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Love is the taste of the first cup of milk tea in autumn

A 60203 morning, inexplicably received 52 yuan, remarks: the first cup of tea in autumn. Presumably everyone is the same, the small head is full of big doubts: “what stem is the first cup of milk tea in autumn?”

In fact, this is not only a cup of milk tea, but also a heavy missing from afar. Across the screen, are filled with a strong sense of happiness Autumn has finally come. This sometimes long and sometimes short 2020 has taught us the truth of “do and cherish”.

Take advantage of autumn and September, stop busy pace, to love the people you love. Autumn, is the season of missing, but also the season of love. Autumn is coming, send the first cup of milk tea in autumn to the one you love, and tell TA: “in fact, we are deeply in love!”

So, what is the first cup of milk tea in autumn? Answer: Little mang deer pearl milk tea! With strong love, let’s taste this cup of milk tea!

Black sugar Bobo + White Peach Oolong = taste of love


Just a year after the establishment of the small mang deer after sufficient market research, gave the answer: brown sugar Bobo + White Peach Oolong = love taste. Select high-quality milk source, made into vegetable powder, supplemented by pearl, appearance and taste online at the same time. Each pearl is cooked, soft and tough, chewy.

Xiaomang Deer Black Sugar Bobo pearl milk tea skillfully collides the black sugar Bobo and the blended fragrant milk. A cup of milk tea has a mellow taste. The taste buds are hit by the Q sense of Pearl and the sweetness of black sugar, and the fragrance of tea is instantly permeated between the lips and teeth.

Different from the black sugar Bobo pearl milk tea, Xiaomang deer White Peach Oolong pearl milk tea is another flavor. The thick milk fragrance exudes a faint peach fragrance. When you drink it, you can feel the white peach that is watered with milk. It is gentle and sweet.

The most important thing is that Xiaomang deer White Peach Oolong pearl milk tea is low in calories, which is a necessary good product for young ladies who love to lose weight.

At the same time, small mang deer adopts different packaging specifications, such as strip, box, 7 + 7 bags See here, we must be very confused, what is 7 + 7 bags? Xiaomanglu 7 + 7 bag is a package containing seven bags of powder and seven bags of pearls. Such a large amount of affordable packaging has been unanimously recognized by the industry.

Love is the taste of Xiaomang deer pearl milk tea.

Online channel + offline channel = Aidi sales

As soon as xiaomanglu pearl milk tea came out, it was positioned among the vigorous young people. In order to better bring young people love experience, xiaomanglu will distribute its sales channels online and offline.

Students can not grow up without the love of the motherland. Therefore, small mang deer for small, medium, large and other types of schools, launched a dollar pack of milk tea, the price close to students, popular campus.

At the same time, xiaomanglu distributed promotional packages in supermarkets: the promotion price of ten boxes was 8.8 yuan, and the retail price of 7 + 7 bags was 12.8 yuan, and the promotion price was only set at 9.9 yuan.

White collar workers always pay attention to quality and taste. Xiaomanglu specially introduces 5-8 yuan cup pearl milk tea, which is cheap and good quality, and is widely welcomed by white-collar workers.


A 60220 love is to take care of everyone and give everyone the first cup of milk tea in autumn.

Cooperation + support = win win of love

in order to pass the love of xiaomanglu pearl milk tea to more people more effectively, xiaomanglu is also actively looking for suitable dealers to cooperate.

In this regard, Chen Heping, general manager of xiaomanglu, said: “for different channels and different products, we want to match different distributors. We hope to maximize the profits of dealers.” Love, let the little mang deer meet with everyone, meet is predestined, cherish this fate, go down with love.

image source: tianyancha

According to the latest data, there are more than 140000 enterprises with milk tea business scope. Since 2019, there are 23664 new registered milk tea enterprises in China, and the milk tea enterprises in China have witnessed explosive growth. This also means that China’s milk tea market has not reached saturation state, and the huge market potential is still calling for small mang deer.

With the increasing competition in the pearl milk tea industry, a large number of domestic excellent enterprises have risen rapidly and gradually become the leaders in the pearl milk tea industry! Xiaomanglu has just been established, and has been recognized by the industry by virtue of the pearl milk tea. It will appear in the xiaomanglu exhibition hall on the second floor of Weijing hotel of Jinan sugar and Wine Fair from October 8 to 12 Show up and pass on love to more people.

Sending you the first cup of milk tea in autumn is actually to share a cup of milk tea with you.

Autumn arrived, pay attention to keep warm, holding a small mang deer pearl milk tea, together to meet the future, meet the warmth and love from afar!
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Editor in chief: Li Jun
Author: Guo Jia; Editor: Liu Yuting

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