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The founder of Nongfu Shanquan is more powerful than Ma Huateng, and the IPO status of Red Star Meiling is “suspended”. Coca Cola plans to promote alcoholic soda, and green Monday completes round B financing

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IPO status of Hongxing Meiling becomes “suspended” (snack)

According to the official website of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the IPO status of Shaanxi Hongxing Meiling Dairy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hongxing Meiling”) became “suspended” on September 22, and the reason is unknown temporarily. On July 1 this year, the company’s gem IPO application was accepted, and the status was updated to “inquired” on July 13. The Beijing News previously reported that in the first half of 2020, the revenue of Red Star Meiling is expected to be 135 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 16%; the net profit after deducting non return to the mother is 16.1775 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 11.78%.

Zhongfan, founder of Nongfu mountain spring, once again surpasses Ma Huateng to become China’s richest man (Daily Economic News)

Today, the Forbes real-time rich list shows that Zhong fan, founder of Nongfu mountain spring, once again surpassed Ma Huateng to become China’s richest man with a fortune of 59.1 billion US dollars. Recently, the stock price of Nongfu mountain spring continued to rise. On September 23, as of press release, Nongfu spring rose more than 7% to HK $39.30, with a market value of HK $438.579 billion. It is worth noting that the latest share price is higher than the closing price on the first day of listing, close to the highest price of HK $39.85.

Green Monday completes round B financing (Mingbao)

According to the Ming Pao news yesterday, green Monday (whose products include “omnipork new pork”) has recently completed a round B financing with a total amount of US $70 million (about HK $550 million), led by TPG’s the rise fund and Swire. Yang Dawei, founder and chief executive of green Monday, said that the amount of financing was higher than expected, reflecting the market’s great interest in the “artificial meat” business. At the same time, this round of financing has attracted many new investors, including Jefferies, a major shareholder of Xinhe group (0083. HK), Huang’s family trust fund, and singer Wang Leehom. Yang Dawei said that with the company’s plant in Guangdong expected to be put into operation in the next quarter of next year, the price of products after production will certainly be lowered by at least 10%.

Haidilao company encourages internal Entrepreneurship (Interface)

According to the US News Agency quoted by the interface today, Haidilao responded for the first time to the reasons for frequent opening of vice cards. Haidilao recently opened two new brand stores “fanfanlin” and “Qin Xiaoxian” in Beijing. Their products are fast food covered rice and rice noodles, and they are in the trial operation stage. Haidilao said that while encouraging internal entrepreneurship, the company also pays attention to the cultivation of diversified talents. The two brands of fanfanlin and Qin Xiaoxian are entrepreneurial projects tried by internal employees and are still in the exploratory stage.

Ruixing will ensure that the companies involved comply with the punishment of 61 million yuan (company news)

Tonight, lucky coffee announced that the company accepted the decision of the General Administration of market supervision to impose a fine of 61 million yuan on two entities and other third-party companies involved in the case. These entities participated in the fabricated transactions disclosed by lucky in its press release on April 2, 2020, in violation of the anti unfair competition law. Lucky coffee said it would fully cooperate with the General Administration of market supervision and would invest all necessary resources to ensure that the companies involved fully comply with the punishment decision.


Mengniu, Sinochem and COFCO have new actions in Ordos (Erdos News Network)

On September 22, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation of “Yellow River jiziwan” organic milk whole industry chain integration project was held in Dalat banner. The people’s Government of Dalat banner, Mengniu Group, Sinochem Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd., and COFCO Inner Mongolia Trading Co., Ltd. will conduct all-round cooperation to build Dalat banner into an important base for the development of high-quality milk source and high-standard organic milk industry in China. Among them, Mengniu and its investment holding company plan to add 200000 milk source bases and 30 million tons of production capacity in 3-5 years.


Signing ceremony of shareholders’ agreement between Ningxia Nongken and Mengniu

On September 21, Ningxia Nongken group and Mengniu Dairy Group held the signing ceremony of shareholders’ agreement of Mengniu Dairy Lingwu company in Lingwu City. In the Lingwu dairy processing project of Mengniu Dairy industry, Mengniu accounted for 80% of the shares and Ningxia Agricultural Reclamation accounted for 20%. It mainly engaged in the production and sales of dairy products, beverages and frozen drinks, the sales of raw materials and packaging materials of dairy products and animal husbandry. The factory covers an area of more than 600 mu, with a design capacity of 2600 tons in the first phase, with a total investment of nearly 1.5 billion yuan.


Upgrading of strategic cooperation between dada group and Mengniu (Interface)

According to Jingdong home blackboard news on September 22, Mengniu and dada group, a local instant retail and distribution platform, announced the upgrading of strategic cooperation on September 21. The two sides will jointly explore the business model innovation of instant retail and the new global marketing mode of online and offline integration.

Liquor stocks fall again (

Today, liquor stocks fell again, liquor index fell 0.88%, Guizhou Maotai fell 0.94%, Wuliangye fell 1.61%, Shuijingfang fell 1.91%, Laobaigan liquor fell 1.82%. Yesterday afternoon, the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection issued an article entitled “vigilance against the resurgence of unhealthy tendencies caused by the rise of high-end liquor prices”. The article points out that the price of high-end liquor will rise before the festival to prevent the “four winds” from rebounding.


Lehui international plans to increase RMB 418 million to expand the layout of fine brewing (Securities Daily)

On September 21, Lehui International announced that the company’s application for non-public issuance of a shares was approved by the CSRC. The company plans to raise 418 million yuan this time, mainly for the fresh craft brewing (beer workshop) project and fresh beer vending machine operation project. Wu Zaihong, the Secretary of Lehui international, told the Securities Daily that the company decided to expand the craft beer business at the beginning of listing.

Xicha and meituan promote “hidden food plan” (company news)

According to Xi Cha’s news today, many catering brands have been hit hard by the epidemic this year. In April, Xicha and meituan takeout launched the public welfare project of “hidden food plan” to design a new image for old restaurants. In the first phase, we went to Jiangmen old restaurants, and four old restaurants with local style were selected by Xicha design, which helped them complete the image design and service scene upgrading of the stores, and provided public welfare ideas other than donation.

Nestle launched hemp diphenol capsule for the first time in Europe

Nestle, the world’s largest food company, has started producing and selling CBD soft capsules in Europe, foreign media reported. Nestle Health Sciences Co., Ltd. works with geocann, Colorado based, to launch a broad spectrum CBD soft capsule formula. Jesse Lopez, CEO and founder of geocann, said Nestle was successful in the US market last year and the two sides are now extending their partnership to Europe.  

Coca Cola will release the first alcoholic soda (CNBC) A631

According to CNBC local time on Monday, the CEO of Coca Cola told CNBC on Monday that Coca Cola hopes to release its first alcoholic soda (hard seltzer, or “soda”) product in the United States in the first half of 2021 to capture the fast-growing consumer trend. Because the category has a low level of heat and alcohol, it is attractive to American consumers. According to the market research company, with the change of consumer taste, the sales of alcoholic soda in the United States reached $3billion in the year to mid July.


Danone’s plant-based food business is rushing for IPO (Dow Jones news, Forbes)

Laird superfood, a plant based food company, raised its IPO size and price range Tuesday, valued at $184.3 million, US media reported today. Danone’s venture capital company previously held 13.4 percent of the company’s shares by participating in $10million and was entitled to buy $10 million of shares at the IPO offering price. The company has previously been approved to be listed on the NYSE’s US stock exchange, with a proposed $40million fund.


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More foreign investors will be allowed to invest in the strategic investment of listed companies (Daily Economic News)

Today, the standing meeting of the State Council pointed out that it is necessary to promote the listed companies to be better and stronger. Support the listing of high-quality enterprises. We will improve the system of assets reorganization, acquisition and split listing of listed companies. We will improve the refinancing and debt issuing system of listed companies. More qualified foreign investors are allowed to invest in the strategic investment of listed companies. The standing meeting of the State Council pointed out that the departments should play a joint role in strengthening supervision. We should solve the problems of stock pledge risk, illegal occupation of funds and illegal guarantee. We will increase punishment for illegal behaviors such as market manipulation and insider trading, and greatly increase the cost of illegal and illegal activities.

The General Administration of Customs takes urgent preventive measures against a Norwegian water products enterprise (Customs Administration)

As a result of the positive detection of new crown virus nucleic acid in one outer packaging sample of frozen point stestestes imported from Norway, according to the provisions of Announcement No. 103 of 2020 issued by the General Administration of customs, the national customs has suspended the import declaration of aquatic products of Norwegian Gadus Njord (registered No. N2204) for one week from that day, and will be restored automatically after the expiration of the period.

Internet red famous brand moon cake online low price sale? Fake! (Xinmin Evening News)

Xinmin Evening News reporter learned from Shanghai police this morning that a criminal gang who counterfeited a famous brand Meixin moon cake was destroyed recently. Police successively seized more than 40 suspects, destroyed 9 production and storage sites, seized more than 12000 boxes of counterfeit famous brand mooncake products, over 180000 bulk mooncakes, and a large number of counterfeit brand moon cake packaging materials and fake equipment, which blocked the inflow of fake mooncakes into the market in time, with the amount involved in the case of more than 30 million yuan. In August, the economic investigation team of Shanghai Public Security Bureau found clues: someone sold Meixin moon cakes at an online store at a price significantly lower than the market price.



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44 food and beverage brands selected as “top 500 Asian brands”( )

The Asia brand conference, hosted by the world brand lab, was held on September 22, at which the 2020 ranking list of the top 500 Asian brands was released. A total of 44 food and beverage brands were selected, including 23 in China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). There are only four food and beverage brands among the top 100, namely Maotai, Wuliangye, Qingdao beer and Meiji in Japan, respectively. More than half of the top 100 food and beverage brands are located in the second place.

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