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The chairman and President of St shede were put on file for investigation. Red Star Meiling responded to the suspension of IPO. Guangming Dairy Co., Ltd. built a 10000 head ranch. Sanquan’s major shareholders cashed in more than 333 million yuan. Jiang Xiaobai completed the new financing

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St shede’s chairman and President were put on file for investigation (company announcement)

Today, St shede announced that Chairman Liu Li, President Li Qiang and director Zhang Shaoping were investigated by the public security organs for their suspected crimes of breaking faith and damaging the interests of listed companies, and the relevant matters need to be further investigated by the public security organs.

Red Star Meiling responds to IPO suspension (Beijing News)

According to Beijing news today, Shaanxi Hongxing Meiling Dairy Co., Ltd. said its IPO suspension was related to the updating of financial information, and the price adjustment of some products was aimed at benefiting consumers, and the impact of the epidemic on the company was limited throughout the year.

Guangming dairy started the whole industrial chain project of 10000 dairy cattle breeding (company news)


Yesterday, Guangming dairy’s 10000 head dairy industry chain project was officially launched in Zhongwei. It took only three months from the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement by the three parties to the formal implementation of the project. It is reported that the project is one of the important plans of Bright Dairy’s milk source strategy, which will supplement the milk supply of the central and Western factories of Guangming dairy and ensure the implementation of the national strategic layout of bright dairy industry.


Hungry? Response to “tmall supermarket entering” (36 krypton)


According to 36 krypton reported today, in response to media reports that tmall supermarket will be officially connected to hungry Mo in the near future, hungry Mo said: hungry Mo and tmall supermarket, HEMA, Yintai and other brands have been exploring more ways to increase the richness of city wide services around consumers. Many new actions will meet with you one after another in the near future. Please look forward to it.


Guizhou Maotai responds to pinduoduo selling Feitian Maotai: the company has no supply (Financial Association)


The official website of pinduoduo shows that it is selling 53 degree Feitian Maotai, with unit prices ranging from 1579 to 2559 (after subsidy), according to the Financial Association today. In response, the reporter called Guizhou Maotai and Maotai Group, and the relevant people responded that Maotai company did not supply goods, and said that the dealers would not supply to pinduoduo.

“A-share import food No.1” pinwo food enters gem (economic observation network)

Today, pinwo Food Co., Ltd. (SZ: 300892) officially landed on the gem of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. On the same day, the closing price of pinwo food reached 77 yuan / share, up 188.8% compared with the issue price of 26.66 yuan / share. According to the data, the main business of pinwo food is the development, import and sales of its own brand food and the cooperative agent sales business of foreign food. At present, the company has its own “Deya” dairy products, “Valentine” beer, “Henry” cereal and other private brands, as well as “pinli” and other cooperative brands.


Jiang Xiaobai announces completion of round C financing (36 krypton)


According to 36 krypton, Chongqing jiangxiaobai liquor industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “jiangxiaobai”) announced the completion of round C financing on September 24, led by Huaxing new economy fund of Huaxing capital, followed by Baillie Gifford, zhengxingu capital, Zhaoyin international capital, kunyan capital and Wenshi international. After this round of financing, jiangxiaobai will continue to promote the “new wine drinking plan”, and all the new financing will be used for old wine storage and technology research and development


The reduction plan of major shareholders and persons acting in concert of Sanquan Food Co., Ltd. was completed ahead of schedule, with cash withdrawal exceeding 333 million (Beijing News)

On the evening of September 22, Sanquan food announced that its major shareholder, Chen Zemin, and Li Dongyu, acting in concert, planned to reduce their holdings ahead of schedule. Together, they reduced 1.43% of the total share capital of Sanquan food and cashed in more than 333 million yuan.

Shuanghui development plans to increase capital to 3 subsidiaries totaling 4.32 billion yuan (company announcement)


On September 21, Shuanghui development announced that, It is approved that the company will use the raised funds to increase the capital of the wholly-owned subsidiaries Xihua Shuanghui poultry Co., Ltd., Fuxin Shuanghui poultry Co., Ltd. and Fuxin Shuanghui animal husbandry Co., Ltd., with the amount of capital increase of 1.44 billion yuan, 1.89 billion yuan and 0.99 billion yuan respectively, all of which are included in the capital reserve of the above-mentioned wholly-owned subsidiaries, and the capital increase will be used for the implementation of the raised investment project.

Daring, a plant based chicken producer, completed a $8 million round of financing (Foodbev)


According to foreign media reports yesterday, plant based chicken producer darling raised $8 million in a round of financing, led by venture capital firm maveron. The financing will be used to support the brand’s expansion in retail and catering services. Private investors, including former chairman Brian swette of King Hamburg, are also said to have participated in the round.

General Mills re launched four “80s” flavor cereal products


According to foreign media reports recently, general mills has re launched four classic formula cereal products in the U.S. market. It is reported that the taste of these four products can be traced back to the 1980s, and will become fixed products after the introduction of the updated formula.


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CICC: accelerated upgrading of beer consumption structure and outstanding sales of super high-end products in the post epidemic period (glonghui)


According to today’s news from glonghui, according to the CICC report, after the epidemic, the self drinking scenes of beer have become more and more, and the trend of drinking less but drinking well is more obvious, which helps to upgrade the structure. High end beer is rapidly entering the daily life, and the super high-end price of 10 yuan is rapidly released in the first and second tier cities through all channels. CICC maintained the profit forecast and target price of major companies unchanged, maintained Budweiser Asia Pacific, Tsingtao Brewery H shares and Zhujiang Beer to outperform the industry ratings. In the short term, CICC suggested paying attention to Yanjing Beer, while in the long term, it suggested paying attention to China Resources beer and Qingdao beer.


Zhu Yan, chief editor of China Dairy Co., Ltd. hand in high score social responsibility in the first half of the year


On September 23, Ms. Zhu Yan, editor in chief of the global network and executive director of the global trend research institute, said that in recent years, China’s dairy industry has significantly improved in various indicators of ESG (Note: environment, social responsibility and corporate governance). The optimization and upgrading of industrial structure will push the ESG level of dairy industry to a higher level. According to incomplete statistics, China’s dairy industry donated nearly 7 billion yuan during the epidemic period, and the sales revenue of the main business of the dairy industry increased by 4.43% in the first half of this year compared with the same period last year, showing a bright performance in various industries of the food industry.

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