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Budweiser and Yonghui yongyuehui jointly sell beer “blind box”!


In the “blind box” craze set off by the tide, there is an unexpected new player: Budweiser, the global beer giant.


Snack agents noticed that recently, Budweiser, the high-end flagship brand of the beer company with the same name, and yongyuehui, the high-end liquor channel brand of Yonghui supermarket, launched the limited edition of “Budweiser replica can blind box series”, and also played a unique creativity.


Let’s take a look.


Limited “blind box” series


Xiaoshidai learned from Budweiser that there are 4 types of “yongyuehui x Budweiser” blind box series jointly launched. Among them, the three types are Budweiser replica jars, which have selected design elements such as the return of Hong Kong in 1997, the leap of the new millennium in 2000, and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to commemorate these three national events of the times.


There is also a special one – “Budweiser x JOJO rare jar”, which is printed with the logo of JOJO, the mascot of Yuehui, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Budweiser’s entry into China and the 20th anniversary of the founding of Yonghui. Both sides will work together to create deeper marketing cooperation.


Like the mysterious fashion blind box, consumers can’t judge which of the four products in the Budweiser blind box is from the outer package. They can only know after they buy and open the box.


Interestingly, according to the common fashion blind box playing method, collecting a complete set of blind box will make it “worth twice”, but Budweiser and Wyatt upgrade the playing method – gather 4 products to get a mysterious surprise gift.


“We have launched a total of 1.1 million cans of CO branded blind box products, which are sold in both online and offline channels of Yonghui. Once launched, they are very popular. In the first week of the event, half of the sales volume has been completed.” Budweiser said to xiaoshidai.


Play cool culture


Budweiser has clearly grasped the “essence” of the popular culture of blind box.


One of the core attractions of the blind box, which has been popular since last year, is “mystery”. It’s like the classic line in Forrest Gump: “life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what the next one will taste like.” Blind box is precisely to catch people’s curiosity about the unknown and uncertainty.


Different from the usual purchase experience, consumers don’t know what kind of packaging is hidden in the box when they get it. This undoubtedly brings a sense of mystery, adding more fun to the experience of buying beer, and it seems that opening the box to drink beer becomes a more expected thing.


At the same time, blind box series to be popular, but also has to be attractive enough to stimulate consumption to collect and collect.


Budweiser chose to take care of the can packaging. “The three replica jars selected are three highlight moments of special significance to each Chinese, each of which has great commemorative and collection value.” The company told the agency.


It’s not the same as the “blind box” of Budweiser. Obviously, whether they want to collect a whole set of packaging, or hope to be lucky enough to draw a special model, this will make some beer consumers more willing to buy many times. In this process, the beer company not only met the needs of people’s collection, but also successfully increased the “repurchase rate”.




It is also Budweiser’s latest attempt to cater to the tastes of the young consumer market.


At present, the consumption demand of post-90s and post-00s is more diversified and personalized. Blind box is rising to become the “favorite” of many young people, and become an “addictive” trend of consumption. Some people call it “lonely economy”. This reflects the young people’s need for happiness and company.


“Drinking beer, which is a high-frequency alcohol consumption scene, can not only be a person’s Carnival, but also be the company of the public, which coincides with the consumption psychology of the blind box.” Budweiser said that in modern young people’s life, beer not only appears in social occasions, such as dinner parties, plays a role of emotional connection, but also is a carrier of self-identity.


“We want to break the rules and let beer penetrate the hearts of young consumers in a young and fashionable way.” Budweiser said that for young groups, it will continue to explore and capture all kinds of possibilities of new marketing ideas, so as to bring consumers more personalized upgrade experience. At the same time, as the leader of beer industry, it also brings more innovation and breakthrough enlightenment to the industry.


This cooperation with wing Yuehui is another attempt of Budweiser to negotiate customized products and marketing activities for terminal retail. The company said that it coincided with the 25th anniversary of Budweiser in China and the 20th anniversary of Yonghui supermarket. At the same time, Yonghui supermarket is also a “very important partner” of Budweiser. It precisely matches the sales objectives of both parties and the expected market effect, shares resources and creates such a creative marketing method together.


“In the future, we will try more cooperation that can not only arouse consumers’ interest, but also win-win with retailers. This is also a major direction for Budweiser to cooperate with terminal channel customers in the future.” Budweiser told snacks.

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