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Swisse Jingdong super product day fire full open, 10 minutes, more than last year’s full day sales

As we enter the last quarter of this year, Swisse Swisse, which is highly expected by Jianhe group, has developed a new wave of sales offensive. On the just concluded Swisse Jingdong super product day, the 10 minute sales of Swisse exceeded the whole day sales of the brand last year. It is understood that super brand daily customized small Q bottles, grape seed gift box, mid autumn health gift box, calcium and vitamin D tablets, milk thistle liver protection tablets and other products became popular on the day.

Snack agents noticed that the brand’s latest cross-border catering scene opened more new “eating methods” for its product series. According to reports, in September this year, Swisse also combined with new elements of fashion and health theme restaurants to integrate its products into the latter’s catering dishes, and initiated the “body nutrition meal” menu.

In addition, the brand also hopes to enhance consumption awareness by creating more scenarios for daily consumption of nutritional supplements, so as to improve the user viscosity and repurchase rate of potential consumers.

Reinforce the concept of daily supplement

In the post epidemic period, Chinese people’s awareness and demand for improving immunity continued to rise, which promoted the market of health food and nutritional supplements. In fact, Jian he chairman Luo Fei once pointed out at the previous mid-term performance conference that during the global new crown epidemic, the demand for immunity related products of Jianhe increased, which brought great opportunities to the brand.

According to the data of “Research Report on China’s health care products industry in 2019-2020” released by iimedia research in April this year, the market scale of China’s health care products industry will reach 222.7 billion yuan in 2019, with a year-on-year growth of 18.5%. It is expected to reach 330.7 billion yuan in 2021.

But at the same time, Swisse found through consumer surveys that, for a considerable number of people, although they are willing to buy or have purchased nutritional supplements, they often “forget to eat” and find it difficult to insist on taking them regularly. “For most consumers, they can’t perceive the loss of nutrition in their body. At present, most of the healthy nutrition products do not have a clear use scene and specific time to remind them.” The company told the agency.

In order to strengthen the habit and scene of daily nutrition supplement, Swisse put forward the new slogan of “skin, bones and organs will also be hungry, and need to be supplemented with nutrition”, hoping to promote and strengthen the concept and habit of daily active and appropriate amount of nutrition through consumer education.

It is understood that during the period of Jingdong’s super product, Swisse launched targeted “body nutrition meal gift boxes” such as collagen vitality gift box and mid autumn health gift box around senior white-collar people.

According to the data, the Gmv of the brand increased by 1535% on the same day this year. Before that, Swisse has ranked first in sales of imported health care products in Jingdong for five consecutive years, and has become the first VHMS brand in Jingdong online sales for three consecutive years. During the period of Jingdong 618 in 2020, the brand also won the first turnover of imported health care brand.

Cross border new scene

In line with the sales market of Jingdong super product day, Swisse also cross-border fashion and healthy catering IP, creating a new way to play nutrition supplement category education.

On September 9, Swisse Swisse Health & Nutrition restaurant was opened in Shanghai Vanke Plaza. According to reports, the store is jointly built by Swisse and new element restaurant. Swisse professional nutritionists and new element chefs jointly develop and launch three kinds of green catering and nutrition food lists, namely “q-elastic beauty food”, “white and clean fresh muscle beauty food” and “bone full vitality meal”.

“We hope that by creating the first” body nutrition meal “that can satisfy both inside and outside the body, we hope to awaken people’s awareness of daily supplement of body nutrition through the just in need scene of daily meal.” The company said.

It is understood that delireba, the spokesperson of Swisse Swisse, also appeared in the flash store on September 10, and simultaneously carried out live broadcast on official microblog and Jingdong flagship store. Consumers were invited to join delireba in “cloud clock out” flash store, which ignited the attention of the whole network and led the hot topic of hot bus to microblog hot search. On the same day, it achieved more than 300 million reading.

Xiaoshidai learned that in nearly a month from September 9 to September 30, consumers can order Swisse Swisse’s “body nutrition meal” in new element stores across the country. In addition, the restaurant also launched takeout services. Consumers can also order a meal with Swisse’s nutritional supplements through a third-party takeaway platform.

He also said that in the future, Swisse Swisse will continue to strengthen its leading edge in the field of health and nutrition, “to advocate a healthy and happy life concept to people who pursue natural health in China with more professional and diversified health and nutrition products, as well as more subversive brand marketing and education methods.”.

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