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Golden salesman: continuous exploration and clear positioning is the way for dealers to survive for a long time

In the land of abundance, there is a story about an inexperienced young man crossing the river by feeling the stones. In his first year of acting as an agent, his sales volume has increased nearly ten times. This young man is Chen De’en, general manager of Chengdu Meishi Meike Food Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Merck”).

Chen De’en
, general manager of Chengdu Meishi Meike Food Trade Co., Ltd

He accurately grasps the market trend, puts the consumer’s demand in the first place, and can examine his own positioning in the industry, so as to formulate market strategies and break through one hurdle after another. Chen de en attributed his success to two words: exploration.


Appropriate selection methods need to be explored

It can be said that the selection of products is the entry examination standard for dealers. Chen De’en has also faced this problem. When he first entered the industry, as an industry Xiaobai, he kept learning from the industry’s predecessors and exploring ways suitable for him. After exploration, Chen de en gradually summed up the selection principle suitable for Merck:


Under the guidance of Chen De’en, Mercer has represented more than 100 brands of products, covering more than 1000 single products. The product portfolio is rich and can meet the needs of almost all consumers.


“Our pastry products are the highlight of the company, so we will also choose some popular pastry products, such as leisure farm, dingpan and so on,” Chen said At the same time, Chen De’en stressed that when choosing products, we should pay special attention to the innovative ability of products and keep up with the changing needs of consumers.


The channels covered by Merck are also relatively rich, including BC supermarket, fresh food system supermarket and hypermarket. In order to adapt to these channels, Chen De’en specially selects suitable products.


Whether a product can be successfully drained and whether it can bring substantial profits are all factors considered by Chen De’en.

, as always, adheres to its own principle of selection. Chen De’en has successfully represented fujiaxiang, haoliyou, Youchen, bar, repeat customer, Miss Dong, Shuanghui, Xu Fuji, lipstick, xuehaimeixiang, Migao, barbibear, kalizi, midodge, A1 snack Research Institute and other products.

A kind of

Each dealer needs to explore a suitable way to select products, in order to lay a solid foundation for their career.





Merck is mainly engaged in medium and high-end products with relatively high prices, but it is supported by cooperative sales channels. Why? The reason is inseparable from Chen De’en’s “penetration” strategy.

“We pay more attention to the penetration of customers’ thinking, share product information with customers in a timely manner, strengthen interaction, and let customers truly feel the value of products,” he said At first, when acting as a repeat customer, Chen received a lot of objections, but he still insisted. “This product is in line with our positioning, and it turns out that my decision is right. In the first year of agency, the sales volume increased nearly ten times.”


Chen De’en provides high-quality products for sales channels, and also provides a certain degree of service support. He trains sales personnel regularly, improves team cooperation, and prepares for product display and sales.

Under the guidance of Chen De’en, the sales channels of cooperation between Merck and Merck pay special attention to after-sales service, and pay regular return visits to consumers, so as to bring consumers a real medium and high-end service experience.


In fact, the dealers find their own positioning, starting from the positioning, provide customers with high-quality products, and the sales volume of the products increases, which naturally wins the trust of customers.


future development needs to explore

China’s leisure food market has a broad prospect, but it is also full of challenges. Only when you know yourself and know your opponent can you survive for a long time.

“Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Our strength is that we are good at discovering our weaknesses,” Chen said With a clear understanding of his own pain points, Chen De’en began to improve gradually in the process of learning from other dealers, so as to improve the competitiveness of Merck.

Chen De’en believes that dealers are the communication link between manufacturers and sales channels. To be clear about their positioning, we should strive to play a good role in providing services and support for manufacturers and distributors.

There is a long way to go in the future. Facing the increasingly competitive market, more dealers need to work together to explore a more conducive to the healthy development of the market.

On this road, Chen De’en is duty bound. He has always adhered to the positioning of midrange and high-end products of Merck, and is determined to bring safer and higher quality products to consumers. On the road of being a dealer, he has been exploring and advancing in exploration.

Source: original copy of snack express needs authorization
Editor in chief: Li Jun
Author: Guo Jia; Editor: Liu Yuting

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