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Wang Hongming, a gold salesman: those who move people with sincerity, people respond with sincerity

How about Dai Zongfu? Qilu is still green,

The nature of Zhong Shenxiu, the division of yin and Yang.

When you swing your chest, you can see clouds, and you can see the birds,

HuiDang mausoleum is at the top of the mountain.    

Du Fu, Tang Dynasty

Shandong, a graceful city, contains numerous beautiful sceneries and humanistic charm, which has bred a number of excellent leisure food dealers.

Wang Hongming, general manager of Dongying Hongming Food Co., Ltd

Wang Hongming, the general manager of Dongying Hongming Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hongming food”), was born in this city surrounded by mountains and sea and with a vast world. The characteristics of Shandong people’s Valuing Credit are deeply engraved in Wang Hongming’s bones, and melt into his daily work, guiding him to move forward.

01 credit should be valued in product selection cooperation

each dealer has his own unique way of selecting products. What Wang Hongming values most is the credit of the partner. From entering the leisure food industry in 1999, taking over the short-term insurance brand as a supermarket system in 2012, and now Hongming food has become a famous food company in Shandong Province. Wang Hongming has always adhered to his own selection method. Under the promotion of his brand, such as

bubble bar, Xiaobai, chundun, ranli, little prince, fariz, FUJIA, Duyu, lejinji, midodge, Hongyi and other brands, under his promotion, Hongming food has achieved an overall sales of 35 million yuan in 2019, consolidating the status of Hongming food and improving the satisfaction of brand manufacturers.

‍‍ ‍‍

Wang Hongming mainly promotes short-term protection products, and has successfully won the honor of “2020 top 100 Chinese high-end cake gold sellers” awarded by 2020 China candy and snacks exhibition, China ice cream cold food exhibition and global high-end food exhibition (whole food exhibition).

Credit is an intangible asset. It is precisely because Wang Hongming values credit that he chooses credit worthy brands for cooperation. At the same time, he also practices and strives to stick to the credit. He said: “only if we provide good service, uphold integrity, keep our promise to customers in time, can we maintain good reputation in the local area for many years, and win customers Trust, create greater profits. ”

this is an era of rapid change, product update iteration speed is very fast, and Wang Hongming with his good reputation, can always succeed in acting for popular products in the first time, so as to continuously improve the market influence of Hongming food.

credit is a successful partner. Dealers should always consider the factor of credit when selecting products. Only by keeping the promise and valuing the credit can we have a long-term and long-term cooperation.

02 pay attention to credit in the connection of sales channels
Wang Hongming’s trustworthy use is not only reflected in the selection method, but also in the docking process between daily and sales channels. Hongming food is mainly concentrated in traditional channels, including community fruit shop, supermarket system and circulation channels.

Wang Hongming told a story like this: “once a company went to the supermarket where we had been cooperating for business, but the supermarket owner directly refused. The supermarket owner’s original words were:” we have cooperated with Hongming food for many years. Boss Wang of others is the most honest, and will honor any promise given in time. We have a very happy cooperation and will not choose other companies to cooperate. ’It’s an impressive thing in my career

If people are moved by sincerity, they should be sincere. It is because Wang Hongming always keeps his word that he can get the support and trust of the cooperative supermarket at the critical moment. Some people say: dealers are often forced to make wedding dresses for others, establish contacts with others, and get nothing for themselves. In fact, we can learn from Wang Hongming’s way of dealing with people at this time. If we treat people with sincerity, we will have good intentions.

dealers should pay more attention to the problem of keeping faith when they connect the upstream and downstream. Only when the dealers cast good reputation with credit, can they successfully represent the well-known product brands, so as to strive to ensure the product quality, provide better service for the upstream and downstream, create greater profit value, and finally achieve win-win situation.

03 credit should be valued in future development
Driven by the consumption ability and Consumption Willingness, China’s leisure snack market has been expanding. According to the data published in China’s food industry yearbook, the market size of China’s leisure snacks reached 2206.5 billion yuan in 2017, and the development potential of China’s leisure snack industry is large, which is expected to maintain a compound growth rate of more than 6%. It is expected that China’s leisure snack market will be regulated in 2020 It is estimated that the market size of China’s leisure snack industry will exceed 4 trillion yuan by 2025.

Facing such a broad development prospect, how can
seize the opportunity to remain invincible in the future leisure food market? “In recent years, the baking product market has become saturated, and we are in contact with other categories of leisure food,” Wang said. Such as preserves, meat, etc Of course, Wang Hongming still values credit.

On the future development path, Wang Hongming will not forget his initial heart, and on the basis of keeping his credit, he will take Hongming food to broaden the agency category, enrich the product portfolio and better meet the more perfect leisure food market.

A 6031 Shandong, a city with outstanding people, supports the development of leisure food industry with its own rhythm. Wang Hongming, who lives in this city, also uses his own rhythm, keeps credit and pays attention to credit, and strives hard to build a better leisure food market.
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Editor in chief: Li Jun
By Guo Jia, editor: Liu Yuting

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