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Aoyou’s Youlan brand has been upgraded and launched into the super high-end market


In recent years, with the dual promotion of income increase and concept change, high-end and ultra-high-end milk powder are favored by more and more mother and child families.

According to Nielsen’s relevant data, in 2019, the high-end and super high-end infant formula market in China accounted for 64%, and the retail sales also grew rapidly. Among them, the sales of super high-end milk powder in maternal and infant channels performed well, with an increase of 59.9%, achieving rapid growth for the third consecutive year.

Just now, neolac Youlan (hereinafter referred to as “Youlan”) under Aoyou’s organic infant milk powder brand announced that it would upgrade its brand and simultaneously launch Youlan organic mother’s formula, officially announcing the all-round upgrading of Youlan’s brand image to “super high-end organic”.

Prior to this, many milk powder brands, including Cifu, Mengniu and aitami, have upgraded their brands and launched ultra-high-end new products. They have also established super-high-end sales networks in major maternal and infant channels, such as xiaoerwang and qinbaobao, so as to further accelerate the super-high-end milk powder market competition.


“Organic + formula” becomes super high end standard configuration


The market share increased by leaps and bounds, and dairy giants vied to carve up. There is no doubt that the super high-end market is bound to be a fierce competition. How to break through the fierce competition has become an important topic for the major milk powder brands.

With the help of this upgrade, Youlan announced its brand new brand concept: “gifted, naturally blooming.”. For the original intention of the brand concept upgrade, Liu Ying, director of marketing department of hiponokai Biotechnology Co., Ltd., said: “Youlan always firmly believes that the best nutrition comes from nature. The high-quality organic nutrition closer to nature can help every child with outstanding talent and better bloom into an infinite future.”

Since the beginning of this year, foreign milk powder brands, including aitami and Bellamy, have also released their super high-end new products. Among them, organic milk source and scientific nutrition formula have become the standard of super high-end milk powder.

According to Liu Ying, Youlan has established a 1 + 6 whole chain organic ecosystem from milk source selection to sales terminal. It has selected 2% rare organic milk sources in Holland. The land has been used for natural purification of soil for more than 3 years. Cows are naturally grazed for more than 235 days a year. It has cooperated with the organic processing of 100 year old dairy plants, the three organic authoritative certification of EU, Holland and China, as well as organic traceability and organic monitoring Professional organic plate to improve the organic quality of milk powder in an all-round way.

In addition to the upgrading of the concept and formula, Youlan also cooperated with the Dutch national treasure cartoon character Miffy Miffy to release the new Chinese version of Miffy Miffy.

March into organic mom formula


In fact, in addition to improving the hard power of products, building a product matrix by expanding categories and increasing the increment of multiple products simultaneously can also effectively help brands seize the super high-end market.

It is worth mentioning that night, Youlan also released organic mother formula for the first time. It is reported that this is the first time Youlan has launched products other than infant formula. Liu Ying told the snack agent that the release of mother’s milk powder was not only to add incremental imports of infant formula powder, but also to form a super high-end product matrix and jointly impact the super high-end milk powder market.

In recent years, with the rise of cross-border e-commerce and overseas shopping and the strict implementation of the milk powder registration system, the market competition of infant milk powder has become increasingly fierce, and the difficulty of market development will continue to increase. At the same time, with the cognitive level of maternal and infant groups increased significantly, more and more consumers accepted and recognized the maternal milk powder. The market growth space is broad, and it is expected to become an effective addition to infant formula.

Yan Weibin, chairman of Aoyou

Regarding the launch of Youlan organic mother milk powder, Yan Weibin, chairman of Aoyou (1717. HK), stressed that this is an important business measure launched by Youlan under the new market environment with a more accurate positioning and win-win mode.

“We have sufficient confidence and careful deployment for the success of this product. We will always take the value of customers and users as the starting point, keep good quality, supply, customer service, market development and control, win-win mode implementation, and carefully promote and create a good brand according to the development strategy of the group and the company.” He said.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia and other challenges in the first half of this year brought Ausnutria dairy to 3 billion 859 million yuan, up 22.6% from the same period in 2019. Among them, the parent company of Youlan and focusing on the super high-end market recorded revenue of 1.155 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 66.4%, which continued to be the fastest growing business unit of Aoyou.

Last year, Youlan was listed as the top three imported organic milk powder for the first time, second only to Abbott Jingzhi and Huishi Qifu yuncui. Yan Weibin believes that driven by consumption upgrading, high-end and ultra-high-end are the inevitable trend of the development of milk powder industry.

“Every time the market changes, for the brand, is often a challenge and opportunity coexist.” In his opinion, Youlan has not only upgraded its concept, packaging and formula in an all-round way, but also entered the field of organic mother milk powder. With four moves in full swing to meet the challenges, Youlan will surely be able to seize the opportunity in the super high-end market and realize the brand’s blooming again.

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