategic deployment of poly plus! Opening the world’s first retail flagship store in China

No matter whether there is “retaliatory consumption” of liquor in the post epidemic period, the foreign wine giant, such as Martell and Chivas, believes that it is still necessary to seize the opportunity of China’s retail market. According to the company’s fiscal year 2020 report, China is one of the main driving forces for Asian market performance.


In one of its latest moves, the world’s first flagship retail store, drinks & Co, has opened in China. Xiao food has noticed that this store, which is located in Xintiandi, a bustling business district in Shanghai, was officially opened yesterday, and is described as “new strategic deployment of the retail channel under the protection of Le Le”.

Li Zhenhui, commercial director of China Xintiandi, Gao Shengtian, China’s managing director, Jean-Etienne Gourgues, Chen Zhuofu, member of the Standing Committee and deputy district head of Huangpu District District Committee of Shanghai, and Secretary Jin Liang and chairman of the wing Ye group (Jin Liang)


“Retail + bar”


As the world’s first retail flagship store, one of the special features of this store is the integration of “retail store + bar” format. In the beverage industry, the former belongs to non instant drinking channel, while the latter belongs to instant drinking channel.


According to reports, in the retail section, drinks & Co’s Wonderland displays more than 400 types of drinks from pololaica and other groups, including cognac, whisky, champagne, wine, white spirits, etc.


Xiaoshidai learned from polyriga that more than 400 kinds of drinks can be purchased directly, and the price is the same as that of drinks & Co wechat app. After buying, consumers can drink directly in the store or take it out.

In the bar section, drinks & Co’s Wonderland has a two-story bar, offering several special cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. Interestingly, there is also an external bar in the store, which provides ready to drink pre mixed cocktails and seasonal drinks, and allows consumers to directly order and pack away, which looks like the “routine” of coffee shops and milk tea shops.


In addition, drinks & Co also provides craft beer, snacks, wine related products and customized services. Among them, the customized exhibition area has “more complete categories and stronger privacy”, and has several tables, chairs and bar seats.

“(we) hope that consumers can enjoy the unforgettable time of gathering with friends while tasting the rich and innovative products in the wonderland of drinks & Co At the same time, the flagship store is also an important platform for “co building sustainable development,” said Gao Shengtian, managing director of poly plus China.


According to reports, in the daily operation, the above stores prohibit the use of disposable plastic products, take out cups, packaging bags and other bar stock are made of degradable environmental protection materials, the cup mat is made of bottle stopper, and the remaining wine bottles are also reused as shop decoration or storage seasoning and syrup. In addition, cocktail making also aims at zero waste, and the remaining peel can be used to decorate or refine fruit oil.


Why open in China?


Then why did polyriga launch its first retail flagship store in China?


In response, the company said: “since entering the Chinese market, while vigorously developing its traditional business, poly plus has also actively launched more innovative and consumer facing channel deployment and marketing initiatives.” For example, the drinks & Co wechat app launched by poly plus China at the beginning of this year has been defined as “online and offline integrated retail ecosystem”, and has set up a number of columns such as online shopping mall and wine mixing class to interact with consumers.


In the view of polyriga, the Chinese market is obviously “promising”.


When announcing the construction of the first whisky distillery in Huaxing last year, Jean Etienne gourgues, the managing director of poly Ricard China, told the snack eaters that the growing middle class and the diversity of consumers’ tastes and drinking occasions were driving the rapid growth of China’s overall spirits market. As can be seen from the layout of the retail flagship store, which provides up to 400 types of drinks, as well as the setting up of external bar, the foreign wine giant is following these trends.

Another important reason may be that the younger generation of China, as the “new force” of liquor consumption, is expected to bring more sales increment.


According to cbndata’s “2020 young people’s liquor consumption insight report”, the “houlang” are gradually becoming the powerful financial owners in the online beverage consumption market. Regardless of the number of consumers or the per capita consumption level, the post-90s and post-95s consumers have shown sustained growth, and the growth rate of per capita consumption after 95 is the fastest.


Polyriga also said that the opening of drinks & Co’s flagship store in Wonderland is in line with the social scene of the younger generation of Chinese consumers, “to meet their increasing needs with a diversified product portfolio and happy wine experience”.


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