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Yili made an offer to acquire Zhongdi dairy industry. AORUIJIN and Feihe made a new round of cooperation. Golden dragon fish IPO pricing. Zhuhai Coca Cola new factory index 200 million TEUs. Li Zhiping is the new chairman of Yantang dairy industry

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Today, Yili shares announced that it plans to acquire the shares of China dairy listed in Hong Kong through the newly established holding subsidiary wholesome Harvest Limited (the offeror). The price of this comprehensive offer is HK $1.132 per share. Based on the 1.466 billion shares offered and the offer price of HK $1.132 per share, the consideration for the mandatory conditional general offer made by the offeror to all the issued shares of China Dairy was HK $1.660 billion. Yili said that the transaction will help improve the company’s participation and control of large-scale upstream animal husbandry resources, and help consolidate the company’s leading position in the dairy industry.


Nong Fu Shan Quan announced today that the joint global coordinators (on behalf of the International Underwriters) have exercised all of the over allotment rights described in the prospectus and the announcement of the offer price and allotment results dated September 7, involving a total of 58234, 600 H shares, equivalent to about 15% of the total number of shares previously offered, to make up for the over allotment of the international offering and to receive an additional net proceeds of about HK $1.23 billion. In addition, the price stabilization period for the global offering ended on September 27.

Golden dragon fish issue price 25.70 yuan per share (company news)

According to the announcement of golden dragon fish, which is about to land on the gem today, its issuer and the joint lead underwriters have negotiated and determined that the number of shares to be issued is 542.159154 million shares, and the issue price is 25.70 yuan / share; after the withdrawal, the winning lot rate of this online pricing issue is 0.0571556257%, and the subscription multiple is 1749.60905 times.


Origen and flying crane reach a new round of strategic cooperation (company news)

According to the official account of Austrian Ruijin public, Ruijin Olympic technology and Feida dairy company held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony in September 24th afternoon at Hua Bin building. According to the follow-up plan, based on the successful experience of Gannan “factory in factory” project, Origen will establish the second Feihe “factory in factory” project in Kedong factory, Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province, and invest in the construction of a new can making production line to provide differentiated metal can packaging for Feihe dairy industry. Zhou Yuan, vice chairman of Feihe group, who is also the general manager of milk powder can division, said that in the new round of cooperation with Feihe dairy, Origen will carry out differentiated innovation through new marketing models such as new can design, new technology, customized design and two-dimensional code marketing.

Li Zhiping, new chairman of Yantang dairy (company announcement)

According to the announcement of Yantang dairy on the 25th, Mr. Li Zhiping was elected as the chairman of the 4th board of directors of the company. Li Zhiping, born in 1963, is a senior political engineer. He once worked in Guangdong Xingfu farm, Guangdong Zhanjiang Agricultural Reclamation group company, Guangdong Nongken Huaqiao Industrial Corporation, Guangdong Nongken construction Industrial Corporation, Guangdong yueken Property Management Co., Ltd., etc. He is now the party secretary, chairman and legal representative of Guangdong Yantang Investment Co., Ltd., and the legal representative, chairman and general manager of Guangzhou Guangken Property Management Co., Ltd Li, Secretary of the Party committee of the company.


Yonghui launches new brand of maternal and infant project (

On September 25, Yonghui maternal and infant project brand “youyuebaobei” opened its first flagship store in Chongqing. This is the maternal and infant project brand after Yonghui’s own brand “Yonghui preferred”, liquor “yongyuehui”, wenyuti “entertainment planet” and pet “lingdang pet”. According to reports, the brand will continue to widely cover common maternal and infant products, while strengthening cooperation with international brands and direct supply of brands.


Behind the scenes of new dairy’s merger and acquisition of Xiajin dairy industry: follow up for 3 years (Daily Economic News)

According to the daily economic news on September 25, Xi Gang, chairman of the new dairy industry, said that the project of Xiajin dairy had been followed up for three years and officially announced that it was related to the progress of the negotiation. There were many competitors for this project, and the new dairy industry has gone through many rounds of fierce competition. He said that in the future, the company will still adhere to the M & a strategy and become bigger and stronger. Xi Gang said frankly that the reason why the new dairy industry chose to focus on low-temperature milk was that it was deliberately competitive. In the domestic situation of Yili and Mengniu competing for supremacy, only by avoiding the absolute advantages of the industry leader and the second, can we obtain better development.


Jiaduobao said marketing effect in peak season is remarkable (company news)

According to the news of the official account of JDB, on September 25th, Wang Jinchang, President and chairman of the Tianjin group, went to the Dongjiang Bonded Port Area of Tianjin for investigation and research. Li Chunlin said that jiaduobao achieved remarkable marketing results in the peak season, and its overall performance has exceeded expectations. In the past June, July and August, the performance has greatly improved compared with last year.

Zhuhai Coca Cola new factory can produce 200 million TEUs of drinks in the future (minde News)

On September 25, the foundation laying ceremony for the new plant of Zhuhai Coca Cola Beverage Co., Ltd. was held in Hongqi Town, Jinwan District, Zhuhai, with an overall investment of 670 million yuan. Li Shaoshan, chairman of Zhuhai Coca Cola Beverage Co., Ltd., said that after the new plant is completed and put into operation in the future, the production lines will be expanded from 10 to more than 15, with an annual capacity of 200 million TEUs of soft drinks and non carbonated drinks of Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta, binglu and Chunyue.


Nuchev appoints former Mead Johnson executives as company directors (company news)

According to Australian media on the 24th, Ben Dingle, chief executive of nuchev, the country’s infant formula producer, said that infant formula was unlikely to fall into the category that would be affected by the relationship between the two countries. In the past few weeks, there were no problems about exporting products to China. Chinese consumers “are very concerned” about whether they can buy the best products for the next generation. Previously, the company appointed Owens Chan, a former senior vice president of zenson, who had been in charge of sales and trade for 13 years at Mead Johnson.

Three squirrels launched more than 160 new products last year

Gu Qianhui, R & D director of the “three squirrels” food research and development center, said on September 21 that eight out of the company’s sales last year were nut snacks. In addition, sales of baking and meat products were similar, accounting for about one tenth of the total sales. In his view, an important basis for the company’s sales to achieve a leap forward is innovation, “last year, more than 160 new products were launched.”

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The 3rd future food summit forum and Shanghai International Plant Based Products Expo held in Shanghai (exhibition information)

From September 25 to 27, the third future food summit forum and Shanghai International Plant Based Products Expo sponsored by China plant food industry alliance were held in Shanghai Exhibition Center. With the theme of “innovation driven industrial upgrading and transformation”, the forum invited a number of elites, policy makers, scientific research experts and financial investment institutions from home and abroad to participate in the forum. Nearly 300 people from abroad participated in the forum. In addition, Shanghai International plant-based products Expo was also held at the same time. Nearly 100 brands of more than 70 enterprises from 18 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, covering not only pure plant-made foods such as plant meat, vegetable milk, vegetable eggs, vegetable snacks, but also cosmetics and cosmetics extracted from pure plants.


Detection of new coronavirus nucleic acid in outer package and products of imported aquatic products from Russia (General Administration of Customs)

According to the official website of the General Administration of Customs on the 26th, the leading group (Headquarters) of Shandong provincial Party committee coordinating the work of epidemic prevention and control and economic operation announced that ncdv nucleic acid was positive in the outer packaging and product samples of imported Russian aquatic products. According to regulations, the national customs has suspended the acceptance of Vladimir from this day The import declaration of starzhinsky LLC roliz and transport ship crystal Africa is 4 weeks, and it will resume automatically after expiration.

Experts and scholars call on the whole industry chain to participate in the food grade utilization of recycled materials (China News Network)

Zhong Huaining, director of the food contact materials Committee of China Food Industry Association, said that although many enterprises are promoting the recycling of food contact materials and the development of alternative products, the definition of food grade “renewable” in China is not clear, and the production, use, recycling and evaluation of biodegradable plastic products are still unclear There are still difficulties. “If the industry wants to take the road of sustainable development, it is urgent to apply recycled materials to food grade. Safety standards are not yet clear, which is also an urgent problem for us to solve. “

Beijing Municipal Bureau of market supervision: 12 batches of food samples failed to pass the sampling inspection (

According to today’s CCTV news, recently, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of market supervision organized the sampling inspection of 881 batches of 12 kinds of food. According to the national food safety standards and relevant national regulations, 869 batches of qualified samples and 12 batches of unqualified samples were inspected and determined. Many samples were found to be pesticide residues, pollution commonly used indicator bacteria exceeded the standard.


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