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Good feeling jelly 8 seconds fruit tea has an appointment with you

Moving and beautiful are closely linked, there is always a kind of moving, infiltrating the soul, washing the future, “so moving good feeling frozen” – because of love, so moved.

in this sweet and warm autumn season, Guangdong good touch Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “haomo”) ceremoniously launched the “differentiated” explosive product – 8 seconds fruit tea, which will be debut in Shanghai on September 28. Haogan jelly 8 seconds fruit tea has an appointment with you. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Wonderful combination of milk tea and fruit freeze drying

milk tea drinkers stubbornly stand firm in the fast-paced city life, but the pure tea tea, always feel a corner of the heart empty, like a lack of a taste, how to do? Good feeling jelly 8 seconds fruit tea to understand!

Autumn is clear and refreshing, good moved to launch a new product, 8 seconds fruit tea with fruit freeze-drying comes out grandly! 8 seconds of fruit tea milk powder content ≥ 16%, milk tea and freeze-dried water, gently shaking for 8 seconds, a wonderful combination, restore a cup of good fruit tea.

Before freeze-dried milk tea, we often see freeze-dried fruits and other snacks. Through the freezing technology, the original color, appearance, taste and shape of food can be preserved to the greatest extent. The freeze-drying of fruits gives the final dignity to the contemporary fast food eaters.

With the advent of freeze-dried milk tea, more and more fast-food fans have evolved into milk tea lovers. Compared with the traditional production technology of milk tea, freeze-dried milk tea will not damage the milk flavor of milk tea itself, and it can maintain the initial nutrition of milk powder to the greatest extent, let consumers see the real fruit, meet the requirements of modern people for health gradually improved, and are warmly welcomed by consumers.

The introduction of such humanized 8 seconds fruit tea, as the helmsman behind the scenes, has been moving in the forefront of the industry. In life, everywhere is full of moving, every small move makes our heart become richer and brighter. And good feeling jelly 8 seconds fruit tea moistens the heart of drinkers, creating a kind of true and pure, so that the drinker can feel the taste of love in the delicious upgrade.

Because we are moved, we deeply love all the beautiful things in the world. We listen to the sincere words in the moving voice, read your most concerned expectations in the moving eyes, and realize the aesthetic charm of 8 seconds fruit tea in the moving gestures. A pleasant afternoon, drink a 8 seconds fruit tea, taste the beautiful moment.

moved by love

Guangdong good touch Food Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the R & D and innovation of leisure snacks for more than ten years, and has been serving the needs of consumers with the concept of nature, delicacy, fashion and health!

There are three kinds of packaging specifications of good impression jelly 8 seconds fruit tea, which are bottled, boxed and hanging bag. There are three kinds of flavors: prebiotic ASAM original flavor, vitamin C cheese meat grape flavor and lactic acid bacteria Oolong white peach flavor.

It not only retains the smooth and delicate taste of Assam, but also integrates the subtle fragrance of prebiotics. It integrates beauty, delicacy and health into one. It is a good product for healthy milk tea lovers to grow grass.

vitamin C cheese with fleshy grape flavor 8 seconds fruit tea packaging high-end atmosphere on the grade, with vitamin C, gently click, light cheese flavor accompanied by sweet grape flavor, across the tip of the tongue, instantly retain the fragrance of lips and teeth. The bottled version is more convenient to carry and is a great choice for snacks.

according to relevant data, a cup of milk tea has a caloric value of 400 kcal. A 56 kg female jogging for 30 minutes consumes only 200 kcal. In other words, you need to jog for an hour to consume the calories of a cup of milk tea! Such high heat blocked many milk tea lovers, full of love and pain.

A kind of

lactic acid bacteria Oolong white peach flavor 8 seconds fruit tea perfectly solves this problem, lactic acid bacteria promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, at the same time add sweet white peach, so that milk tea lovers in the sweet taste of white peach smoothly lose weight, once on the market, it has become the favor of the majority of milk tea lovers. ‍

saw such elaborate design, can’t help but exclaim: how moved!

Omni channel layout, more perfect presentation
A 603 is a kind of touching fate. Good touch is committed to narrowing the distance between consumers and leaving the best impression.

tea has a profound cultural foundation in China, which has lasted for thousands of years. With the development of the times and the improvement of residents’ consumption level, the milk tea industry presents a new development trend:

continued to penetrate into the market, brand competition upgraded; consumption level continued to improve; consumer groups gradually expanded.
In order to better adapt to the market development trend, good move will be the product distribution online and offline Omni channel, and has been looking for like-minded dealers to cooperate.

with the enhancement of healthy consumption concept, consumers’ pursuit of product quality is also higher and higher. With the continuous development of milk tea industry, more new technologies and new equipment are applied to the production process, which improves the quality of milk tea and makes the products present better color, aroma and taste.

as the industry leader, good touch has been walking in the forefront of research and development, committed to providing consumers with higher quality products.

because of love, so moved, because there is a good move, so more at ease, because there is good feeling jelly 8 seconds fruit tea, so more healthy.

On September 28th, it was frozen with good feeling

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Editor in chief: Li Jun
Author: Guo Jia; Editor: Liu Yuting

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