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KFC digital payment of over 90%, customs seized 617 kg of expired infant milk powder, the Secretary of the board of directors of Laiyi Fen was changed, Xicha Kailing Nanfeng store, and Liziyuan food held the first meeting

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According to Sina Financial News, today, at the INCLUSION the Bund forum, “Alipay summit. Digital life new ecosystem”, yum China CTO Zhang Lei revealed that the number of KFC’s digital payment is over 90%, and the number of digital meals is over 85%. In addition, Zhang Lei said that China’s current catering scale is equivalent to that of the United States, with per capita catering consumption being one fifth of that of the United States, but the number of outlets is more than 10 times that of the United States. She believes that in China, as the pace of consumer life is getting faster and faster, there is a huge space for functional restaurants to be listed in the future.

Dada group and Yili Group sign cooperation agreement (company news)

Yesterday, Kuai Jiaqi, founder and CEO of dada group, and Guo Yunlong, vice president of Yili Group, signed a cooperation agreement at Yili headquarters in Hohhot. The heads of Yili liquid milk, milk powder, cold drinks, yoghurt, health drinks and cheese jointly participated in the signing and exchange. According to the strategic agreement, the two sides will carry out diversified business cooperation on digital marketing innovation, global user operation, category management and supply chain capacity building based on Yili’s full range of products.


Change of secretary of board of directors of laiyifen (company announcement)

Laiyifen (603777) announced today that the company recently received a resignation report from Wang Yanmin. He resigned as secretary of the board of directors for personal reasons. The resignation report will take effect when it is delivered to the board of directors. After his resignation, Wang Yanmin no longer held any position in the company. At the same time, after the nomination of chairman Shi Yonglei and the examination of the nomination committee of the board of directors, and the resolution of the eighth meeting of the Fourth Board of directors, the company agreed to appoint Lu shungang as the Secretary of the board of directors. The term of office of Lu shungang is from the date of deliberation and approval of the board of directors to the expiration of the term of office of the current board of directors.

Three squirrels provide guarantee for subsidiary’s application for bank credit (company announcement)

Three squirrels announced today that the fourteenth meeting of the second board of directors of the company has deliberated and passed a proposal, agreeing that the company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of three squirrels (inaction) limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as “Wuwei Limited”) to apply for a credit line of no more than RMB 500 million from Hefei Branch of China CITIC Bank Co., Ltd. to provide joint and several liability guarantee for the amount of guarantee No more than RMB 600 million (1.2 times of the credit line), providing joint liability guarantee for Wuwei Co., Ltd. to apply to Hefei Branch of China Minsheng Bank Co., Ltd. for the comprehensive credit line not exceeding RMB 100 million, the guarantee amount shall not exceed RMB 100 million (the actual guarantee amount, type and term shall be subject to the final guarantee contract).


First meeting of Zhejiang Liziyuan Food Co., Ltd. (CSRC)

Zhejiang Liziyuan Food Co., Ltd. (IPO) was approved yesterday, according to the announcement of the issuance and Examination Commission of China Securities Regulatory Commission. Data show that the company’s products include milk drinks, dairy products, vegetable protein drinks, compound protein drinks, fruit juice drinks, cereal drinks, among which the sweet milk milk beverage series is the core product. The specific situations of the investment projects of the raised funds are as follows: the production project of 104000 tons of milk beverage with an annual output of 70000 tons, and the construction project of the technology innovation center of Zhejiang Liziyuan Food Co., Ltd.


White elephant food launches new product “fresh noodle pass” (Interface)

According to yesterday’s news from the interface, recently, white elephant food has opened a flagship store of “fresh noodle biography” in tmall. The brand’s products on sale include old Beijing fried soy sauce noodles, old Chengdu Dandan noodles, Cantonese Style Pork Bone noodles, tomato and egg noodles, and noodles with sour beans and minced meat. According to financial market data company refinitiv, white elephant ranks fourth in the domestic instant noodle market, accounting for 4% of the market share. The top three are Master Kang, Tongyi and jinmailang.


Xicha’s first “lingnanfeng” Theme Store enters yongqingfang (company news)

On September 26, Xicha’s first “lingnanfeng” Theme Store entered yongqingfang, Guangzhou. Since the first hi tea store in Guangzhou was established in 2015, there have been more than 50 stores. This time, Xicha integrates the traditional architecture of yongqingfang and the characteristics of Guangdong tea culture, “the store has modern art, but also has traditional Cantonese flavor, and integrates the elements of old Guangzhou into the space”.


Guangzhou Restaurant “open shop” (South plus)

According to media reports, recently, Guangzhou Restaurant cooperated with Jinhang cruise ship of Guangzhou port to launch the “tourism + food” project “Guangzhou good water tea house”. Since this year, Guangzhou Restaurant has also cooperated with e-commerce enterprises to promote “time-honored brand” online. Zhao Liping, general manager of Guangzhou Restaurant Group, said that the epidemic has brought a series of challenges, forcing enterprises to explore new areas, and there will be more cross-border cooperation in the future. In addition, he said taotaoju headquarters will reopen this year.


Research and development reserve of oat milk project disclosed by Western wheat food (company news)

Yesterday, Western wheat announced the record of investor relations activities, and the company disclosed that it has R & D reserves of oat milk project in the course of investigation. However, due to the large development space in hot food and cold food oats, and the difference between liquid beverage products and the company’s existing products, the company does not have the corresponding production capacity at present.


French baby food manufacturer invested by Danone received 7.5 million euro financing (Foodbev)

Yooji, a French baby food producer, raised 7.5 million euros with the support of Danone, an existing shareholder, according to foreign media yesterday. Yooji was founded in 2012. Its main business is the healthy baby food without salt and additives. Its main market is French families. The new round of financing has got the participation of pymwymac and other investors.


Nestle Jamaica enters the milk powder Market

According to foreign media reports yesterday, Nestle teeth buy every day brand into the milk powder market. The product will compete with two other brands on the market, Lasco lasoy and anchor. The everyday brand is part of Nestle’s global product line and is now being introduced to the local market. Earlier this year, Nestle re entered the fresh whole milk market through a partnership with seprod Ltd. The company’s milk powder is produced with dairy industries Jamaica Limited, a joint venture between grace Kennedy limited and Fonterra New Zealand.

American and Canadian vegetable meat brand gardein launched its first vegetable based broth (Foodbev)

According to foreign media reports yesterday,


Vivera, a Dutch vegan steak producer, invests 30 million euro to expand the production of vegetable based products (Foodbev)

According to foreign media reports yesterday, the Dutch manufacturer vivera announced an investment of 30 million euros to double the size of its Dutch factory and the production of plant-based food, aiming to promote its international growth and enter the catering service channel. The investment will take place over the next three years and the company also expects to triple its turnover over the next five years. Founded in 1990, vivera now offers a wide range of plant-based meats, including vegetarian burgers and chicken meal substitutes. These products are currently sold in 27000 supermarkets in 25 European countries.


Kirin will export “Fuji” whisky to France

Japanese Kirin Beer Company will export Japanese made whisky “Fuji” to France in October, according to the Nikkei Chinese website today. Fuji whisky has a capacity of 700 ml per bottle and is sold for 69 euros (550 yuan) in French shops. Will be in Paris as the center of a number of stores to sell liquor stores. Fuji whisky was launched in Japan in April. Kirin plans to take root in France by exporting Fuji whisky to France.


Unilever is using satellite imagery and geolocation to monitor supply chain deforestation (CNBC)

According to foreign media reports yesterday, Unilever is using satellite images and geographic positioning data to help it accurately understand where some raw materials for its products come from. The company is working with software company orbital insight to help it observe the journey of crops from the field to the processing plant, known as the “first mile” of the supply chain.


Unilever and Google work together to find sustainable resources (Foodbev)

Unilever has cooperated with Google cloud to implement a project combining cloud computing with satellite images and artificial intelligence to improve its product procurement strategy, foreign media reported yesterday. The two companies will first focus on the commercial applications of Google cloud and Google Earth engine to achieve sustainable commodity procurement. The program will first focus on sustainable palm oil, which will be extended to other commodities in the future.

Quick reading of food industry information


Dayaowan Customs seized 617kg of expired infant milk powder (Peninsula Morning Post)

In order to ensure the food safety during the national day and Mid Autumn Festival, Dayaowan Customs recently conducted a comprehensive safety investigation on the cross-border e-commerce bonded storage enterprises in its jurisdiction. In the process of investigation, customs officers seized a batch of expired infant milk powder with a total weight of 617 kg. As the goods have exceeded the shelf life and do not meet the sales conditions, in order to prevent the goods from flowing into the market, Dayaowan customs immediately handed over the batch of goods to the relevant departments for subsequent disposal according to the relevant requirements of cross-border commodity quality and safety management. In the next step, Dayaowan customs will further improve the quality and safety monitoring of food products and maternal and infant commodities through the combination of warehouse on-site inspection, spot check of goods in warehouse and commodity data analysis, and strictly control the quality and safety of cross-border commodities.


Yili, Nestle, ruibuyen, etc. won the China Seven Star Food Health Award

Yesterday, the 9th “China food health Seven Star Award” was successfully held in Shanghai, with 29 food manufacturing, retail and catering enterprises winning awards. Yangleduo (China) Investment Co., Ltd. won the “Star Diamond enterprise of the year”. Nestle (China) Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd., ruibu en, Dingqiao catering and Hangzhou Weiquan Food Co., Ltd. won the annual seven-star award.


Ministry of agriculture and rural areas jointly with Turkish Embassy in China to hold China Turkey dairy industry promotion activity (farmer’s daily)

Recently, the China Turkey dairy promotion activity jointly organized by the foreign economic cooperation center of the Ministry of agriculture and rural China and the Commercial Counselor’s office of the Turkish Embassy in China was held in the form of an online conference. 54 Turkish enterprises and more than 40 Chinese enterprises exchanged online at the same time to build a communication platform for international cooperation of China Turkey dairy industry. The General Administration of Customs of China approved 54 Turkish dairy companies to export dairy products to China in May this year.


More than 7000 breakfast outlets in Shanghai (Sina Finance and Economics)

Yesterday, the Shanghai Commerce Commission said that the “four new scenes” in the new round of breakfast project in Shanghai: “convenience store + breakfast service”, “new retail + breakfast service”, “mobile dining car + breakfast service” and “Internet platform + breakfast service” are gradually showing results. Meituan has laid 10 intelligent eating cabinets for five physical stores, including Burger King and McDonald’s, and 90 contactless intelligent eating cabinets in commercial buildings. Smart cabinets have been set up in 90 locations in the city, and it is estimated that nearly 3000 units will be put into operation in Shanghai in three years. Meituan and hungry Mo create a “breakfast project” zone, providing consumers with “breakfast pick-up” and “take home” services within 3-5km of mobile dining car through 10 billion yuan subsidy and Breakfast freight reduction.


A food factory in Tokyo, Japan, has a cluster of infections, 78 people have been confirmed (China News Network)

A food factory in the Edogawa District of Tokyo, Japan, had a cluster infection, China News Network quoted the Central News Agency as saying yesterday. So far, 78 people in the factory have been diagnosed with new coronavirus infection. It is reported that five female employees in the factory were diagnosed with infection in mid September. After that, 313 employees and related people in the factory were tested for the new coronavirus and confirmed that others were diagnosed. The factory has been suspended from the 24th for overall disinfection, and the investigation of close contacts is also in progress.


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