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Golden salesman: to achieve win-win situation among manufacturers, channels and distributors is a technical work

In recent years, the cartoon candy market has grown rapidly, attracting many dealers to stop. Lu Jie, the general manager of Zibo Guanqi Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zibo Guanqi”), has rapidly increased the sales volume of its products by virtue of the upstream and downstream relations of solidarity and cooperation, and has become the leader in the cartoon sugar game industry.
Lu Jie, general manager of Zibo Guanqi Trading Co., Ltd
In Lu Jie’s mind, dealers are the bridge connecting manufacturers and channels. What dealers need to do is try their best to make this bridge more perfect and solid, and finally achieve a win-win situation among the three parties. So, how should dealers make this bridge more tight?

Provide promising products and win the approval of sales channels
The main direction of cartoon candy playing was decided by Lu Jie after careful consideration.
Lu Jie, who just graduated from school, was employed as a salesman in an enterprise. His life of meeting challenges anytime and anywhere ignited his enthusiasm for work. In order to better realize his dream, Lu Jie decided to start his own business.
After the investigation of domestic and foreign markets, he finally chose the direction of cartoon candy. “Cartoon candy is more energetic and can arouse our fighting spirit,” said Lu Jie
With one decision, Lu Jie has worked hard in this industry for 15 years, and has successfully represented famous brands such as golden rice, Yashang, good mood, zihaiguo, xiaosample, Liangfeng, Cocolin, Ames, big white rabbit, Xiange, langlanglang crisp, Dingfeng, Leda, xiaochanxiong, haomood, Chuanqi and other well-known brands, which has brought remarkable profits to the channel and has been unanimously recognized by the industry.
Any dealer and channel cooperation is based on the premise of full understanding of each other. Therefore, Lujie chooses Omni channel distribution, comprehensively improves product sales, and wins the favor of a large number of consumers.
Under the leadership of Lu Jie, the annual sales volume of Guanqi in Zibo can reach about 10 million, and Lujie has also won the honor of “top 50 golden sellers of cartoon toy food in China 2020” in the just concluded 2020 China candy and snack exhibition, China ice cream and cold food exhibition and global high-end food Exhibition (whole food exhibition).

Recognition of the industry is the best reward for their hard work. Lu Jie is more aggressive and constantly meets new challenges on the basis of maintaining the relationship between Zibo Guanqi and sales channels.
In fact, the basis of maintaining the relationship between distributors and channels is profit. Dealers should provide sales support and business guidance for sales channels. Only by providing products with development prospects for the channels can they get better trust from the channels.
Improve their own strength and win the trust of manufacturers
Can dealers quickly open up the market?
Does the dealer have the strength to purchase large quantities?
What is the dealer’s fighting power?
When cooperating with manufacturers, dealers must understand each other’s positioning. Dealers are the spokesmen of manufacturers in the local market. The brand awareness of dealers affects the attitude of manufacturers to a certain extent. So, how should dealers get the trust of manufacturers?
Lu Jie told a story like this: “when I was the first agent of golden rice, I was short of funds. I tried to call the boss of golden rice. As a result, he firmly told me that I could send us a batch of goods first, and let us have a try. At that time, I really felt that there was a noble person on the way to start a business and gave a big gift.

Lu Jie and general manager Chen
This incident also just shows that the other party fully trusts us. This trust has doubled our confidence and we have been cooperating until now. ”

In fact, the trust between the manufacturer and the dealer is mutual. Lu Jie’s trust can not be separated from his efforts. Zibo Guanqi’s outstanding sales performance has become a powerful chip to gain the trust of manufacturers.
“As dealers, what we’ve been doing is one thing: maximize profits for a category,” said Lujie. When you have brand awareness, you can naturally get the trust of upstream and downstream. And for manufacturers, what dealers have to do is to increase the sales of products. ”
To maintain the relationship between dealers and manufacturers is inseparable from the profits of products. Dealers should maximize the sales of products and bring the products of manufacturers to every corner of consumers’ daily life, so as to win the trust of manufacturers.

Establish the most stable triangular relationship and realize the win-win situation of the three parties
The world is prosperous, all for profit, every day shouting, all for profit. The essence of the relationship among manufacturers, distributors and channels is still the relationship of interests, and the ultimate goal of cooperation is to maximize profits.
Lu Jie thinks that the relationship among manufacturers, distributors and channels is very simple. Distributors import products from manufacturers and sell them to consumers through channels. However, if a long-term and stable triangular relationship is established, the three parties need to work together, so what should be done specifically? According to Lu Jie’s experience, the following points are summarized:
  • Dealers should occupy the channel with genuine products and attract sales channels with objective profits;
  • Dealers should occupy the channel with genuine products and attract sales channels with objective profits;
  • Dealers should play a role as a bridge for manufacturers to do a good job in product agency and guide channels to improve sales volume;
  • Organize activities to promote the contact between manufacturers and distributors, distributors and channels, and better complete product publicity, such as product tasting activities, product specific scene display

With the opening of the two child policy, the cartoon candy game industry is also facing an unprecedented huge market. In the next few years, Lu Jie will continue to deepen and refine the channels and strive to maximize profits. Play a good role as a bridge, continue to establish the most stable relationship among manufacturers, distributors and sales channels, so as to achieve win-win situation among the three parties.
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Editor in chief: Li Jun
Author: Guo Jia; Editor: Liu Yuting

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